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Updated June 5, 2024

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Funded Trading Plus offers traders the opportunity to earn funded accounts by successfully completing evaluation challenges, enabling them to trade with the firm's capital and share in the profits while minimizing their personal financial risk.

Funded Trading Plus is dedicated to opening trading as a career to anyone, anywhere, breaking the barriers of age and location. It offers a variety of account options, making trader evaluation a stepping stone rather than a hurdle.

However, in a market brimming with offers of profit shares and boundless opportunities, the critical question arises. Does Funded Trading Plus genuinely tip the scales in the trader’s favor, or is it merely an illusion in the high-stakes trading arena?

Key Takeaways

  • Funded Trading Plus is a comprehensive trading platform that empowers traders with opportunities to leverage substantial capital.
  • The platform is founded on the principles of offering simulated trading experiences that reflect real market conditions.
  • With roots in Trade Room Plus, it provides trading talent worldwide with a level playing field regardless of initial capital.
  • It is a gateway built on inclusivity, enabling traders to capitalize on financial markets through a prism of equity and diversity.
  • The ethos of Funded Trading Plus is hinged on supporting traders' potential and amplifying their success trajectory.

Unveiling Funded Trading Plus: A Trading Platform Perspective

Funded Trading Plus, emerging from Trade Room Plus, addresses a major problem for many retail traders: the lack of trading capital. It leverages expertise from top financial minds in places like Wall Street and the City of London. This expertise has raised the platform far above its competition.

This platform offers traders reliable funding, linking its own success to theirs. It fosters mutual growth, beneficial for all involved. Funded Trading Plus embraces an inclusive community by welcoming traders worldwide. This approach enhances its appeal and utility across the globe.

  • Trading Talents: Recognizes and nurtures trading talents from varied backgrounds, ensuring everyone has the chance to thrive.
  • Financial Markets: Offers broad exposure to global financial markets, enabling traders to diversify their trading strategies and portfolios.
  • Inclusive Trading Community: Prioritizes creating an empathetic environment where all traders, irrespective of their professional or personal backgrounds, are valued.
  • Global Traders: Connects traders worldwide, fostering a rich, interactive, and dynamic global trading community.

Funded Trading Plus redefines the financial trading platform landscape. It stands out not just for its technology and funding. But also for its dedication to meeting the varied needs and dreams of its traders.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

Programs and Account Options at Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus offers a range of programs for different trading levels. Each program is crafted to provide specific benefits and account options. They are designed to support a trader's growth, evaluation, and scalability at various career stages.

Differentiating the Experienced Trader Program

This program is for traders who understand market dynamics and have sound trading strategies. It focuses on assessing a trader's ability to manage significant capital.

Participants can start with an 80% profit share, potentially increasing to 100%. This program aims to challenge and reward traders, promoting account growth.

Exploring the Advanced Trader Program

The Advanced Trader Program begins with a detailed simulated trading phase. This phase allows traders to refine their strategies and decision-making skills. It's essential for fine-tuning or exploring new techniques.

After this, the assessment phase commences, during which traders can achieve up to a 100% profit split. This phase offers vast growth opportunities within their trading endeavors.

About the Master Trader Program

Designed for the determined and strategic trader, the Master Trader Program offers immediate funding. It bypasses traditional evaluations, allowing for swift account growth and scalability.

This program is the fast track to enhancing trading capacity, achieving higher financial goals, and securing trading success efficiently.

Breaking Down the Funded Trading Plus Experience

Funded Trading Plus uses a detailed trading evaluation program. It prepares individuals for the challenges of the financial market. The initiative emphasizes account management and progress tracking. Both are key for traders to develop.

How the Evaluation Process Works

The evaluation at Funded Trading Plus aims to boost a trader's skills and know-how. The steps include:

  • Choosing an account size to start the evaluation journey.
  • Trading to meet a set profit goal, essential for moving forward.
  • This stage lacks strict timelines, allowing the development of strategies at one's pace.

Simulated Trading Environment and Dashboard Features

After passing the evaluation, traders access a simulation with top tools for account management and progress tracking:

  • A dashboard for monitoring trades and metrics in real-time aids strategic decisions.
  • This key phase mimics real markets, providing a safety net.
  • The analytics and feedback are critical for preparing traders for real trading, enhancing skills.

In summary, Funded Trading Plus offers a complete learning environment. It seamlessly takes someone from beginner zeal to financial market expertise. It's backed by powerful tech and detailed performance analysis.

Comprehensive Profit and Loss Structure

In the fast-paced world of proprietary trading, grasping profit and loss structures is vital. Funded Trading Plus outlines a framework for traders to enhance financial growth. It aids in reaching profit goals while managing risks tied to drawdowns and maximum loss.

An Overview of Profit Targets and Split Percentages

Funded Trading Plus begins with an 80/20 profit split for traders. This split improves as traders hit specific profit targets. The setup fosters capital growth and rewards traders’ achievements:

  • Initial 80/20 split, ensuring substantial return on profitable trades
  • After attaining 20% profit, the split improves to 90/10, offering traders a larger share of the rewards
  • Traders achieving higher profitability milestones can ultimately receive a 100% profit split, maximizing their earnings

Understanding Drawdown and Maximum Loss Rules

Funded Trading Plus introduces a strategic drawdown policy to protect trading capital and ensure sustainability. This approach greatly aids in risk management:

  • Drawdown limits are set between 3% to 5%, aligning with industry standards for risk mitigation
  • Maximum loss rules are articulated around these drawdown percentages to prevent substantial capital depletion
  • This methodical approach encourages the adoption of strategic trading behaviors and prudent risk assessment by all traders associated with the platform

Real Traders, Real Reviews: Engaging with User Feedback

In the fast-paced sphere of online trading, trader reviews and user experiences play a pivotal role. Funded Trading Plus has exemplified what it means to be a transparent firm. They've built a resilient trading community, valuing open dialogue and honest feedback.

Insights from user testimonials shed light on the platform's significant influence and efficiency.

  • Trader Reviews: Many traders express their contentment with the platform's extensive support and intuitive interface, making trading smoother and boosting their outcomes.
  • User Experiences: Traders value the streamlined process to pass evaluation stages, appreciating the lack of time limits. This flexibility is crucial for those trading part-time or while studying, allowing for a seamless integration with personal schedules.
  • Trading Community: The vibrant community feeling is notable, with users often praising the prompt customer service and productive interactions with peers. This camaraderie fosters a learning space crucial for traders at all levels of expertise.
  • Transparent Firm: Users commend Funded Trading Plus for its transparency. Clear information on profit shares, account growth, and risk guidelines empowers traders to operate with confidence.

Gathering this feedback not only strengthens trust in Funded Trading Plus. It also emphasizes the critical role user feedback plays in delivering a service that effectively meets trader needs.

Who Benefits Most from Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus boosts the trading experience for select trading community members. It targets those familiar with day trading tools and simulation. Also, it's perfect for traders wanting the flexibility to maneuver in various market situations. The support it offers helps traders adjust and excel across different trading environments.

  • Suitable Traders: Traders each have distinct needs and ambitions. Funded Trading Plus serves those desiring a customized trading journey. It supports various expertise levels and risk tolerances, making it ideal for both beginners and experts.
  • Simulated Trading Opportunities: For traders eager to perfect their strategies in a controlled setting, simulated trades are key. This feature lets them refine tactics without the stakes of live market action.
  • Day Trading Tools: Day traders get access to top-notch tools via Funded Trading Plus. With analytics and real-time data, it empowers quick, informed decisions, revolutionizing trading results.
  • Flexible Traders: The platform suits traders who prefer trading flexibility in times, strategies, and risks. It's a match for those adapting swiftly to market or personal changes.

Every trader, with their own needs and goals, gains from Funded Trading Plus. It personalizes experiences with simulated trading and adaptable conditions. Funded Trading Plus stands out for traders focused on maximizing their potentials.


This platform prioritizes its users, blending advanced technology with an inclusive philosophy. This approach clears the path to financial independence, strengthening the community bond among traders. 

Moreover, Funded Trading Plus's financial models and profit-sharing strategies promote the growth of aspiring traders. It allows them to achieve their market potential while exploring diverse trading strategies freely.

Ultimately, Funded Trading Plus aims to create a united network of individuals eager for financial independence. It offers steadfast commitment and support, setting its community members up for success in challenging financial markets. By sharing goals of wealth generation and knowledge exchange, traders of various backgrounds benefit from the platform's offerings.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing:  Varies by account
  • Promotion: None

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