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Updated May 15, 2024

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FundedNext provides traders with the opportunity to manage funded accounts by passing a trading evaluation, allowing them to trade with the firm's capital and earn a share of the profits while mitigating personal financial risk.

Is it possible for a new, fast-growing proprietary trading firm to change how traders use capital? Since March 2022, FundedNext has been doing precisely that.

Founded by entrepreneur Abdullah Jayed, FundedNext has quickly made its mark globally. With headquarters in the UAE, USA, UK, and Bangladesh, it's clear they aim to dominate the proprietary trading world.  

In this review, we'll look at how FundedNext offers both new and experienced traders the chance to handle up to $4 million in capital.

Key Takeaways

  • FundedNext is an innovative prop trading firm that levels the playing field for traders of all experiences.
  • Founded by Abdullah Jayed, the platform is strategically headquartered in the UAE, promoting global employment.
  • Provides up to $200,000 in initial capital and up to $4 million in growth capital based on trader performance.
  • Four unique funding models cater to different trading strategies and facilitate profit shares between 60% and 90%.
  • Partners with Eightcap to offer robust trading features in Forex, indices, metals, and commodities.

Introduction to FundedNext: A Rising Prop Trading Firm

FundedNext has quickly made a name for itself in digital trading, under Abdullah Jayed's strategic leadership. This prop trading firm combines Jayed's deep knowledge of digital and retail trading. Its operations span across major global centers like the UAE, USA, UK, and Bangladesh.

The main goal of FundedNext is to provide significant trading capital to proficient traders around the world. This enables traders to enhance their performance in various financial markets under Jayed's guidance. His leadership ensures the firm prioritizes the development of trading talent with effective capital usage and a supportive environment.

  • FundedNext offers multiple funding options, tailored for traders at different stages of their career and market activity.
  • It not only ensures lucrative profit sharing but also supports substantial capital development, making it attractive for both beginners and experts.

FundedNext excels in creating optimal conditions for digital trading, setting a new standard in the industry’s evolution. Its commitment to continuous support and financial advancement makes it an attractive option for traders seeking to grow in competitive arenas.

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  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
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Exploring FundedNext's Funding Models and Profit Splits

FundedNext serves a wide array of traders through its diverse funding options. It supports both the newcomer and the seasoned pro. Their profit-sharing feature stands out, enriching traders' financial gains significantly.

Overview of Funding Models

Four main funding models are available, each tailored to different trading styles and goals:

  • Two-step Stellar - Ideal for traders who prefer gradual progression with multiple checkpoint evaluations.
  • One-step Stellar - Suited for those confident in their strategies and seeking quicker trading career advancement.
  • Evaluation Model - Provides a structured pathway with specific targets to test and enhance trading proficiencies.
  • Express Model - Best for experienced traders ready to take immediate action without the need for preliminary evaluations.

Profit Split Ratios

At FundedNext, the profit sharing plan is crafted to foster trader success. It offers generous splits that grow with trading performance. Here, traders have the chance to earn:

  • A minimum of 60% profit share, providing beginners a substantial return on successful trades.
  • Up to 90% for top-performing traders, which is among the most competitive rates in the industry.

Capital Growth Opportunities

The opportunity for capital growth at FundedNext is considerable, highlighted by:

  • Scalable trading capital that aligns with both trading strategy effectiveness and risk management proficiency.
  • Continuous support and resources aimed at enhancing trading skills applicable across Forex, Indices, Metals, and Commodities markets.
  • Opportunities for career advancement within the trading firm, with increased responsibilities and higher capital allocation.

FundedNext's structured approach not only caters to various experience levels but also encourages traders to systematically elevate their efforts into significant financial rewards. This embodies a true partnership in profit sharing.

The Trading Environment: Platform, Products, and Parameters

At the core of FundedNext lies a trading zone designed with both newbies and veterans in mind. It's greatly enhanced by a partnership with Eightcap. That ensures access to a superior and technically sophisticated platform. Its user-friendly aspect simplifies the process of exploring various trading avenues, making the experience both simple and enjoyable.

The breadth of trading products on the FundedNext platform is notable, spanning Forex, Indices, Metals, and Commodities. Such diversity allows traders to spread their risks. They can tailor their strategies to thrive in different market conditions.

  • Forex: Engage in the global currency exchange market.
  • Indices: Access major world indexes providing a composite reflection of market sectors.
  • Metals: Trade in precious metals like gold and silver, as well as industrial metals.
  • Commodities: Explore opportunities in energy, agriculture, and more.

FundedNext has established trading parameters to aid in risk management. These include a daily loss limit of 5% and a max drawdown of 10%. Such measures are key for shielding traders from substantial financial losses. Additionally, traders are motivated to aim for profits between 10% and 25%, offering a range of realistic yet ambitious targets.

In essence, the trading environment at FundedNext, supported by its platform and a vast array of tradable goods, is crafted to foster trader success. The clear trading guidelines further assist in planning and achieving trading goals productively.

Operational Mechanics: How Does FundedNext Function?

Understanding FundedNext reveals its effective support for traders. It offers tools and opportunities for success in trading. The operational framework includes evaluation models and technology. It suits various trading methods and profit aims.

The Evaluation Model In-Depth

FundedNext's Evaluation Model is dynamic and efficient. It lets traders prove their skill through a two-phase challenge:

  • Traders must reach a 10% profit target in a specific time.
  • They must also follow risk management rules, including a 5% daily loss limit.

Successful traders get an 80%-90% profit share. This leads to better trading conditions and quicker access to trading capital.

FundedNext's Express Model: A Quick Access Pathway

The Express Funding Model suits experienced traders. It allows:

  • Instant access to funded accounts, making the move to real trading faster.
  • A simpler set of rules for traders confident in their abilities to start immediately.

This express model shortens the wait, helping traders reach their goals faster.

MetaTrader Integration for Reliability

Integrating the MetaTrader platform is crucial for FundedNext. Benefits include:

  • Familiar trading environment with reliable tools.
  • It enhances trading with low commissions and competitive spreads.

This integration shows FundedNext's dedication to its traders' success.

FundedNext Review: User Testimonials and Community Feedback

In proprietary trading, trader satisfaction and robust support hold critical importance. FundedNext stands out with its comprehensive support and personalized trading systems.

Users have praised the platform for its strong customer service. They've also noted positive experiences in dealing with trading challenges.

Positive Experiences from Real Users

  • Many traders commend the supportive atmosphere highlighted by FundedNext user testimonials. They stress the importance of both the platform's comprehensive trading support and the positive community feedback.
  • Users often laud the prompt customer service that's ready to address any questions, boosting the overall experience on FundedNext.
  • Several testimonials underscore the excellent trading conditions and the advantageous profit splits. These are considered generous when compared to the norm in this industry.

Analyzing Criticism: Daily Drawdown Limits

Despite the predominantly positive feedback, there are calls for improvement in specific areas:

  • Concerns about the daily drawdown limits have been raised, with some traders finding these rules confusing. This highlights the need for better communication from trading support.
  • While drawdown limits are crucial for risk management, there is a consensus that newer traders might require more explicit guidance or simplification at the outset.

The Role of Customer Support in User Satisfaction

The significance of customer support has been prominently featured in FundedNext user testimonials. The support team not only swiftly addresses technical issues but also significantly enhances the trading journey, aiding in user success:

  • Rapid responses from customer support ensure traders can devote their attention to trading strategies. This decreases concerns about potential operational problems.
  • The overwhelming positive feedback regarding customer support strengthens trust among both potential and current users. It assures them of receiving essential support whenever needed.

Unique Features of FundedNext: Making It Stand Out

FundedNext stands out in the forex prop firm landscape with unique features designed to improve trading experiences. These features ensure traders quickly benefit maximally from their trading accounts. Unlike others, FundedNext reduces wait times for account access. This swift accessibility lets traders take charge of their funded accounts with minimal delay.

  • Speedy account processing: Traders can access their funded accounts without the long wait times usually expected in the forex industry.
  • Realistic profit targets: These targets are strategically set to ensure they are challenging yet attainable, motivating traders to perform their best.
  • Competitive commissions and raw spreads: These are critical in aiding traders to implement effective forex trading strategies without exorbitant costs diminishing their potential profits.
  • Leverage up to 1:100 on all trading accounts: This feature enhances trading flexibility, beneficial especially for those employing strategies with small stop losses.
  • Innovative technology integration: The availability of a mobile app for Android (with an iOS version planned) facilitates trading on-the-go, aligning with modern traders’ needs.
  • Active community support: FundedNext’s Discord community is not just active but also engagement-focused, providing an environment for robust strategy exchange and support among traders.

FundedNext's unique offerings make it an attractive option among forex prop firms. It demonstrates a strong commitment to delivering valuable trading account advantages. FundedNext is leading the way in trader-focused innovations within the forex market.


FundedNext has proven itself as a noteworthy opportunity for both aspiring and seasoned traders. Its client commitment is evident in its varied funding options and collaborations. By setting achievable profit goals and empowering traders, FundedNext stands out in the competitive forex proprietary trading field. This positive perception is widely supported by its user base.

The firm's dedication to exceptional customer service and a solid support network significantly enhances the trading journey. With its strategic partnership with Eightcap and seamless integration with MetaTrader, FundedNext is showcased as a progressive company.

In concluding this review, FundedNext's global perspective and broad strategy in prop trading cannot be ignored. It stresses on providing ample capital, promoting professional development, and offering superior trading tools. These factors make it an excellent choice for traders looking to elevate their careers in the financial trading arena.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing:  Varies by account
  • Promotion: None

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