Empower vs Mint – Which Budgeting App Offers More Features?

Updated May 11, 2024

In the ongoing quest for superior financial management, two giants have emerged: Empower and the once-king Mint. Users are faced with a plethora of financial apps, each vying for their attention. At the forefront, Empower offers groundbreaking tools for budgeting, tracking expenses, and monitoring investments.

The question remains: can it surpass Mint's legacy of simplicity and effectiveness? Does Mint's closure herald Empower's reign, or hints at a broader change in our financial tech landscape?

Key Takeaways

  • Empower offers a full suite of financial planning tools including automated savings and cash-back rewards.
  • Mint provided a cost-free solution centered on real-time expense tracking and budget creation.
  • Empower includes personalized budgeting and an interest-free cash advance option, with a monthly service charge.
  • Mint's appeal was in its no-cost approach to financially manage with detailed expense analysis.
  • Both apps serve different user bases with their unique approaches to financial management.


Financial management with budgeting, saving, and investing

Budgeting and expense tracking

Best Use

Budgeting, savings automation, and financial insights

Expense tracking and budget creation


In-app support and FAQs

Email support and comprehensive help center


Bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts

Bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, credit report access

Current Promotion


Introduction to Personal Finance Management

Effective personal finance management is key for financial stability and growth. The market is seeing the rise of powerful finance apps such as Empower. These apps offer extensive features that improve understanding and capability in managing money.

Mint, before its discontinuation, changed the game by making personal finance accessible to the public. It offered tools for budgeting and expense tracking that were easy to use. This helped people easily keep track of their financial transactions and develop better money habits.

  • Empower utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide a wide range of tools for budgeting, saving, and investing. It caters to different financial needs and goals, making it a versatile finance app.
  • Mint, on the other hand, excelled in user-friendly budget creation and straightforward expense tracking. This simplicity was crucial for many individuals who preferred a clear-cut approach to managing their money.

By connecting with various financial institutions and offering real-time financial information, both services showed how technology and finance can work together. Empower and Mint both significantly enhanced the user experience. They brought advanced budgeting tools and financial insights that are essential for smart financial planning.

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Empower: A Closer Look at Comprehensive Financial Tools

Explore the wonders of Empower, a platform where managing finances feels natural and seamless. Thanks to its cutting-edge features, users can actively save, customize their budgets, and receive expert financial advice.

Proactive Budgeting and Automatic Savings

Empower brings a fresh perspective to saving money, featuring automatic tools that simplify budgeting and enhance proactive financial planning. Its intuitive design makes setting goals, tracking progress, and adapting plans smooth and responsive to changes. This active strategy simplifies saving, helping users efficiently grow their wealth.

User-Centric Experience and Interface Design

Empower's user-experience-first approach shines through, with a sleek, modern design that focuses on engaging the user. Moving around the app is effortless, with essential financial tools always at hand in a visually appealing and functional layout.

This user-focused design allows users to concentrate on their financial aspirations without dealing with unnecessary complications.

Customer Support: In-App Guidance and FAQs

Recognizing the diversity of financial journeys, Empower ups its customer service game with in-app, extensive support and a comprehensive FAQ section.

This easily accessible financial guidance platform helps users find answers quickly, ensuring they're supported through their financial questions. The solid support system boosts the overall user experience, promoting continuous financial learning and confidence.

Mint's Legacy in Budgeting and Expense Tracking

Mint made a big impact with free tools for budgeting and tracking spending. It offered detailed financial reports and expense breakdowns for free. This allowed users to better understand and control their money.

Free Access to Budgeting and Financial Reports

What set Mint apart was its no-cost, advanced budgeting and financial reporting. It empowered users to take charge of their money without spending. Mint made managing finances a universal possibility, regardless of financial status.

Detailed Analysis on Spending Habits

Mint offered a deep dive into spending behaviors across different categories. This analysis was key in helping users see where they could do better with their finances. It made it simpler for people to improve their money management strategies.

Email Support and Extensive Help Center

Mint's customer support was exceptional, with a detailed help center and email assistance. This commitment showed Mint's dedication to helping its users. It ensured a smooth experience, even for those facing complex financial issues.

Comparing Features: Empower vs Mint

Comparing the unique aspects of Empower and Mint sheds light on how they each aid in managing personal finances. They do this through innovative tech and solutions centered on users.

Banking and Credit Card Integration

Empower and Mint standout for syncing financial accounts smoothly. They connect banking, credit cards, and investments for real-time data. This is vital for tracking economic health. Mint goes further by offering free credit reports, enhancing financial insights.

Automated Budgeting Tools and Personalized Advice

Empower impresses with auto saving and personalized budget advice. It studies user activities to recommend tailor-made financial plans. This encourages wise saving and management.

Mint, on the contrary, provides a structured budget plan. Users can efficiently oversee expenses using detailed category budgets.

Unique Features: Cash-Back Rewards vs. Investment Tools

  • Empower elevates banking with attractive cash-back rewards. It links daily purchases to money-saving opportunities.
  • Empower is also exceptional in monitoring investments. Users can keep track and tweak their portfolio strategies in line with market trends.
  • Mint shines in investment observation and portfolio health checks. It doesn’t offer cash-back but is strong in financial growth support.

Assessing Financial Insights and User Accessibility

In the realm of managing personal finances, the key is combining accessible financial technology with expert financial advice. This blend is crucial for making informed decisions. Empower stands out as a powerful tool for those looking to fine-tune their financial plans with accuracy and flexibility.

Distinct from Mint, which offers general financial guidance, Empower's approach is highly tailored. It crafts advice and insights based on an individual’s unique financial position and objectives.

  • Personalized Financial Advice: By honing in on the particulars of an individual’s financial situation, Empower delivers advice that goes beyond generic tips. It provides actionable steps specifically designed for each person’s circumstances and aims.
  • Accessible Financial Tools: Empower’s platform is structured to make essential financial tools readily available. This allows users to easily make changes and keep track of their financial well-being.
  • Informed Decision-Making: With its proactive financial insights, Empower helps users make informed decisions that support their long-term financial goals.

Empower's method boosts user empowerment by offering deep, personalized financial advice and simple, effective tools. This leads to decisions that are not only well-informed but also strongly supported.

Cost Comparison: Subscription Fee vs. Free Service

When it comes to choosing a financial platform, cost can heavily influence your decision. Services such as Empower and Mint vary in cost, offering unique benefits for different needs and budgets.

  • Free Financial Tools: Mint is known for its wide variety of financial tools available at no cost. It helps those starting their financial journey or wanting basic tools without any financial commitment.
  • Subscription-Based Service: Empower takes a different approach with its subscription model. For a fee, users get access to advanced features. This includes automated savings, detailed investment analysis, and cash-back rewards. The subscription cost reflects the service's aim to offer complete financial management, not just budgeting.

Deciding between a subscription service and free tools depends on your financial objectives and the complexity of your finances. If you're looking for extensive and personalized financial advice, services like Empower might be a good fit, despite the cost. Conversely, those with simpler needs can gain value from Mint's free offerings.


In the constantly changing field of personal finance, selecting the finest finance app is essential. Empower stands out with its advanced financial management tools, designed for the current user. It excels in customization, user-friendly interface, and offers valuable insights, making Empower a premier choice in the personal budgeting market.

Mint, once a top choice for budget-conscious individuals, now pales against Empower's comprehensive features. Empower shines by covering savings automation, investment assistance, and detailed financial tracking. It embodies a modern-day financial platform aimed at boosting one’s financial health.

For those aiming for financial security and growth, Empower is an all-encompassing answer. It provides personalized recommendations and cutting-edge functionalities. Thus, Empower is a strategic choice for those wanting to refine their financial status.


  • Management fee: 0.49%-0.89%
  • Account minimum: $100,000
  • Promotion: Get 6 months of free wealth management for new clients. (terms apply)

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