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Updated March 6, 2024

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Fisher Precious Metals is a precious metals dealer known for providing personalized customer service and expert advice to help clients diversify and protect their wealth through investments in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Delving into the realm of precious metals investment, Fisher Precious Metals stands as a beacon for individuals keen on commodities diversification. Established with a commitment to secure asset management and facilitating IRA gold investment, this esteemed company presents an array of bullion bars and coins for the discerning investor.

Notably, their expertise in gold and silver trading helps clients realize their financial objectives through tangible assets. Fisher Precious Metals exudes confidence in a complex market, offering guidance that shines as brightly as the metals they trade.

Key Takeaways

  • Fisher Precious Metals is a trusted source for precious metals investment to diversify one's retirement portfolio.
  • Offering an array of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in various forms.
  • They facilitate the setting up of precious metals IRAs as a hedge against inflation and market volatility.
  • Fisher Precious Metals is known for its non-commissioned trading advice and transparent pricing, focusing on the customer's interests.
  • Investors are presented with secure storage solutions, ensuring peace of mind when it comes to their valuable assets.

Company Background and Reputation

Forging a distinguished path within the precious metals industry, Fisher Precious Metals was conceived with the vision to guide investors through the landscape of investment choices, firmly rooted in the wisdom and insights of its founders, Lynn and John Fisher.

Positioning itself as a beacon of knowledge and reliability, the firm has not only flourished in trading but also in garnering a sustained level of trust among its clientele. Embarking on a mission to offer more than just commodities, the Fishers have imbued their enterprise with a caliber of service and expertise that reflects their personal commitment to investor success.

Founding and Development

The journey of Fisher Precious Metals started as Lynn and John Fisher channelled their proficiency in numismatics and precious metal trading into a company that represents integrity and quality service.

Their dedication has sculpted a company that offers thoughtful strategies and products designed to enhance and diversify investor portfolios.

Accreditations and Industry Recognition

  • Accolades from the American Numismatic Association acknowledge the Fishers' profound knowledge in the art of coin collecting, further fortifying their reputation as trusted bullion traders.
  • The Gemological Institute of America provides credentials that exemplify the company’s caliber, evidenced by their ability to appraise and trade with unequivocal exactitude.
  • Honored with the title of 2018 USA Bullion Dealer of the Year, the organization celebrates its success and recognition within the precious metals trade.

Customer Feedback and Trust Ratings

Though customer testimonials have been limited on feedback platforms such as Trustpilot and BBB, the succinct yet positive reviews extol the company's service quality and dependable guidance.

These insights mirror the enduring impact that Fisher Precious Metals has had on its clients, even suggesting opportunities for enhanced outreach to showcase the trust and satisfaction fostered by the Fishers.

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  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Investment Options with Fisher Precious Metals

When it comes to diversifying one's investment portfolio, Fisher Precious Metals is a distinguished destination, offering a broad spectrum of investment-grade bullion and unique asset forms. Their sheer variety caters to both seasoned investors and those exploring gold IRA opportunities for the first time.

Diverse Range of Bullion Products

The heart of Fisher Precious Metals' inventory is its comprehensive selection of bullion. Investors can choose from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium offerings, displaying a commitment to creating a diverse precious metals portfolio. High-quality products come in various forms, including:

  • Gold coins, bars, and rounds from esteemed global mints
  • Silver bullion for a blend of collectability and investment value
  • Premium platinum pieces for a modern touch to wealth storage
  • Palladium options as an emerging asset in the precious metals market

Exploring Precious Metals IRA

Retirement planning takes a fortified stance at Fisher Precious Metals, where gold IRA opportunities are not just offered but thoroughly supported. Clients are guided through the process of establishing a precious metals IRA, which includes:

  • Assistance in selecting IRA-approved bullion, upholding IRS regulations
  • Collaboration with trustworthy IRA custodians
  • Providing educational resources on the advantages of including precious metals in retirement portfolios

Unique Offerings: Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

Apart from standard bullion options, Fisher Precious Metals delves into the realm of diamond investment pieces and fine jewelry. Standing apart from traditional dealers, this extension provides investors with:

  • Elegant diamond pieces that combine aesthetic pleasure with investment value
  • Expertly curated fine jewelry that captures both contemporary trends and timeless elegance

Collectively, Fisher Precious Metals does not merely transact in commodities; they affirm their role as a facilitator of wealth accumulation through a multifaceted approach to precious metals and gemstone investments.

Comprehensive Services and Advice

At Fisher Precious Metals, understanding the nuances and complexities of the precious metals market forms the core of their service ethos. They prioritize offering honest precious metals advice driven by a deep sense of client-first philosophy. 

This approach is crystallized through their dispensation of expert consulting, tailored to meet the individual needs of each investor.

Non-Commissioned Bullion Traders

Underscoring their commitment to genuine guidance, traders at Fisher Precious Metals operate without the influence of commissions. This policy of non-commissioned bullion guidance ensures that all recommendations and strategies shared with investors are objective and prioritize the investors' best interests above all else.

By eschewing commission-based incentives, Fisher Precious Metals champions a transparent and trust-based relationship with their clientele.

Guidance for New Investors

Delving into precious metals can be daunting for new investors. Grasping market trends, differentiating between bullion types, and formulating a sound investment strategy require a solid support system.

Recognizing this, the specialists at Fisher Precious Metals extend personalized investment strategy support that empowers investors to navigate the market with confidence. From seasoned investors to those just starting, this patient and educational approach defines the experience of investing with Fisher Precious Metals.

  • Dedicated consultations to understand individual investment goals
  • Clear explanations of market dynamics and potential investment vehicles
  • Hands-on guidance in creating a diversified and robust precious metals portfolio

Their transparent and inclusive advice mirrors the wisdom shared among family, reinforcing the stability and integrity that Fisher Precious Metals brings to the table in the world of precious metals investment.

Security Measures for Safe Transactions

When undertaking transactions involving precious metals, the security and protection of these assets emerge as paramount concerns for investors.

Fisher Precious Metals understands this necessity and thus offers robust solutions to ensure every transaction and storage option is impenetrable, reflecting their commitment to secure precious metals storage, insured investment protection, and safe bullion transactions.

Secure Storage Facilities

Fisher Precious Metals partners with some of the most respected depositories across the globe, including locations renowned for their stability and security like Grand Cayman, Canada, and Delaware.

These establishments are fortified with state-of-the-art security systems that are designed to thwart any unauthorized access, ensuring that clients' valuable investments are sheltered under continuous surveillance and protection.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Investment

The safety of an investor's assets is reinforced through a comprehensive insurance policy, which is an integral component of Fisher's commitment to their clients.

This insured investment protection covers the full value of the precious metals in storage, giving investors an added layer of security and serenity in knowing that their investments are not only physically secured but also financially safeguarded.

  • Multiple levels of security measures, including biometric scanners, surveillance, and armed guards, are employed at storage facilities.
  • Clients are provided with a variety of storage options to fit their personalized needs, whether personal allocation or commingled storage is desired.
  • The confidentiality of the investor's holdings is maintained diligently, ensuring privacy and discretion in all storage-related matters.

With these secure and comprehensive measures in place, investors can enter into safe bullion transactions and rest assured that their precious metals are in secure hands.

Fisher Precious Metals Review: Analyzing Customer Experiences

When considering investing in precious metals, prospective clients often seek reassurance in the form of customer satisfaction reviews and detailed precious metals dealer evaluations. Fisher Precious Metals, with its foundational year stretching back to 2007, has garnered attention for its customer relations and investment offerings.

Though not abundant, the client testimonials available, particularly those presented on the BBB, reflect favorably on the dealer's commitment to service quality.

  • Positive reports mention a sense of trust and competence in transactions, highlighting the advisors' knowledge and patience.
  • Some customers appreciate the straightforwardness and clarity in communication, allowing for informed investment decisions.
  • Long-term clients emphasize consistency in service and the assurance that their portfolios are managed with integrity.

However, the relatively sparse online footprint in terms of comprehensive customer feedback signals a niche audience. Fisher Precious Metals’ consistent, albeit limited number of reviews suggests contentment among a steady customer base, yet it also invites the need for broader engagement for a more extensive evaluation.

Thus, aspiring investors may find a reliable partner in Fisher Precious Metals, but as with any investment endeavor, they are encouraged to consider the expanse of existing experiences and conduct their due diligence.

Transparent and Fair Pricing Structure

Fisher Precious Metals stands out in the investment world for its steadfast commitment to providing clear and straightforward pricing for their range of precious metal products. This transparency is crucial for investors as it fosters trust and allows for a thorough understanding of the investment cost structure.

The company's dedication to providing a buyer-friendly policy ensures that all parties are aware of the financial aspects before initiating a transaction.

Understanding Fisher Precious Metals’ Pricing

The company's approach to precious metals pricing transparency is exemplified in their accessible product pricing sheet, available for scrutiny on their official website.

This sheet comprehensively lists out the prices for various metals, offering full disclosure of costs and fees associated with each product. This visibility into pricing empowers investors to make educated decisions matched with their financial strategies.

First-Time and Subsequent Order Policies

Fisher Precious Metals caters to both new and repeat investors with tailored order policies. For those entering the precious metals market, a minimum order amount of $5,000 is mandated, establishing a solid foundation for a strong investment portfolio.

On the other hand, subsequent orders are bound by no such minimum, permitting investors greater flexibility and the opportunity to adjust their holdings as per the evolving market conditions.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Fisher Precious Metals

When making informed trading decisions in the realm of precious metals investment, understanding the advantages and potential drawbacks of any financial partner is critical. Fisher Precious Metals presents a blend of both that warrants attention.

Notable among the advantages of investing with Fisher Precious Metals are:


  • An extensive and diverse inventory that caters to various investor needs, facilitating a tailor-made portfolio.
  • IRA-approved products, which promote tax-efficient retirement planning.
  • A structure boasting non-commissioned bullion traders, ensuring guidance driven by client needs rather than potential commissions.
  • Multiple storage options, providing investors with secure vaulting possibilities across different locations.

Conversely, individuals may encounter potential drawbacks, such as:


  • A relatively lower volume of online customer reviews, which may not provide the comprehensive feedback some investors seek.
  • A potentially intricate pricing structure that might require a deeper look to fully understand.
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Ultimately, while there are facets that might give some investors pause, Fisher Precious Metals' commitment to transparency and customer education significantly aids in making well-informed investment choices.

They emphasize striking a balance between accessible investment opportunities and diligent asset protection.


For those seeking a final assessment of Fisher Precious Metals, it stands out as a comprehensive guide for both seasoned investors and novices looking to navigate the complexities of the market.

The firm provides a robust selection of bullion products, from traditional gold and silver to more niche options like palladium and platinum, embodying a commitment to strategic asset diversification.

Fisher Precious Metals has gone to great lengths to ensure that every transaction and investment is safeguarded, prioritizing client trust and security. Their transparent pricing model is a testament to their integrity, presenting potential investors with a clear and upfront cost structure without hidden fees.

This level of transparency fosters trust and client satisfaction – a keystone in any financial relationship.


  • Service: Bullion Dealer
  • Products Offered: Gold, silver, platinum, pallidum
  • Promotion: None

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