Exploring 7k Metals’ Membership Benefits and Rewards

Updated May 22, 2024

Joining the 7k Metals membership brings lots of opportunities for precious metals fans. It offers benefits that make collecting gold and silver more rewarding. Beyond buying gold and silver, 7k Metals gives members special perks. These include options for affordable health coverage and tools for managing wealth.

The SoundMoney wallet is a key part of being a member. It's made for easy conversion and keeping of valuable metals safe digitally. Plus, with the 7k Advantage program, saving money every day is easy thanks to deals and discounts on many products and services. For those who collect, the Stack & Sell marketplace is a great online spot for trading collectibles.

The AutoSaver plan, on the other hand, helps in building wealth by saving regularly. Above all, 7k Metals isn't just a service. It's a community. It's focused on mentoring, giving financial education, and helping members grow financially secure.

Key Takeaways

  • Joining 7k Metals offers a comprehensive precious metals experience, integrating acquisition with expansive member resources.
  • Members benefit from significant health insurance savings and a personalized approach to their healthcare needs.
  • Exclusive rewards through the SoundMoney wallet and 7k Advantage program deliver tangible daily benefits.
  • The Stack & Sell platform and AutoSaver plan provide innovative solutions for both seasoned collectors and new investors.
  • 7k Metals community facilitates personal growth and financial security via education, opportunities, and mentorship.

Comprehensive Health Coverage Through 7k Metals

7k Metals is stepping up for its members by providing complete health coverage. It meets both financial and health needs with care. Showing their dedication, 7k Metals offers more than precious metals investments. They focus on essential life aspects like health and security too.

Significantly Lower Premiums and Deductibles

7k Metals works with leading insurance providers to give health coverage with much lower premiums. This plan aims to cut down deductibles and costs out-of-pocket. It makes healthcare more reachable and eases the stress for its members and their families.

The Security of Guaranteed Issue Insurance Plans

7k Metals knows how crucial peace of mind is with health coverage. So, they offer guaranteed issue insurance plans. These plans don't need underwriting. This means all members get coverage without worrying about being turned down due to pre-existing conditions.

PPO Network and Hassle-Free Enrollment Process

The PPO network from 7k Metals' health insurance plans opens the door to a wide range of healthcare providers across the U.S. This ensures members get care wherever they are. Also, signing up is straightforward, without waiting for open enrollment.

Members can pick from two effective dates every month. This adds even more flexibility and ease to getting health coverage.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • Money.com 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Financial Innovation: The Soundmoney wallet

The SoundMoney wallet is a key tool for anyone involved with precious metals. Not just for storage, it's an all-in-one digital currency converter. This lets members easily move between cash, gold and silver. They get the best market rates right away without extra charges.

  • Real-time Conversion: The wallet allows for quick changes between money and precious metals. This makes it easy to spread your investments.
  • Optimized for User Experience: The SoundMoney wallet is made to be simple and useful. It fits perfectly into the user's daily life. It helps them switch their assets while on the move.
  • Secure Storage: Security is a top concern for the wallet. It provides top-notch vaults for those not wanting to hold gold and silver directly. But, it can send physical metals if that's what the user wants.

The 7k Metals team works hard to make sure users get the most from their SoundMoney wallet. They focus on teaching members how it works and its benefits for precious metals investments. The wallet meets many financial needs. It's great for quick gold and silver trades or for safekeeping over time.

Maximizing Savings with 7k Advantage

The 7k Advantage savings program is the key to being smart with your money. It gives members special deals that make every dollar go further. With big retail discounts and unique travel offers, it's a must-have for savvy shoppers.

A World of Retail Discounts

This program gives members the chance to save at over 800,000 retailers. Whether you’re shopping for daily needs, enjoying a day at the spa, or watching a new movie, there's a discount for that. You'll find:

  • Big savings on everyday items and consumables.
  • Great deals for fun and wellness for the whole family.
  • Special offers at popular places to eat and shop.

Accessibility to Exclusive Travel Deals

The 7k Advantage shines when it comes to travel. It not only saves money but makes booking easy too. With deals made for those who love adventure, members can save on:

  • Luxurious cruises and trips to exotic places.
  • Flights on major airlines and all-in-one travel packages.
  • Discounts for stays at top-notch hotels and vacation homes.

The 7k Advantage program is designed to help you save big. It turns everyday shopping and travel into chances for saving.

The Collectibles Market: Stack & Sell Simplified

The collectibles market is growing fast. Collectors need a trusted place to handle their valuable items. Stack & Sell, open only to 7k Metals members, is a top-notch system for dealing with and checking the realness of graded coins. This platform makes buying and selling collectibles easy by using advanced tech for keeping track of items.

Stack & Sell makes it easy for users to organize and prove their coin collections are real. This ensures every sale or trade is safe and clear. The platform brings together collectors from everywhere. They can find and buy special or uncommon graded coins. This boosts their collection's worth and their investment.

Thanks to digital tracking, Stack & Sell lets users accurately log their collectibles. This makes looking after and valuing their items simple and stress-free. For those looking to sell, they can do so with confidence. They know the platform will draw in real buyers and make selling smooth.

Stack & Sell is more than just a tool; it's key to the graded coins world in collectibles. Its focus on making things easy and safe makes it a must-have for new and seasoned collectors alike.

The Reliability of the 7k AutoSaver Plan

The 7k Metals AutoSaver program is a solid way for members to grow their collection of precious metals. It guarantees that members add valuable collectibles regularly. This shows the strength of secure investments.

Securing Assets with Automated Delivery

With the AutoSaver program, members enjoy automatic monthly deliveries of gold and silver. This is great because it means building assets without needing to actively do something every time. Members get special collectibles every month. This boosts their investments slowly but surely.

Benefits of the "Legacy Account"

The 'Legacy Account' shows the AutoSaver's focus on investments that last. It's a bit like a retirement account, making it easier to gather assets. This lets members create a big collection of valuables. It aims to leave a wealth legacy for the coming generations by saving consistently.

7k Coin Drop: Access to Rare and Exclusive Coins

The 7k Coin Drop draws in enthusiasts from the numismatic community with its charm. It's a key part of 7k Metals, opening doors to rare, sought-after collectibles in the market. This exclusive access enriches collectors' experiences, making collecting more thrilling.

  • Priority access to low-mintage coins ensures that members are at the front lines when new, exclusive coins are released, riding the wave of the numismatic frenzy.
  • Collaborations with top global mints provide 7k Metals members with rare collectibles that are not only valuable but also exceptionally unique and meticulously crafted.
  • The thrill of the hunt is perpetually fueled by timely alerts and updates from 7k Metals, keeping members ready for the next exciting coin drop.

For coin collectors, snagging a rare piece is an unmatched thrill. The 7k Coin Drop turns this dream into reality. It gives members first dibs on coins that not only add value to collections but can also grow in worth over time.

Daily, Recurring, and Legacy Benefits of 7k Metals Membership

The 7k Metals membership merges daily, recurring, and legacy benefits in a unique way. It enriches members' experience with precious metals, focusing on long-term value and quick wins. This ensures both current pleasure and future security for its members.

The Importance of Everyday Usage

Members get to buy silver and gold often, even in small amounts. This easy access to the metals market boosts their investments bit by bit. By buying regularly, they stay in touch with new trends and discounts.

The Convenience of Set-it-and-Forget-it Subscriptions

7k Metals offers automatic services that ease wealth building. Members get bullion delivered automatically and can save on health care effortlessly. These automatic services help members grow their assets with ease, offering a stress-free investment path.

Building a Lasting Legacy

Legacy benefits help members secure a future for their loved ones. With gold-backed IRAs and more, members can set a strong financial foundation. It’s all about ensuring the well-being of future generations and building lasting wealth. Members get to plan their family’s future confidently and peacefully.

7k Metals: A Community for Growth and Financial Security

The 7k Metals community is a key place for those who want to grow their investment knowledge. It's more than trading precious metals. It's where mentors and learners come together to share valuable insights.

Mentorship and Resources within the 7k Metals Community

Entering the world of precious metals can be tough for new investors. The 7k Metals community helps make this easier with mentorship. Experts guide new members, teaching them about market trends, strategies, and diversifying portfolios. This approach boosts financial know-how and strengthens the community.

Learning and Prosperity through Precious Metals Investment

The community focuses on real learning and analysis of investments. Members get tools and resources to understand precious metals as an inflation hedge. Everyone aims to create a strong financial future.

  • Interactive workshops focus on the fundamentals of precious metals investing.
  • Webinars and online forums facilitate ongoing learning and networking.
  • Real-world case studies exemplify successful investment strategies and outcomes.

These resources help members meet their personal and group wealth goals. They reflect the 7k Metals community's fundamental values.


7k Metals offers a strong way to achieve financial independence and wealth creation. Members get high-value assets and a range of benefits. This includes special health coverage and the SoundMoney wallet, taking precious metals investment to a new level. They provide complete financial security and asset management.

Members benefit from perks every day through the 7k Advantage savings and Stack & Sell marketplace. The AutoSaver plan regularly adds precious metals to their collection. Also, Coin Drops give access to unique collectibles. These actions are key for growing wealth and creating a lasting financial legacy.

In this 7k Metals conclusion, it's clear that the company is more than just a place to buy gold and silver. It's a community focused on growth and financial empowerment. With 7k Metals, people can confidently work toward prosperity, supported by various tools and a strong support network, meeting all investors' unique needs.

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