Who Is Ezekiel Chew? – Founder & CEO of Asia Forex Mentor

Updated May 19, 2024

Embarking on a journey that would eventually define an industry, Ezekiel Chew carved a niche within the dynamic world of financial trading with his unparalleled Forex trading expertise.

As the founding pioneer of Asia Forex Mentor, Ezekiel decrypted the complex cipher of the markets, offering a unique blend of financial mentorship and trading strategies that transformed novices into astute traders. 

His dedication to imparting wisdom and creating accessible pathways to success has established him as a beacon of knowledge in the sometimes nebulous Forex landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Ezekiel Chew is a leading forex trading expert and a celebrated financial education facilitator.
  • Chew’s status as a trusted trading mentor comes from over a decade of industry experience and successful mentorship.
  • His teaching methods celebrate the progression of trading novices into profitable traders with a strategic, ROI-focused approach.
  • Chew’s insights are highly sought after, solidifying him as a 'go-to expert' for banks, financial institutions, and major conferences.
  • The relationships he cultivates in the trading community often transcend the professional, blossoming into lasting friendships.

Ezekiel Chew: The Journey from Forex Enthusiast to Trading Mentor

The ascent of Ezekiel Chew from a forex enthusiast to a revered figure in the niche of Forex mentorship is a testament to his dedication and expertise.

Chew's success in personal trading marked the beginning of what would become a transforming career shift, steering towards the noble path of sharing his knowledge through professional forex coaching.

The Inception of Asia Forex Mentor

Asia Forex Mentor was not just a result of a moment's decision; it was born out of the necessity to fill a void in genuine, actionable trading education, as perceived by Chew. As requests accumulated from friends and fellow traders, there came the realization that the time was ripe for Asia Forex Mentor's inception.

The foundation laid by Chew revolved around the core principles of transparency, simplicity, and real-market application.

Transition from Personal Trading to Professional Mentoring

The evolution from personal trading to professional mentoring was both natural and deliberate for Chew. Recognizing a larger calling, he transitioned into a mentorship role, which scaled from one-on-one sessions to sizeable live workshops, eventually reaching a global audience through online platforms.

The move was not merely a business expansion; it was the cultivation of a community reinforced by the success of its members. His strategies' efficacy and their alignment with the dynamic forex market made professional forex coaching a sought-after commodity for traders at all levels of expertise.

Asia Forex Mentor, founded by Ezekiel Chew, offers a range of forex trading courses, mentorship programs, and coaching services to help traders develop their skills and achieve success in the forex market. The platform emphasizes practical strategies, risk management, and mindset training.

ABOUT Asia Forex Mentor

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand course
  • Live chat, Whatsapp, phone, and email support
  • Learn forex trading directly from a seasoned forex trader
  • Strong track record (4.8/5 on Trustpilot)

Understanding Ezekiel Chew's Trading Philosophy

In the realm of financial markets, Ezekiel Chew emerges as a luminary, guiding acolytes through realms of uncertainty with a steadfast trading philosophy. It's a realm where the relentless pursuit of high returns on investment, often abbreviated as ROI, reigns supreme and unyielding rationality aligns with the quantitative rigor.

ROI-Driven Trading Approach

Chew's strategy isn't a game of chance; it's a calculated foray rooted firmly in an ROI-centric trading ethos. Each decision, each trade, and each strategic pivot is dedicated to the task of outstripping the market's capricious swings. Chew's acumen in ROI-driven tradecraft doesn’t merely toe the line of profitability; it seeks to amplify capital gains with disciplined precision.

Scientific and Mathematical Strategies

Veering away from the worn paths of traditional strategies, his philosophy is anchored in the bedrock of quantitative strategies. Chew's edifice of financial instruction is hewn from the stone of scientific inquiry and mathematical modeling.

By leveraging statistical and algorithmic underpinnings, Chew crafts strategies that equip traders with the tools to tilt probabilities in their favor, crystallizing a competitive edge in the unforgiving arenas of global finance.

  • Unwavering emphasis on generating marked ROI for clients
  • Integration of scientific methodologies with trading practice
  • Advocation of quantitative analysis in decision-making processes

What Sets Ezekiel Chew Apart: An Analysis of His Trading Techniques

Ezekiel Chew has distinguished himself in the competitive world of Forex trading with methods and educational tools that are as effective as they are unique.

At the heart of his influence are innovative techniques and a commitment to coaching traders towards achieving consistent trade performance while employing adept risk management techniques.

Proprietary Systems and Trading Consistency

Central to Ezekiel's success as a trainer and mentor is his use of unique trading systems, which have been developed and fine-tuned to ensure consistent trade performance. His systems stand out due to a methodical approach to the markets, characterized by a specificity that is tailored to his client's aspirations and risk profiles.

A rigorous testing protocol of his strategies under various market conditions is a testament to their robustness and his dedication to providing a reliable path to trading success.

Approach to Risk and Trade Management

Understanding that trading involves inherent risks, Ezekiel enlightens his students on the importance of risk management techniques. He teaches strategies that guide traders on how to preserve capital, limit losses, and strategically size their positions.

His adept trade management advice allows for potential maximization of gains while maintaining meticulous oversight to mitigate against unfavorable market shifts. Through this, traders learn to make informed decisions that culminate in disciplined yet dynamic trading practices.

The Educational Framework of Ezekiel Chew's Forex Programs

Ezekiel Chew has redefined Forex trading education with his comprehensive training techniques. His approach goes beyond mere theory, immersing students in a dynamic learning process through his Asia Forex Mentor's One Core Program.

This meticulous educational framework is tailored to transform aspiring traders into experts, thanks to its comprehensive curriculum and practical methodologies.

Asia Forex Mentor’s One Core Program

Ezekiel Chew’s One Core Program is recognized for its detailed approach to forex training. Featuring over 20 hours of intuitive video lessons, engaging case studies, and practical trading tasks, the program is designed to provide a full-spectrum education in forex trading. The following essential components make up the heart of this program:

  • Core Fundamentals: Establishing a strong foundation in the forex market's dynamics.
  • Strategic Entries and Exits: Mastering techniques for market entry and profit-taking.
  • Risk Management Principles: Learning how to protect capital and manage trading risks effectively.
  • Advanced Chart Reading: Interpreting and utilizing charts to make informed trading decisions.
  • Trading Psychology: Understanding the mental and emotional aspects of trading to foster resilience and discipline.

Critical Acclaim and Client Success Stories

Ezekiel Chew's commitment to client success is not just a declaration; it’s reflected in the numerous success stories shared by traders who have undergone the One Core Program. These stories serve as a testament to the efficacy of the training provided:

  • Testimonials from individuals who experienced tangible improvements in their trading techniques.
  • Accounts of clients who have seen significant financial gains as a direct result of applying the strategies taught.
  • Anecdotes highlighting long-term trading success, demonstrating the program's lasting impact on participants.

The endorsements of Chew’s program are indicative of its status as a benchmark for forex training excellence. By focusing on practical and applicable knowledge, the One Core Program stands as a key player in the realm of financial education, empowering traders to navigate the markets with confidence.


The stature of Ezekiel Chew in the world of Forex trading education speaks volumes about the effectiveness of his methods and teaching approach.

A thorough trading method evaluation of Chew's strategies yields concrete evidence of their real-world application, depicted by the testimonies of traders achieving significant returns on their investments. 

His curriculum, including proprietary tactics and performance-focused training, resonates with a clientele looking for authenticity and tangible outcomes in the trading arena.

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