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Updated May 22, 2024

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Delaware Depository is a secure facility that offers storage and safekeeping services for precious metals and other valuable assets, providing clients with peace of mind knowing their investments are protected in a state-of-the-art facility with high levels of security.

Choosing the right precious metals storage can make all the difference for your investments. Many people trust the Delaware Depository for keeping their assets safe. It's known for secure bullion custody, especially for those with gold IRA accounts, and is an IRS-approved depository.

In this detailed Delaware Depository review, we'll explore how it protects your investments. It's crucial to store your valuables in a place that takes security seriously, particularly in the unpredictable world of precious metals.

Key Takeaways

  • Delaware Depository is a trusted name in precious metals storage, offering top-tier security.
  • Their services are particularly beneficial for those interested in gold IRA and long-term investment security.
  • With over 20 years of experience, the Delaware Depository is a leading IRS-approved depository.
  • Providing secure bullion custody, the facility boasts stringent safety protocols and a strategic location.
  • Achieving high standards of investment security safeguards your precious metals from potential threats.

Introduction to Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository is a leading name in precious metals investment storage. For over 20 years, they have been a secure place for gold and silver IRA accounts. Their commitment to safety and security is well-known, making them a top choice for investors. Delaware's lack of sales tax on precious metals makes it even more attractive.

The promise of bullion security is at the core of Delaware Depository's services. They boast an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This gives clients peace of mind, knowing their investments are safe from many risks. Delaware's location also keeps investments safe from urban and geopolitical troubles. Furthermore, their Silver State facility in Nevada allows for personalized service to meet each investor's needs.

  • More than 20 years of expertise in storing precious metals
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating reflects reliability
  • Strategic locations that offer tax advantages and security
  • Long-standing track record of servicing gold and silver IRA accounts
  • Comprehensive facilities that ensure the highest level of bullion security

Delaware Depository is a beacon of reliable protection and expert wealth management. It's perfect for various bullion forms, long-term investments, and gold and silver IRAs. Those seeking the best in precious metals storage turn to Delaware Depository for its excellence.

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  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Delaware Depository's Safety and Security Features

The Delaware Depository is a leader in vault security and precious metals insurance. It provides top-notch advanced bullion protection for investors. The mix of safety features, investment monitoring, and Lloyd's of London coverage ensures a high level of protection for their valuables.

Advanced Security Protocols

Delaware Depository's security is based on a layered approach. They use thorough surveillance and strong physical protections. The depository has many steps in place to keep stored assets safe and secure:

  • They keep detailed records of all deliveries to know the movement of assets.
  • Staff actions are continuously watched to keep security tight and prevent wrongdoing.
  • Teams check items using the latest tech like X-rays and scales, keeping them safe.

Insurance and Assurance for Investors

The Delaware Depository goes beyond just physical security for investors' assets. They offer solid precious metals insurance plans:

  • A $1 billion "all-risk" insurance policy by Lloyd's of London offers wide coverage, protecting against various risks.
  • Investors are made aware of policy limits to fully understand their coverage and risks.

UL-Rated Vault and Technology

To protect valuables, Delaware Depository's security measures are top-tier. Their systems and building exceed industry standards:

  1. The vault is built following UL standards and the Bank Protection Act, making it highly secure against unauthorized entry.
  2. Round-the-clock staff ensures constant vigilance and quick response to issues.
  3. Features include auto-relocking and layered access control, highlighting advanced security.

With these comprehensive security measures, Delaware Depository stands at the forefront of investment monitoring and bullion protection.

Understanding the Storage Process at Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository is all about providing secure storage solutions for precious metals investors. Their process for precious metals handling is thorough and focuses on the client's needs. From when the assets arrive, they're in trusted hands. The company offers segregated storage, ensuring security and peace of mind for clients.

At Delaware Depository, each investor's precious metals get personal care. Let's dive into how they manage these valuables:

  1. Receipt and Cataloging: Every item is carefully checked and recorded when it arrives. Not just the weight and type, but each piece gets a unique ID for cataloged bullion custody. This way, owners can easily track their assets.
  2. Segregated Placement: Each asset goes into segregated storage. This keeps it separate from others' metals. It adds an extra layer of safety and assurance for investors.
  3. Auditing and Reconciliation: The Delaware Depository team doesn't just leave the metals once they're placed. They constantly audit and reconcile their records. Thorough double-checking ensures the custody's accuracy and keeps the precious metals handling top-notch.

Partnerships are crucial for Delaware Depository. They work with top gold IRA companies and custodians. This helps offer better rates. It means smoother and more cost-effective experiences for IRA owners, focusing on security and financial wisdom.

Knowing these steps shows the dedication of Delaware Depository. It reassures investors about their choice. Delaware Depository stands out for its meticulous handling, integrity in segregated storage, and cataloged bullion custody.

Delaware Depository's Role in IRA Precious Metals

Delaware Depository is a trusted choice for those looking for secure storage for their IRA precious metals. They work closely with precious metals custodians. This teamwork makes sure your silver and gold investments are safe and meet all IRS rules.

Segregated vs. Commingled Storage Options

Delaware Depository gives you two storage choices for your bullion investments. You can pick segregated storage, which keeps your assets separate, or commingled storage, which mixes your assets with others'. This choice helps investors find the right balance between safety and investment aims.

Custodianship and the IRA Process

Precious metals custodians are key in linking investors with the depository. They manage all the details of the transactions. They keep detailed records, report as needed, and help with buying or selling within IRS rules. This ensures your retirement savings are well protected.

Eligible Precious Metals for IRAs

Delaware Depository follows IRS rules strictly for IRA precious metals. They accept various bullion products that meet purity standards and specific coins like American Eagles. They guide investors towards making safe and legal precious metals choices for their IRAs.

Examining Customer Reviews and Industry Ratings

Delaware Depository customer satisfaction is impressive. Many investors trust the depository to keep their precious metals safe. They are known for being trustworthy and reliable. Their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau proves they are dedicated to excellence.

Many share their investor experiences with Delaware Depository. They praise the depository’s professionalism and efficient storage. The top-notch security provides peace of mind, making Delaware a reputable financial service provider.

Not all experiences are perfect, though. When problems arise, Delaware Depository’s response is crucial. They are committed to better business ratings. They are good at fixing issues and explaining processes, strengthening their industry position.

  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating - Reflecting longstanding commitments to quality and customer service.
  • Positive Customer Reviews - Affirming satisfactory experiences with handling and storage of precious metals.
  • Responsive Customer Service - Highlighted in investor narratives, resolving issues and clarifying processes.
  • Industry Endorsements - Gained through consistent delivery of secure and reputable services.

The Delaware Depository has built a strong reputation with hard work and good responses to feedback. Their service quality and security measures have earned them praise and trust from many.

Strategic Location Benefits of Delaware Depository

The Delaware Depository stands out for safeguarding bullion perfectly. It's not just about keeping precious metals safe. The location also reduces risks, making it a smart choice for investors.

Being strategically located, it adds a strong layer of protection. This is crucial for those wanting to keep their investments secure.

Avoiding Natural Disasters and Urban Threats

The Delaware Depository is nicely placed away from common natural disasters. It's also distant from big city issues. This means less risk for your valuables.

It's smartly set to dodge unexpected city dangers. This ensures the highest safety for your stored treasures.

Accessibility and Proximity to Financial Markets

Despite its secure, remote location, it's still near major financial hubs. This allows for easy transactions. Its location strikes a perfect balance between being isolated and accessible to clients.

This close link means quicker and smoother access to your assets. It proves a well-thought-out location is key for both safety and convenience.


In summary, the Delaware Depository is a top choice for secure investment storage, especially for gold IRA accounts. It is skilled at meeting the needs of careful investors. This is done through strong security measures, good insurance, and smart location choices. By staying away from city risks, they make sure your investments are safe from unexpected events.

The Delaware Depository has proven itself as a reliable place for precious metals by always protecting assets well. Many positive reviews from investors and gold IRA firms show its ability to meet different security needs. At the same time, it helps grow assets and allows easy access for its customers.

If you're looking into personal or precious metal IRAs, Delaware Depository is a key partner. They keep innovating and providing excellent customer service. For anyone valuing investment safety, choosing Delaware Depository is a smart move.


  • Service: Gold IRA Storage
  • Products Offered: Gold & silver
  • Promotion: None

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