Customizing Finviz Screener for Optimal Results

Updated May 29, 2024

Are you fully utilizing your Finviz screener to uncover the stories hidden in the stock market? Amidst market fluctuations and financial disclosures, valuable investment insights are revealed to those skilled in stock analysis optimization.

The Finviz screener is a tool for investors, filtering vast stock data precisely, matching user-defined metrics with innovative outcomes. It goes beyond access to information; it's about crafting a portfolio that mirrors the wisdom of a discerning investor.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlocking the full potential of Finviz screener customization can transform data into strategic portfolios.
  • Integration of fundamental and technical analysis within Finviz provides a comprehensive approach to stock screening.
  • Saving filter presets is a hallmark feature for investors to streamline their stock selection process.
  • Visual modes offer varied perspectives for a more in-depth understanding of the market's movements.
  • Instantaneous updates and a rich information output are pivotal for making timely investment decisions.

Introduction to Finviz: A Powerful Tool for Investors

Finviz is renowned for offering comprehensive Finviz features that aid in stock market analysis, benefiting both new and experienced investors. It shines in financial visualization, easing the process of identifying market patterns and interpreting financial information with intuitive graphical tools.

This platform democratizes access to financial data, opening doors for users of diverse backgrounds to improve their investment strategies. It offers up-to-the-minute details on stocks, forex, and futures. Let's delve into its primary features:

  • User-friendly Interface: The design focuses on simplicity, granting users effortless access to complex data.
  • Advanced Filtering Capabilities: Users can refine stock searches using a broad spectrum of criteria, from simple price details to complex technical indicators.
  • Diverse Financial Instruments: Insights into stocks, forex, futures, and crypto markets are provided, crucial for managing a varied portfolio.
  • Visualization Tools: Data is made understandable through visuals like charts, maps, and graphs, streamlining analytics.

With options for both free and elite subscriptions, Finviz caters to investors at all stages of their journey. It stands as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their market insights and investment prowess.

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Getting Started with Finviz's Screener

Beginning your path to mastery in stock screeners can significantly improve your investment approach. Learning the ins and outs of Finviz is essential. It's all about getting comfortable with its interface and features. This includes setting up stock criteria that mirror your investment objectives.

Navigating to the Screener Tab

Starting your analysis with Finviz begins at the Screener tab. Found easily on the homepage, this section is not just accessible. It also shows a quick summary of market indices and their performance. This information is crucial, helping you make well-informed decisions on what markets or stocks to explore further.

Selecting Criteria Categories: Descriptive, Fundamental, and Technical

With Finviz, setting up stock criteria is streamlined through three main filters: Descriptive, Fundamental, and Technical. Each serves different investor needs effectively:

  • Descriptive: Filters like stock exchange and sector offer a comprehensive overview of stock characteristics.
  • Fundamental: This part provides financial metrics filters like EPS and revenue growth for those focusing on financials.
  • Technical: For technical analysis, various options including patterns and oscillators are available to identify market trends.

By smartly selecting and blending these filters, investors leverage Finviz's screener. This approach narrows down the vast stock selections to a focused list that aligns with specific investment strategies.

Descriptive Filters: The Basics of Stock Selection

When exploring the world of stock investments, descriptive filters simplify the selection process. These tools, which look at market capitalization and sector screening, help narrow down choices. This makes it easier to find stocks that match your investment strategy.

Understanding Market Capitalization and Sector Filters

Market capitalization is vital for sorting companies by their overall market value. It distinguishes between large-cap companies, stable entities, and small-cap companies. Small-cap entities might have high growth potential but also pose more risks. Sector screening lets investors focus on industries that may benefit from economic trends or fit their knowledge.

Narrowing Down by Price, Volume, and Performance

  • Price Filters: Through price filters, investors align stock picks with their financial reach or risk appetite, selecting either premium or budget-friendly stocks.
  • Volume Consideration: High volume stocks signal more liquidity, easing the process of buying or selling without major price impacts.
  • Performance Metrics: Performance filters help in spotting stocks with solid historical achievements or positive trends, pointing to potentially lucrative options.

Using descriptive filters like market capitalization and sector screening empowers investors. It makes it easier for them to make choices that align with their investment preferences and outlook on the market.

Deep Dives with Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis stands as a key pillar for those looking to assess the financial health and value of stocks. The Finviz screener emerges as a vital instrument in this process. It aids investors in dissecting the complexity of financial ratios and their role in picking stocks.

Key ratios, including return on investment and gross margin, shine a light on a company's operational efficiency and profitability. Meanwhile, metrics such as the dividend payout ratio and insider ownership offer insights into a company's worth and the trust insiders have in their own company.

At its core, fundamental analysis is essential for evaluating the enduring value of stocks. It directs informed investment choices within a diversified portfolio. By employing these analytical tools, investors are better equipped to sift through potential investments. Thus, they ensure selections are in line with their financial aspirations and risk appetite.

  • Financial Ratios: Key ratios like return on investment and gross margin are prominently featured, offering insights into operational efficiency and profitability.
  • Stock Valuation: Metrics such as the dividend payout ratio and insider ownership provide a clearer picture of a company's valuation and internal confidence.
  • Fundamental Analysis: This method is vital for assessing the long-term value of stocks, guiding strategic investment decisions within a diverse portfolio.

Uncovering Opportunities via Technical Criteria in Finviz

For those immersed in the stock market via technical analysis, Finviz offers tools that markedly improve the identification of trading patterns. These tools are vital for unlocking market trends. The platform's Technical tab filters stocks displaying unique technical behaviors and metrics, key for expert traders and analysts.

Finviz shines in stock screening, enabling precise customization for users. With technical indicators like the 52-week high/low, moving averages, and Relative Strength Index (RSI), it's easier to pinpoint stocks fitting specific trading strategy criteria.

  • 52-week High/Low: Tracks stocks at their peak or trough over the past year, crucial for breakout strategies.
  • Moving Averages: Aids in determining market trend directions, through a simplified analysis of price changes over set periods.
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI): Measures the velocity and fluctuation of price movements, generally to identify if a stock is overbought or oversold.

Enhancing technical analysis skills with Finviz insights leads investors to recognize promising trading patterns. This alignment with market anticipations fosters the development of strategic trading operations. It aims at improving performance and uncovering valuable market opportunities.

The Art of Visualization with Finviz Charts

For investors who depend on visual data, mastering Finviz chart analysis tools is crucial. These charts not only make complex data manageable but also improve the comparison and analysis of stocks over different investment periods.

Choosing the Right Chart Type for Clarity

Finviz presents a variety of stock chart types to suit different investor needs and preferences:

  • Candlestick charts: Ideal for capturing more price information and widely used in technical analysis.
  • Line charts: Best for viewing price movements over a period, simplifying trend observation.
  • Technical charts: They aid in advanced analysis by allowing the use of technical indicators and overlays.

Timeframes and Their Impact on Analysis

The selection of the proper timeframe is critical. It significantly affects analysis outcomes and investment decisions. Finviz offers a range of options to suit both short-term traders and long-term investors:

  • Daily charts: Provide specific entry and exit points, which is ideal for day traders.
  • Weekly charts: Assist in spotting medium-term trends, making them a choice for swing traders.
  • Monthly charts: They offer an insight into the broader market trends, critical for long-term analysis.

For Finviz Elite users, there's the advantage of intraday timeframes. This feature delivers minute-by-minute chart updates, adding to the tool's value in stock market analysis.

Exporting and Utilizing Finviz Screener Results

Once you've fine-tuned your selection with the Finviz screener, a new path opens. You can now export stock data and dive deep into investment analysis. This step not only streamlines your investment analysis but also sharpens your decision-making abilities.

Here’s a look at how you can harness your Finviz search results, whether you’re a free user or an elite subscriber:

  1. Exporting Stock Data: For elite subscribers, exporting stock data into Excel is straightforward, enabling a more organized analysis of extensive datasets. Free users, though lacking direct export features, can manually capture essential data for later analysis.
  2. Analyzing Investments: Deep analysis is crucial for informed investment choices. It's important to grasp each company's business model, identify industry challenges, and recognize competitive edges in the market.

Taking these steps ensures a seamless transition from Finviz search results to actionable investment insights. With structured and accessible data, navigating market complexities becomes easier. This empowers investors to make decisions that are well-aligned with their financial aspirations.

Enhancing Efficiency: Setting Up an Account and Custom Presets

Investors seeking greater stock screening efficiency benefit significantly from Finviz account registration. By creating a personal account, users can customize their experience with advanced screener presets. This allows for extensive customization, essential for leveraging Finviz's full potential. It streamlines workflow and grants quick access to tailored tools.

Saving Preset Screeners for Swift Access

Registering with Finviz lets users save up to 50 screener presets. This feature cuts down setup time, offering quick access to settings for different investment scenarios. It allows seasoned investors to quickly adapt to market changes. Prepared strategies ensure they capitalize on investment opportunities without delay.

Comparing Free and Elite Finviz Accounts

The difference between free and Elite Finviz accounts highlights the value of an Elite subscription. The free version provides screener tools and basic market data access. On the other hand, Elite enhances customization and efficiency significantly. It offers real-time data, advanced charting, and improved screener presets.

Finviz combines technology with user-centric features, addressing varied investor needs. Through preset refinement and premium account options, it aids in achieving investment success. This blend of technology and customization creates a dynamic investment tool.

Finviz Screener Strategies for Maximizing Gains

Investors aiming for top stock market gains can turn to various strategies via Finviz screeners. Learning to wield important features on the Finviz platform boosts the likelihood of unearthing stellar investment options.

  • Market Capitalization and Volume: Choosing stocks with high volume usually means better liquidity and stability. These are desirable for achieving reliable returns.
  • Performance-Based Filters: By filtering for stocks with positive recent trends, investors can avoid those in decline. This strategy helps protect investments from unpredictable swings.
  • Financial Ratios: Indicators like P/E and PEG ratios shed light on stock valuation. A strong return on equity often indicates a company's competitive edge and potential for lasting success.

A well-crafted Finviz screener strategy lays the groundwork for any successful investment approach. No investment toolkit is complete without mastering these filters to highlight market opportunities.

These strategies enable effective use of Finviz's extensive screener tool. They allow investors to make savvy decisions, gearing their portfolios for market success and improved investment outcomes.


The journey through stock market analysis entails challenges and chances alike. Leveraging tools like the Finviz screener pushes investors toward investment strategy success. It simplifies the arduous task of navigating extensive market data. This allows focusing on strategy rather than just collecting data.

By using such effective tools, investors save time and pinpoint investment opportunities with high return potential.

The Finviz screener benefits are vast, offering an easy-to-use interface and detailed filtering choices. These benefits meet the needs of various investment strategies and goals. Whether a novice learning stock selection or an expert refining technical analysis, the screener's features offer key insights. These insights aid in making informed and skilled investment decisions. Utilizing the Finviz screener shapes a more strategic and informed investor.

The importance of precise stock market analysis is critical in enhancing portfolios and financial growth. Finviz exemplifies the importance and necessity of using advanced screening tools for investments. It provides novices and experts with tools to understand market trends and devise resilient strategies. These strategies help navigate the unpredictable financial market.

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