FTMO vs The Funded Trader – Which Prop Firm Is Better?

Updated May 11, 2024

Choosing the right proprietary trading firm is crucial for anyone breaking into forex prop trading. This comparison between FTMO and The Funded Trader highlights their unique features. Both are leaders in funded trading accounts, but cater to different types of traders. 

We'll explore their challenge designs and support systems, guiding you to make a knowledgeable choice for your trading career.

Key Takeaways

  • FTMO and The Funded Trader are top-tier proprietary trading firms, each with distinct advantages for traders.
  • FTMO's offering includes a structured evaluation process coupled with a trader-centric 70/30 profit split.
  • The Funded Trader offers a more flexible trading environment with a generous 80/20 profit split.
  • Both firms provide avenues for traders to pursue successful trading careers without initial capital outlays.
  • Trader-friendly features, platform integration, and community support are key components of both firms.

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Introduction to Prop Trading Firms

Proprietary trading firms have become key players in the financial markets. They offer traders access to significant capital and a range of services to support funded trading. Entities like FTMO and The Funded Trader blend trader independence with institutional support. This mix encourages a wide assortment of trading styles to thrive.

For traders pondering a partnership with these firms, understanding their operation is vital. Unlike regular brokerages, prop trading firms allow traders to use the firm's capital. This reduces personal financial risk and enables profit-sharing. Such partnerships create an environment where traders can develop and apply strategies matching their skills and risk tolerance.

  • FTMO focuses on education, providing traders with courses, webinars, and a strong online community. Their dedication to trader growth through learning is well acknowledged.
  • The Funded Trader offers a flexible trading approach with easy-to-follow rules and generous profit sharing. It appeals to traders desiring minimal restrictions in their trading strategies.

Though prop firms aim to fund proficient traders, their offerings, goals, and trader autonomy vary. FTMO prioritizes guided instruction. In contrast, The Funded Trader supports a freer trading philosophy. This difference is crucial for traders picking a platform that aligns with their ambitions and trading approach.

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Understanding FTMO's Strengths and Offerings

The journey through the domain of proprietary trading is complex. Grasping the capabilities and offerings of a premier firm like FTMO simplifies this path. Recognized for its dedication to enhancing traders' skills, FTMO has established a comprehensive system.

This framework not only evaluates a trader's competence but also delivers vital tools for thriving in the financial arenas.

Overview of FTMO's Evaluation Process and Profit Split

FTMO's intensive two-step evaluation features the Challenge and Verification stages, testing trading acumen. It demands that traders demonstrate strategic skill, strict risk management, and consistent profit generation. Succeeding in this evaluation provides the keys to FTMO's treasury, offering an attractive profit division.

Traders keep a generous 70% of profits, incentivizing them to leverage their fullest potential under the firm's esteemed performance criteria.

The Educational Support and Community Interaction at FTMO

At the core of FTMO is its commitment to the educational advancement and progress of traders, recognizing the dual nature of the trading journey. It offers a wealth of resources, including instructional webinars, detailed articles, and insights into trading psyche.

Additionally, its dynamic community offers a space for traders to connect, share knowledge, and refine their expertise through meaningful exchanges.

FTMO's Commitment to Sophisticated Trading Tools

FTMO ushers traders into a world bristling with a wide array of trading tools, satisfying various financial pursuits and methods. It expertly integrates leading trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 and 5, alongside cTrader, catering to diverse trading nuances.

This integration affords traders the agility to navigate markets as they prefer, employing state-of-the-art technology for enhanced trading efficacy.

Exploring The Funded Trader's Flexibility and Benefits

In the trading world, empowerment and flexibility are crucial. The Funded Trader Program stands tall, offering traders limitless opportunities in financial markets. It arms them with an array of benefits, designed to boost their trading performance and enhance earnings.

The Funded Trader's Generous Profit Split and Lenient Rules

The Funded Trader distinguishes itself with a compelling profit split model. Enrolled traders relish an 80/20 profit split, securing a more substantial share of their earnings.

This, coupled with forgiving trading conditions, empowers both seasoned and new traders. They navigate the markets with greater confidence and freedom.

Accessing Higher Maximum Drawdown with The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader takes a novel stance on maximum drawdown, recognizing the importance of risk tolerance. This platform diverges from others, offering a higher drawdown limit. It suits those with aggressive strategies well, giving their trades room to grow.

Emphasis on Trader Autonomy and Rapid Account Scaling

The philosophy at The Funded Trader focuses on promoting trader independence. It ensures traders can make decisions that align with their own style and objectives. With an efficient account setup, traders find opportunities to scale quickly.

This makes it a prime choice for those determined to advance swiftly in their trading careers. The approach is comprehensive, aimed at ensuring long-term trading success.

FTMO vs The Funded Trader: Which Platform Suits You Best?

For those navigating the finance world, picking the right trading platform is key. FTMO and The Funded Trader offer solid programs.

Yet, the choice depends on aligning with a trader's strategy, assessing risk management, and evaluating profit opportunities. Traders should deeply reflect on how they prefer to execute trades and apply their strategies.

  • Trader Strategy Alignment: FTMO suits those who like consistency and clear rules in trading. Conversely, The Funded Trader is for those desiring flexibility and the option to try different strategies. Whether one needs a strict environment or freedom for trading approaches determines the best platform match.
  • Risk Management Evaluation: Proprietary trading involves significant risk handling. FTMO's evaluation process focuses on a trader’s risk management before offering them capital. Meanwhile, The Funded Trader allows for a higher risk tolerance with its maximum drawdown limits. Traders must identify which risk management style fits them best to succeed.
  • Profit Potential Assessment: Profitability is crucial for traders. FTMO boasts a 70/30 profit split; The Funded Trader offers an 80/20 split. But, traders need to consider profit likelihood and sustainment within each firm’s rules and supports beyond just numbers.

Each platform brings unique benefits and limits. They demonstrate commitment to meeting various trader needs. The evolution from novice to expert trader demands a platform that matches one’s goals, strategies, and risk views. A thorough evaluation of strategy fit, risk management, and profit potential is essential for those aiming to excel in proprietary trading.

Assessing the Range of Trading Instruments and Risk Management

In the realm of proprietary trading, mastering diversification and risk management is key. An exploration of FTMO's and The Funded Trader's strategies uncovers unique methods catered to different investor needs, tools, and trading styles.

Diversity in Trading Instruments: A FTMO Feature

FTMO excels by offering a vast trading scope. It includes the bustling Forex markets, the swift changes in indices, and the cutting-edge crypto sector. This wide range of trading instruments lets traders leverage the volatility and opportunities in diverse financial environments. It also supports strong portfolio diversification and strategic trading.

Risk Management Approaches of FTMO and The Funded Trader

  • FTMO champions careful risk management, highlighted by a strict daily loss limit. This promotes a disciplined trading approach.
  • On the flip side, The Funded Trader provides conditions for those willing to embrace more risk, thanks to a higher maximum drawdown.

Platform Compatibility and Accessibility Insights

The modern trader looks for both high performance and easy access. FTMO and The Funded Trader have improved in these aspects, ensuring their platforms are user-friendly and efficient. FTMO is noted for its mobile trading options.

Conversely, The Funded Trader focuses on MetaTrader 4 compatibility and offers a seamless mobile app. This allows traders to keep track of their investments on the move.


In concluding this comprehensive comparison, traders must understand the significance of choosing the correct prop firm and trading strategies. The right selection is crucial for a successful trading career.

FTMO comes across as a robust platform, known for its clear evaluation process and extensive educational content. These features prepare traders effectively for their journey ahead.

On the other hand, The Funded Trader offers adaptability and a greater risk tolerance. This approach suits those seeking unconventional trading strategies. It provides a flexible environment, ideal for traders desiring control over their trading techniques.

Ultimately, whether you lean towards FTMO's structured and educational focus or The Funded Trader's dynamic and risk-tolerant environment depends on your trading goals and methods.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing: $49/month
  • Promotion: 20% discount for new members

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