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Updated May 22, 2024

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GoldCore is a bullion dealer and wealth management company specializing in the buying, selling, and storage of precious metals. They provide a range of services to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals.

Delving into the dynamic world of precious metals investment, a meticulous GoldCore review unveils the critical role that client feedback plays in shaping a company's reputation. Renowned for its comprehensive goldcore services, GoldCore stands as a beacon for those seeking stability and assurance in their investment ventures.

This scrutiny is not just about examining the gold and silver lining but more so, evaluating the trustworthiness articulated through genuine customer experiences.

Whether it's the adept assistance during the sale of holdings or the adept navigation through security and withdrawal procedures, GoldCore's commitment to client satisfaction remains steadfast.

Key Takeaways

  • GoldCore prides itself on its efficient and communicative customer support that enhances the precious metals investment experience.
  • Clients commend GoldCore for its expertise in facilitating both the sale of holdings and the education on security measures.
  • Real-world testimonials reflect GoldCore's proficiency in service areas such as online navigation and in-person engagement.
  • Though most reflections on GoldCore are glowing, attention is drawn to the critique concerning the increase in premium charges during the sale.
  • GoldCore is applauded for consistently delivering five years of hassle-free service, demonstrating its reliability in the investment domain.

About GoldCore

Founded in 2003, GoldCore has established itself as a premier Irish precious metals dealer, renowned for its expertise in wealth management and its suite of GoldCore investments. Offering a wide array of investment opportunities, GoldCore is committed to helping clients diversify their portfolios with sought-after products, including Krugerrands, Maple Leafs, American Eagles, and various bullion bars. Additionally, they provide options for silver and platinum investments through Perth Mint Certificates.

As an esteemed LBMA member located in Ireland, GoldCore's reputation is enhanced by its international presence, including offices in major financial hubs like Dublin, London, and California. This global stance empowers GoldCore to serve a wide range of investors, spanning over 100 countries, aiding them in their journey through the precious metals markets.

The story of GoldCore's history is one of continued excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction. Their rigorous adherence to a weekly reconciliation policy illustrates their paramount commitment to ensuring the accuracy and safety of customer investments. GoldCore's expertise as an EU-approved dealer for The Perth Mint of Western Australia also underpins the trust and confidence that investors place in their services.

  • Comprehensive selection of precious metal investment options
  • Partnership with The Perth Mint for secure silver and platinum options
  • EU-approved dealer status and a trusted LBMA member
  • A leading wealth management entity with global operations
  • Dedicated to precision through stringent security policies

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Comprehensive Services Offered by GoldCore

For investors aiming to balance and enhance their portfolios, GoldCore presents a robust array of precious metals products and investment services. By blending tradition with innovation, they cater to clients ranging from novice investors to seasoned wealth managers, ensuring that each can find a suitable option for their gold investment strategies and savings plans.

GoldCore's Precious Metals Selection

GoldCore's formidable lineup of precious metals caters to diverse gold investment preferences, enabling the construction of a personalized precious metals portfolio that can include everything from universally recognized gold coins to sizable silver bars. Recognizing the varying demands of investors:

  • Gold coins and bullion bars are available in weights from the convenient 1 ounce up to the substantial 400 ounces for significant gold investment.
  • Alternative investment avenues with silver bars and coins, to offer a range of options for those looking to invest in precious metals beyond gold.
  • Platinum investments, including coins and bars, for a well-rounded portfolio with exposure to all key precious metals markets.

Vaulted Gold and Secure Storage Options

Security and assurance are key elements of GoldCore's offering. Clients investing in gold and other precious metals can take advantage of GoldCore Secure Storage. This service presents:

  • A selection of independent vaulting options, with industry giants like Loomis and Brinks ensuring the safety of your investments.
  • Insured storage solutions, so whether you're holding vaulted gold or silver bars, your assets are protected against unforeseen events.
  • An international network of secure storage facilities, allowing for both flexibility and convenience in geographic allocation of your precious assets.

The Gold Saver Account

GoldCore paves the way for consistent wealth accumulation through precious metals with its Gold Saver Account. This savings plan revolves around:

  • Structured purchasing of Perth Mint Certificates, representing ownership of gold and silver and providing an efficient method of investment without the need for physical storage.
  • A disciplined approach to investment, allowing investors to buy into precious metals markets regularly and at their chosen pace.
  • The versatility that enables both small-scale savers and substantial investors to progressively build their holdings in gold, silver, and platinum.

Storage and Security Measures at GoldCore

At the heart of GoldCore's trusted services lies the unyielding assurance of secure precious metals storage. Prioritizing the safeguarding of client assets, GoldCore implements a robust bailment system where individual holdings are meticulously stored in dedicated spaces, clearly labeled under each customer's name. This system stands as a bulwark against commingling, ensuring that investors' metals are uniquely identifiable and retrievable.

With a keen understanding of the importance of oversight, GoldCore maintains a stringent weekly reconciliation routine. Each week, the firm thoroughly compares on-hand inventory against documented records, guaranteeing that the physical stock matches the customer's GoldCore storage accounts ledger to the letter. This process champions the integrity of every account and instills confidence in the accuracy of one's investment.

To leave no stone unturned in affirming the security of stored assets, GoldCore collaborates with Bureau Veritas. This highly respected, independent inspection entity performs annual audits that dig deep into the vaults' contents, assessing and confirming the presence and condition of the precious metals. The findings are not kept confidential but shared openly with clients who entrust GoldCore with their investments, further solidifying the bond of trust and commitment to utmost transparency.

  • Customer assets segregated and stored under individual client names
  • Detailed asset visibility provided through the GoldCore online portal
  • Annual audits by Bureau Veritas to verify and validate stored metals
  • Open communication of audit results, enhancing transparency and trust

Purchasing and Selling with GoldCore

When investors choose to buy gold or engage in precious metals investment, the experience should be as straightforward and clear as possible. With GoldCore, you're provided with a user-friendly platform that embodies price transparency and empowers you throughout the entire gold purchasing process. The commitment to clear communication is just as evident when it comes to selling your metal holdings, making GoldCore a trusted partner in your investment journey.

Transparent Purchasing Process

GoldCore distinguishes itself by presenting a gold purchasing system highlighted by price transparency. This level of clarity affords you the confidence to make informed decisions when looking to invest in precious metals.

The displayed prices include all costs upfront, assuring that the price you see is indicative of the market rates during London trading hours. This transparent approach positions GoldCore as a go-to destination for acquiring precious metals, underpinned by honesty and market compliance.

Understanding Selling Premiums

Entering the gold selling process, investors anticipate fairness and transparency similar to their buying experience. Although GoldCore has received praise for clear communication during sales transactions, investors need to recognize that selling premiums are part of the equation.

These premiums are affected by market conditions and may vary; however, GoldCore strives to maintain a balance that respects both client interest and business sustainability, ensuring the selling process remains equitable for all parties involved.

Options for Physical Delivery

If your precious metals investment strategy includes physical delivery, GoldCore facilitates this preference with efficiency. Should you opt to take physical possession of your gold or other metals, you're guided through a process that is supportive yet honest about the responsibilities such as shipping costs, duties, and importation fees that you need to consider.

Offering you full control over your metal holdings enriches the value and personal satisfaction of your investment endeavors.

Transparency and Trust at GoldCore

At the heart of any investment venture, particularly when it comes to precious metals, lies the paramount importance of trust and transparency.

GoldCore sets the industry standard by perpetually reassuring its clients through stringent audit reports and the secure storage transparency of custodial assets, demonstrating unwavering dedication to its investors' peace of mind.

Audit Reports and Client Access

GoldCore takes pride in offering an open-book approach to client trust, presenting detailed annual audit reports which clients can access. This commitment to secure storage transparency validates the fidelity of GoldCore’s operations, reinforcing trust through meticulous real-time audits and diligent asset reconciliation.

Insurance and Assurance of Client-owned Gold

To alleviate uncertainties surrounding the security of one's investments, GoldCore's insured gold investments come with robust protection. The affiliations with Lloyd’s of London not only ensure comprehensive coverage but are also a testament to the integrity of GoldCore’s gold security measures.

Investors take solace in knowing that their assets are not just stored but also protected to the highest industry standards.

Annual Reconciliation and Audit Details

Responsibility and dependability are foundational values that guide GoldCore’s operations. To this end, GoldCore leverages consistent annual reconciliation processes, comparing records with actual data provided by their prestigious storage partners.

This rigorous regimen outlines a landscape of fidelity and ensures that each client's portfolio is accurate and managed with the utmost responsibility.

Client Experiences and Ratings

The reputation of GoldCore as a trusted precious metals dealer is often reflected in the investor feedback and precious metals dealer ratings it receives. Clients across various platforms such as Ekomi have lauded the GoldCore customer service team for their exceptional support and efficiency in handling transactions. This positive acknowledgement highlights GoldCore's proactive approach in maintaining high customer satisfaction standards.

  • Many clients appreciate the straightforward and stress-free purchasing and selling experience provided by GoldCore.
  • Reports show that GoldCore responds swiftly and professionally to any concerns, especially those concerning shipping and transaction details.
  • Positive reviews frequently cite the company's ability to provide comprehensive guidance and quality care to investors, from first-time buyers to seasoned investors.

Although challenges are an inevitable part of any service-oriented business, GoldCore's dedication to quickly addressing and resolving customer issues contributes to its positive ratings and builds a strong foundation for ongoing investor trust and confidence.

GoldCore Costs and Fees

When considering buying gold, understanding the expenses involved is crucial for any investor. GoldCore provides a transparent fee structure, encompassing various costs associated with gold investments such as spot price spreads, storage fees, and gold insurance costs, which are essential factors to consider.

Understanding the Spread Above Spot Price

GoldCore offers competitive spreads on gold costs, which are a key component of buying gold. The spot price spread—the difference between the buying and selling price—is a standard part of precious metals trading. At GoldCore, this spread can vary based on the size of the gold bar or coin. For instance:

  • Investors purchasing a 400-ounce gold bar can expect a spread of approximately 1.25%.
  • At the smaller end, a 1-ounce gold bar comes with a spread of about 4.10%.

Larger transactions may be eligible for lower spread percentages, making heavier bars an attractive option for those looking to buy gold in significant amounts.

Storage and Insurance Charges

Storage fees and gold insurance costs are two of the expenses beyond the initial purchasing of gold. GoldCore implements a tiered system for these costs:

  1. The value of the precious metals in storage determines the fee bracket.
  2. The costs for storage and insurance tend to decrease proportionally as the value of the investment grows.

This fee system is designed to benefit investors with larger portfolios, where the per-unit cost of storing and insuring gold becomes more economical. Moreover, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is securely stored and insured is invaluable in the realm of precious metals investment.


Delving into the details of GoldCore in this comprehensive review, we've gathered that the company represents a strong player in the realm of precious metals investing. It shines with its extensive selection of precious metals products, secure investment options, and proactive gold storage solutions. From the outset, GoldCore's commitment to providing a safe harbor for investors' assets, paired with their transparent and direct dealings in both buying and selling processes, projects a beacon of trustworthiness in a market that prizes certainty.

The positive rapport between GoldCore and its global clientele stems from the company's dynamic understanding of investor preferences and requirements. Enabling both novice and veteran traders to navigate the sometimes tumultuous waves of the precious metals market has secured GoldCore a solid foundation of client trust. The high satisfaction ratings echo the assurance that comes with seasoned leadership and a devotion to client service.

GoldCore's legacy in precious metals investing continues to expand as it upholds a clear, concise approach that puts client empowerment at the forefront. For those seeking to bolster their investment portfolios, GoldCore offers not just a service, but a partnership built on the values of security, transparency, and an enduring commitment to quality customer interactions.


  • Service: Bullion Dealer
  • Products Offered: Silver, Gold
  • Promotion: None

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