Finviz Review – Comprehensive Analysis of The Platform

Updated February 18, 2024

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Finviz is a financial website that provides a comprehensive platform for traders and investors to analyze stocks, market trends, and other financial instruments.

In the realm of stock screening and financial insights, Finviz stands out as a premier market analysis tool widely acknowledged for its compelling financial visualizations and comprehensive capabilities.

Our Finviz stock screener review dives deep into the essence of this platform, shedding light on why it’s a go-to resource for countless investors and traders aiming to elevate their market game.

Established by Juraj Duris with a mission to democratize financial information, Finviz has earned its stripes by offering meticulous analysis for over 8,500 stocks and ETFs, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking thorough and efficient evaluation of the ever-volatile markets.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the inception and evolution of Finviz, a game-changer in financial visualizations and stock screening.
  • Understand how Finviz caters to diverse investor needs with a range of services from free access to Finviz Elite.
  • Learn about Finviz's extensive stock screening capabilities, offering deep dives into market data.
  • Explore the user-friendly design of the Finviz platform, which makes market analysis tools accessible to users at all levels.
  • Gain insights on the Finviz impact and how it’s perceived by its global user base, reflecting genuine user satisfaction.
  • Appreciate the technical, descriptive, and fundamental filters that make Finviz a standout choice for investors and traders.

Introduction to Finviz

In the dynamic world of investing, where financial data visualization empowers participants to make informed decisions, Finviz emerges as a key player in stock market research and investment screening.

The platform's user-friendly interface combined with an arsenal of analytical tools bridges the gap between complex data and actionable insights, catering to a diverse spectrum of market players.

What Finviz Stands For

At its core, Finviz (an abbreviation for Financial Visualizations) is dedicated to providing sophisticated yet manageable financial data visualization tools intended to enhance stock market research.

The well-architected framework offers an array of resources for investment screening, enabling both novice and veteran investors to swiftly sift through the vast geographical landscape of stocks, commodities, forex, and more. Finviz's allure lies in its precision filters and interactive features that transform the intricacies of market data into understandable, straightforward visuals that inform investment strategies.

Overview of Finviz's History and Growth

Embarking on its journey as a vision of Juraj Duris, Finviz was conceptualized not merely as a platform but as an initiative aimed at democratizing access to financial information.

This platform, from its inception in 2007, has seen exponential growth, reflecting a consistent upward trajectory from its humble beginnings to a comprehensive tool utilized globally.

Now boasting a significant user base that spans individual investors to financial institutions, Finviz has cemented its status as an indispensable asset within the market research arena and continues to drive the evolution of investment screening for various stakeholders.

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Getting Started with Finviz

Embarking on your investment journey with Finviz hinges on choosing the version of the platform that fits your needs. Whether you're looking to casually browse market trends or engage in deep, analytical research, Finviz caters to all levels of investment interest and expertise.

Finviz Versions and Registration Process

Dive into the world of stock analysis with ease as Finviz presents three distinct versions. Here's a quick overview:

  • Basic: This version requires no registration, ideal for users seeking a quick glance at market data or those just starting out.
  • Registered Free: With simple registration, gain access to additional features such as saved settings and the creation of up to 50 portfolios.
  • Finviz Elite: The premium subscription offers comprehensive tools for the serious investor, including real-time data, advanced charting, and robust backtesting tools.

Navigating the Finviz Platform

Once inside Finviz, the intuitive interface ensures you won't lose your way. Whether you're analyzing stocks using the vast stock analysis platform or setting up trade alert systems, Finviz's design guides you seamlessly from one feature to the next:

  1. Exercise the power of the stock screener with over 8,500 stocks & ETFs at your fingertips.
  2. Explore the ease of monitoring your portfolios and adjust them as the market ebbs and flows.
  3. Take full advantage of the backtesting tools to refine your trading strategy based on historical data.

Users can trust in Finviz's suite of trade alert systems and data-rich environment to manage their investments effectively. From novices looking to get their feet wet to seasoned investors seeking depth and real-time analytics, Finviz stands out as a top-tier stock analysis platform.

User Experiences with Finviz

The stock screener service Finviz has attracted significant attention from the investment community, earning a reputation for its market analysis accuracy and high user satisfaction.

Investors widely regard the platform as an essential tool for both fundamental and technical market analysis, underlining its extensive database and user-friendly interface. Below is a compiled user feedback summary based on various review platforms.


User Feedback

Overall Satisfaction

Free Stock Screener

Users rave about the comprehensiveness and the ease of using the free stock screener for an array of technical and fundamental analysis.


Stock Categorization

Satisfaction is expressed for the meticulous categorization of stocks, ensuring efficient and effective screening.


Depth of Data

Even free users acknowledge the depth of data available, surpassing expectations for an unpaid service.

Very High

Market Metrics

The daily updates on top winners and losers, as well as other market metrics, are particularly appreciated for keeping traders informed.


Indeed, the weight of user feedback points to a consistent appreciation for the platform's ability to deliver valuable insights and analyses. Finviz continues to receive positive reviews across various forums, with many users citing it as an indispensable component of their investment decision process.

  • Technical and fundamental analysis tools
  • Efficient stock categorization (e.g., exchange, industry, sector)
  • Uncomplicated user interface
  • Accessibility to extensive data without fees
  • Up-to-the-minute market information

The consensus among users indicates that Finviz stands as a robust stock screener service that prioritizes market analysis accuracy and user satisfaction, cementing its position as a goto resource in the financial analysis realm.

Examining Finviz's Core Features

Finviz has solidified its mark in the investment world with a suite of powerful analysis tools and visual aids that cater to investors and traders alike. As we delve into the core features, we uncover a platform rich in opportunities for portfolio enhancement and keen market insights.

Detailed Stock Screener Analysis

The strength of Finviz lies deeply embedded in its stock screener, a veritable powerhouse of selection criteria. Offering a discerning blend of technical analysis filters, fundamental stats, and descriptive qualifiers, the stock screener enables a meticulous approach to choosing the right investments.

Noteworthy among its offerings are the investment portfolio tools, crafting a tailored investment terrain for users to operate within. Each of the 67 filters is designed with precision to navigate the complex fabric of the market and capture potential opportunities.

Assessing the Advanced Charting Options

Market trend visualizations on Finviz are nothing short of remarkable. The platform presents diverse chart types such as candlestick, bar, and area charts, facilitating a multifaceted view of market dynamics.

What sets Finviz apart is its interactive charting capabilities available to Elite users, boasting a variety of added indicators and tools that enhance the charting experience.

These advanced options provide considerable depth to technical analysis, allowing users to map and predict market movements with greater accuracy.


Free Version

Elite Version

Technical Analysis Filters

Basic set available

Expanded range with additional options

Real-Time Data

End-of-day updates

Real-time updates and alerts

Advanced Chart Types

Limited access

Full interactive access with more indicators


Not available

Comprehensive options and historical data

Portfolio Management Tools

Limited tracking features

Advanced tracking and email alerts

Through an insightful exploration of these core features, it's evident how the amalgamation of market trend visualizations, robust technical analysis filters, and flexible investment portfolio tools on Finviz work harmoniously to provide a sterling experience tailored for market enthusiasts and seasoned traders.

Heatmap Exploration

In the terrain of financial markets, the ability to swiftly visualize and assess sector performance is paramount. Finviz's trading heatmap tool steps into the spotlight as a potent market visual tool, offering investors an at-a-glance understanding of market dynamics.

Given the quick-paced nature of trading, accessing this kind of synthesized, color-coded information can be the difference between catching a trend early or missing the wave entirely.

Visualizing Market Trends with Heatmaps

The trading heatmap tool on Finviz presents a broad canvas of color, bringing to life the ups and downs of different sectors in real time. For traders and analysts, this tableau of hues swiftly communicates which sectors are outperforming or underperforming.

Gauging sector performance through this color spectrum not only enhances the ease of data interpretation but also accelerates the decision-making process for investment strategies hinged on market trend analysis.

Usability of Heatmaps for Investment Decisions

Finviz's heatmap tool transcends mere aesthetic value, becoming an indispensable component of an investor's toolkit. The direct correlation of colors with performance percentages offers a digestible snapshot, transforming complex data sets into actionable insights.

This attribute makes heatmaps an indispensable utility for investors who rely on rapid comprehension of the market's pulse to inform their investment decisions.

The Stock Screening Capabilities

As the digitized world of stock investing continues to evolve, sophisticated platforms like Finviz empower investors with advanced tools to formulate a distinctive investment strategy.

Through Finviz's rigorous stock filtering process, traders have the capacity to sift through the market's noise and concentrate on financial metrics that matter. Finviz's dynamic screener serves as a beacon for those who rely on technical and fundamental analysis to guide their investment journeys.

Analyzing the Screener's Technical Criteria

Delving into the screener's technical criteria, Finviz offers a granular level of control that can refine an investor's search to match precise trading preferences and strategies. Variables such as moving averages, RSI levels, and patterns, from head and shoulders to wedges, facilitate a comprehensive understanding of technical momentum and trend indicators.

This nuanced approach allows investors to make informed decisions based on established technical metrics, increasing the potential for favorable outcomes in the volatile stock market.

Filtering Stocks with Fundamental Criteria

In addition to technical data, Finviz's screener is adept at dissecting stocks using a robust array of fundamental criteria. Assessing financial health through metrics such as P/E ratio, debt/equity, ROI, and Earnings Per Share (EPS) growth captures a snapshot of a company's underlying value and future prospects.

This meticulous evaluation provides a powerful complement to any investment strategy, enabling one to filter and select stocks that align with established financial benchmarks and personal investing goals.

Unveiling Finviz's Charting Tools

The realm of financial charting is a crucial aspect for any trader's arsenal, and Finviz addresses this necessity with a suite of advanced charting tools. These tools are vital for practitioners of technical analysis and investors who rely on visual representations of stock performance to guide their decisions.

Let's delve into the chart types offered by Finviz and how they stand to benefit traders in the financial markets.

Comparing Chart Types Offered by Finviz

Finviz presents its users with various chart types, each framed to cater to distinct trading styles and analysis preferences. Utilizing trading chart comparison helps identify trends and formulates strategies, reinforcing the critical role of chart selection in the trader's decision-making process.

Chart Type


Key Benefits

Candle Chart

Displays price movements with candles representing individual trading periods.

Useful for spotting patterns and price action.

Line Chart

Lines connect closing prices to show the trend over time.

Simplicity and clarity for trend analysis.

Advanced Chart

Enables the addition of various technical indicators onto the chart.

Flexibility for technical analysts to overlay multiple indicators.

Interactive Chart

Allows users to interact with the chart for a more detailed analysis.

Dynamic and detailed, perfect for in-depth technical analysis.

Effectiveness of Finviz Charting for Traders

Trading requires a constant analysis of the market, and the effectiveness of Finviz's charting tools is a testament to the platform's commitment to equipping traders with essential resources. With access to technical indicators and a range of chart types, from candle to interactive, Finviz caters to both the novice and the experienced trader.

The platform's charting prowess, particularly when enhanced by Finviz Elite's interactive features, provides financial charting capabilities that are indispensable for those serious about their trading activities.

  • Intuitive interface presents trading charts with ease.
  • Ability to apply multiple technical indicators aids in extensive analysis.
  • Real-time data for Elite users encourages prompt decision-making.
  • Comparison features and drawing capabilities foster a thorough trading chart comparison.

In conclusion, Finviz's charting tools empower traders with comprehensive capabilities to conduct detailed market analysis and construct confident trading strategies. The combination of user-friendly design and in-depth technical functionality solidifies Finviz's place as a leader in financial charting platforms.

Portfolio Management with Finviz

For savvy investors aiming to manage investment portfolios with precision, Finviz presents its Portfolio feature as an essential tool. This robust functionality is not just a mere stock viewer; it is an integrated system designed for meticulous stock tracking and administration of investment allocations. With the ability to hold up to 50 distinct tickers in each of the 50 portfolios for regular users – and even double that count for Finviz Elite subscribers – it sets a high standard for portfolio management capabilities.

  • Efficiently organize and monitor multiple investment portfolios
  • Track performance and changes in real-time (Finviz Elite)
  • Receive critical portfolio alerts to never miss a market move
  • Customize your portfolio tracking experience to suit your investment style

The alerts feature stands out as a game-changer for those who require immediate updates on their investments. Exclusively available to Finviz Elite members, these alerts ensure investors can react promptly to market changes – a vital aspect of maintaining portfolio health and capitalizing on opportunities. Ready to unveil the particulars of how Finviz navigates the complexities of portfolio management? Let's delve deeper.


Finviz Free User

Finviz Elite Member

Maximum Number of Portfolios



Tickers per Portfolio



Real-Time Tracking



Portfolio Alerts



Whether you are an individual investor or a financial professional, the capacity to manage investment portfolios with such depth and breadth is indispensable. Finviz, recognized for its superior market analysis tools, extends its strength to portfolio management, providing an organized and effective approach to stay informed and agile in the fast-paced financial landscape.

Additional Tools and Benefits of Using Finviz

The realm of stock screening and market analysis is incredibly vast, and Finviz proves to be a multifaceted tool that transcends the basic functionalities one might expect. With an emphasis on financial news aggregation and investment education, Finviz empowers its users to make more informed market decision-making.

Let's delve deeper into the additional tools and advanced benefits available through Finviz that solidify its position as a leader in investment resources.

A Look at Real-time Quotes and Data

Staying ahead in the dynamic world of trading requires access to the most current information available. Finviz recognizes this need and provides users with real-time quotes and market data. This is a game-changer for those who rely on timely information to shape their trading strategies and make swift, calculated decisions.

By incorporating real-time data, Finviz ensures that its users are not a step behind in their trades but are instead equipped with the same level of market insight as industry experts and seasoned traders.

Education Resources within Finviz

For those who are new to the field or seeking to expand their knowledge, Finviz offers a variety of educational resources. Through its investment education initiative, novice traders can access an array of materials designed to simplify complex market concepts.

These resources include an extensive glossary of financial terms, detailed tutorials, and informative articles which together foster a learning environment that nurtures financial literacy and confident investment practices.

Diving into Finviz Elite

When seeking an edge in the financial markets, discerning investors often turn to tools that offer enhanced capabilities—Finviz Elite is exactly that. As a premium offering, this powerful platform equips its subscribers with an armory of advanced market tools, bolstered by the promise of premium subscription benefits.

From providing real-time data, which is crucial for timely decision-making, to offering nuanced strategy testing, Finviz Elite is designed with an eye towards excellence in investment strategy enhancement.

What Makes Finviz Elite Stand Out

No longer just a stock screening tool, Finviz Elite has been crafted to meet the demands of professional market participants. The platform serves as an essential source of market intelligence, with an emphasis on speed, precision, and depth.

The real-time data and advanced charting functions present in Finviz Elite allow for rapid analysis and rich, data-driven insights—a quintessential requirement for successful trading and investing in the fast-paced financial landscape.

Analysis of Finviz Elite's Backtesting Capabilities

Backtesting stands at the heart of strategic investment, crucial for verifying the potency of trading ideas. Finviz Elite's strategy testing tools are supported by an extensive backtesting environment, offering insights from over 20 years of historical data.

This feature allows investors to rigorously test their strategies against varied market conditions, thereby honing in on what works best, before risking actual capital in the markets.



Finviz Basic vs Finviz Elite

Real-Time Data

Enables instantaneous market analysis and decision-making

Delayed data vs Live data updates

Advanced Charting

Comprehensive visual tools for detailed technical analysis

Limited interactive charts vs Full range with additional indicators


Validate strategies with over 20 years of historical data

No backtesting vs Advanced backtesting with pattern recognition

Custom Alerts

Stay informed with personalized notifications

Basic alerts vs Fully customizable alerts and notifications

Enhanced Screeners

Detailed filters for refined stock selection

Limited filters vs Expanded screener capabilities

The Limitations and Considerations

While Finviz is recognized for its detailed market analysis tools, recognizing its limitations is crucial for traders and investors to make the most informed decisions. In particular, aspects such as market data updates, trade execution time, and advanced trading challenges play significant roles in its application in the dynamic trading environment.

Real-Time Data Constraints

One of the primary concerns with Finviz involves the frequency of market data updates. The platform refreshes data once every minute, which presents certain challenges for those whose strategies depend on up-to-the-second information. This limitation may impact traders who operate on a short-term basis and require real-time data to capitalize on rapid market movements.

Platform Limitations for Day Trading

Day traders face unique challenges when it comes to trade execution time and the need for comprehensive analytical tools. Finviz's interactive charting, for instance, lacks functionalities like note-saving or the ability to add a vast array of custom indicators, which are often critical features for those engaging in advanced trading practices.

Furthermore, the backtesting feature, while robust, does not provide granular details such as specific trade execution times, drawdowns, or advanced performance ratios often required by seasoned traders.


As we encapsulate our comprehensive analysis of the Finviz platform, it's apparent that this tool offers a formidable suite of features that caters to the diverse needs of the financial market navigator. Finviz stands out for the breadth of its stock screening capabilities, delivering substantial trading strategy support that can prove instrumental for many investors.

It harmonizes an intuitive user experience with profound market insights, marking it as a prominent fixture in the world of investment decision tools.

Final Thoughts on the Viability of Finviz

The platform has demonstrated consistent performance in providing traders and investors with actionable financial visualizations and data. Whether it's the need for quick market analysis or an intricate look at stock potentials, Finviz has shown itself to be equipped to aid in these tasks.

Its allure resides not only in its functional design but also in its commitment to providing depth of information, encompassing real-time market updates and analyses that resonate with users' strategies and goals.

Is Finviz the Right Tool for Your Investment Strategy?

Ultimately, Finviz's alignment with your investment approach is contingent upon the specificity of your data needs and the pace of your trading rhythm. For investors and long-term strategists, it provides an impressive repository of information that bolsters informed decision-making. However, those in the sphere of day trading may need to weigh the platform's minute-by-minute update limitations.

In essence, Finviz excels as an investment support system for a swath of financial adventurers – from the casual investor to the fastidious analyst. If you're seeking a reliable compass in the expansive financial landscape, Finviz, especially the Elite tier, might just be the quintessential addition to your analytical arsenal.


  • Service: Stock scanning software
  • Pricing: $24.96/month
  • Promotion: 30 day money back guarantee

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