Earn2Trade vs Topstep – Which Prop Firm Should You Go With?

Updated May 12, 2024

Choosing the right trading education and platform can mark a pivotal moment for a budding trader. In today's digital stock market sphere, evaluating platforms like Earn2Trade and Topstep side by side is crucial. 

These propriety trading firms have made a significant impact, prompting a closer look at their offerings.

We will explore how these platforms compare, focusing on their educational resources and the opportunities they provide traders to manage large capital pools.

Key Takeaways

  • Earn2Trade and Topstep are key players in the proprietary trading space, offering futures traders pathways to funded trading accounts.
  • Both provide a demanding trading combine, an essential evaluation process that tests skills and risk management.
  • Earn2Trade emphasizes trading education to help traders understand and navigate the futures markets effectively.
  • Topstep boasts high profit-share potentials and fosters a community conducive to strategy sharing and improvement.
  • The choice between Earn2Trade and Topstep depends on a trader's preference for comprehensive training or higher profit sharing and community support.

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Introduction to Proprietary Trading Platforms

The landscape of financial market trading has seen a revolutionary shift with the rise of proprietary trading firms. These firms use their capital to seize profitable market opportunities.

They've become central to the success of adept traders, offering a blend of challenges and rewards. In this highly competitive field, platforms like Earn2Trade and Topstep stand out. They provide traders with the capital needed to navigate and conquer trading combine challenges.

The Function and Impact of Prop Trading Firms

Proprietary trading firms play a crucial role beyond providing capital. They shape many traders' careers, offering significant capital for high-stake trades. This leads to potentially substantial profits.

Without such firms, traders may struggle to make a significant impact on financial markets. Essentially, these firms nurture trading talent, investing their capital in promising areas. This approach reduces the financial risk for traders and enhances market dynamics.

How Earn2Trade and Topstep Pave the Way for Traders

Earn2Trade and Topstep serve as more than launching pads into the trading world. They are key to developing trading skill and financial success. Through their trading combines, these platforms evaluate traders, enhancing their risk management and profitability.

Successful traders are rewarded with a funded account. This creates a mutual success path for both the firm and the trader. The focus on merit-based progress means that the capital is entrusted to those with true market wisdom and expertise.

Apex Trader Funding is a prop trading firm that provides traders with the opportunity to trade the firm's capital while keeping a share of the profits generated. The firm offers funding, trading technology, risk management and exceptional support to help traders succeed in the financial markets.

ABOUT Apex Trader Funding

  • A range of account sizes with contract size up to $300,000
  • Simple rule set that is easy to follow
  • Allows a wide range of trading strategies
  • Offers a competitive profit split

The Educational Journey Offered by Earn2Trade

Stepping onto the futures markets journey, individuals often search for education that offers both solid theory and hands-on experience. Earn2Trade answers this call with its detailed training programs. These are designed to elevate beginners to the ranks of professional traders.

Tools and Programs Available to Aspiring Traders

Earn2Trade is celebrated for its educational tools that focus on practical skill-building. It includes webinars, instructional materials, and mentorships. Each component is crafted to enhance the trader's strategic and analytical capabilities.

  • Dedicated webinars covering market analysis and trading strategies
  • Interactive courses outlining the fundamentals and advanced concepts of futures trading
  • Personalized feedback from experienced traders to guide learning progress

Understanding the Gauntlet and Gauntlet Mini

The Gauntlet series are pivotal to Earn2Trade's training programs. These include the Gauntlet and Gauntlet Mini, designed to mirror the pressures of actual trading. These evaluation tools test traders on their ability to navigate the markets while applying strict risk management.

  • Traders start with a simulated balance, aiming for set profit goals in realistic market conditions.
  • They must follow a disciplined approach, obeying risk management rules mimicking those in live trading scenarios.
  • Completing the program successfully may lead to managing a live funded account. This marks the leap from learning to actual market participation.

Ultimately, Earn2Trade emphasizes a practical approach towards futures trading education. It ensures learners grasp market theory and acquire the skills needed to succeed in the vigorous futures market.

Topstep's Rigorous Trading Combine® Deconstructed

Starting the Topstep Trading Combine® journey takes strategic thinking and solid risk management. This thorough evaluation challenge allows traders to prove their discipline. It's their chance to earn the opportunity to manage a funded account.

The Two-Phase Evaluation Process Explained

The Trading Combine® consists of two critical phases. Each phase is key to the Trading Combine evaluation. The first phase tests the traders' ability to meet set profit targets while keeping losses low. It's a real measure of their skill in risk management.

The second phase demands consistent performance and the ability to remain profitable over time. This further highlights the need for strict trading discipline.

Topstep's Approach to Trading Discipline and Skill Assessment

Topstep focuses on trading discipline, which is at the heart of its skill assessment process. The platform offers a rich experience that teaches not just theory. It also provides practical skills for disciplined trading in live markets. Those who pass the Trading Combine® phases show impressive strategic and risk management skills.

  • Phase One: Establishing a solid foundation through adherence to pre-set risk parameters and profit goals.
  • Phase Two: Demonstrating the ability to maintain discipline and apply learned strategies under real-world trading conditions.

Completing the Trading Combine® opens doors for traders to handle significant funds, benefiting from their commitment and discipline. Topstep's rigorous evaluation prepares traders for success. It also highlights the importance of strong risk management—essential for a lasting and profitable trading career.

Earn2Trade vs Topstep: Comparing Features and Benefits

In the proprietary trading platform arena, traders actively seek the finest tools for market mastery. The analysis of trading education between Earn2Trade and Topstep highlights their unique training methods. Each platform boasts an educational toolkit suited to different learning styles and career goals.

Breaking Down the Training and Education Components

Earn2Trade brings a broad spectrum of resources to the table, addressing needs across the trader experience range. From beginners to experts, all can benefit from its structured learning approach. This includes webinars, one-on-one mentorship, and courses designed for various levels of trading knowledge.

Topstep stands out by offering quality instructional materials and fostering a vibrant trading community. This approach encourages strategic conversations and peer learning, opening new paths for knowledge exchange.

Analysing the Trading Evaluation Criteria

Earn2Trade and Topstep are anchored by their exclusive evaluation processes. Earn2Trade's Gauntlet series emphasizes trading consistency, serving as a test for demonstrating market acumen over time.

Topstep, on the other hand, places a premium on risk management. Traders are tasked with managing trade risks effectively while pursuing profit goals, all within strict risk guidelines.

Profit Sharing Models in Focus

Key to motivating traders, profit sharing schemes align trader and platform interests. Earn2Trade offers up to an 80% profit share to its successful traders, incentivizing peak performance.

Topstep potentially allows a greater share, up to 90% under certain circumstances. This highlights the platforms' differing views on rewards and trader development.

Community, Support, and Advanced Trading Tools

Robust trading support networks and engaged communities are essential for enhancing the trading experience. Traders are in search of platforms that offer not only trading tools but support from knowledgeable peers and expert guidance.

Being deeply involved in a platform's ecosystem and having access to detailed performance analysis can elevate a trading experience from good to exceptional.

Earn2Trade's Personalized Support Structure

Earn2Trade is renowned for its commitment to personalized trader support. It understands that each trader has distinct needs and preferences.

Thus, Earn2Trade offers bespoke support extending beyond basic advice and help. This customized approach has bolstered its reputation as a platform genuinely attentive to each trader's journey.

Topstep's Trading Community and Expert Coaching

Topstep is celebrated for the rich interactions within its active trading community. At its core, expert coaching merges the wisdom of seasoned traders. Topstep provides performance analysis tools that allow traders to refine their approaches and enhance outcomes.

The platform's focus on group coaching sessions and integration with third-party tools emphasizes its commitment to a comprehensive and interactive trading environment.

Pricing Structures Explored

Understanding the nuanced pricing schemes of proprietary trading platforms is key. It's essential for traders choosing between Earn2Trade and Topstep. Both platforms create their pricing with the user's needs and evaluation processes in mind.

Earn2Trade's Gauntlet Mini vs Regular Gauntlet

Earn2Trade provides two main programs: the Gauntlet Mini and the Regular Gauntlet. Each comes with unique costs. For those aiming for a quick evaluation, the Gauntlet Mini is an affordable choice at $170 monthly.

In contrast, the Regular Gauntlet, priced at $429, offers a 60-day trial for a more thorough assessment. These options give traders the flexibility to match their investment preferences.

Topstep's Simulated Account Pricing Compared

Contrastingly, Topstep's memberships offer flexibility too but with a different approach, starting at $165 monthly. This gives control over a $50,000 simulated account. Their pricing adapts to various experience levels and ambitions.

This ensures traders can tailor their choices to their style and goals. Like Earn2Trade, Topstep sets its plans considering the virtual capital, daily loss limits, and profit targets, specific to their evaluation procedures.


The path to becoming skilled in financial markets is unique for each individual. Personal goals and preferred learning strategies dictate everyone's journey.

Earn2Trade stands out by offering a structured educational program. It provides proprietary trading resources aimed at methodically advancing participants to become funded traders. Their series of challenges is designed to build a trader's skills gradually, preparing novices to confidently manage substantial capital.

Topstep, on the other hand, targets those with a solid understanding of trading basics. It focuses on a larger community and access to more sophisticated analytical tools. Seasoned traders find value in funded trading opportunities here. This emphasizes refining and expanding one's trading strategies. Topstep's attractive profit-sharing formula is a gateway for skilled traders to amplify their success in the market.

Comparing Earn2Trade and Topstep reveals both as powerful partners in a trader's success journey. They each offer distinctive paths for enhancing trading knowledge and managing risks. Therefore, the essential question for traders is not about which platform is superior. It's about which platform best suits their unique trading journey and goals.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing: $49/month
  • Promotion: 20% discount for new members

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