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Updated March 5, 2024

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CMI Gold & Silver is a prominent precious metals dealer with over 40 years of experience in the industry. They offer a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products for investors looking to purchase physical precious metals.

When it comes to bolstering your investment portfolio with the luster of precious metals, aligning yourself with a trusted dealer is pivotal. CMI Gold & Silver emerges as a standout in Phoenix, Arizona, offering enthusiasts and seasoned investors alike a trusted partner in precious metals investing.

With a history of impeccable customer service and a wide array of investment-grade products, CMI Gold & Silver has earned its reputation as a premier destination for those seeking portfolio diversification with gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Key Takeaways

  • CMI Gold & Silver's expertise sets the standard in precious metals investing.
  • A proven track record in Phoenix, Arizona, as a trusted dealer in the industry.
  • They offer a selection tailored for effective portfolio diversification.
  • Recognized for exceptional customer service and industry adherence.
  • Allows for transparent comparison and informed investment decisions.
  • A commitment to transparent pricing in the precious metals market.

Understanding CMI Gold & Silver's Legacy in Precious Metals

Delving into the rich tapestry of CMIGS's history reveals an enterprise that is intertwined with the very fabric of precious metals trading.

Established by the industry pioneer, Bill Haynes, CMI Gold & Silver cemented itself as a trusted precious metals source from its early days.

The Inception and Growth of CMI Gold & Silver

From the dust of local silver mines to the gleam of finely minted coins, Bill Haynes's journey began with an appreciation for the latent potential of silver. Embracing its future value, Haynes responded to the burgeoning silver market post-legalization in the 1970s by founding CMIGS.

Recognizing an untapped opportunity, Haynes's foresight played a pivotal role in shaping the path for investors during a critical phase in American financial history.

Commitment to Honesty and Professionalism

The CMIGS legacy is not just built on expertise and market acumen, but equally on a steadfast commitment to honesty and professionalism. It is the adherence to these core values that has earned the company its status as a trusted precious metals source.

Clients are not just customers but valued partners in a journey of informed financial decision-making.

Family-Owned Enterprise with Deep Industry Roots

Retaining its essence as a family-owned enterprise, CMIGS stands as a testament to the longevity that can be achieved through passionate and principled leadership.

With the second generation, the Haynes sons, taking the helm, the company continues to foster its deep-rooted connections to the industry, drawing from their father's rich legacy and the historical underpinnings of the silver mines that ignited it all.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Examining the Investment Products Offered by CMI Gold & Silver

For investors eager to fortify their investment portfolio with tangible assets, CMI Gold & Silver provides a robust catalog of precious metals. Below we delve into their vast selection of products tailored for various investment strategies, from the allure of gold coins to the practicality of silver bullion, and the sophisticated avenue of platinum and palladium investments.

Wide Selection of Gold Coins and Bullion Bars

Gold has historically been a symbol of wealth and security, and CMI Gold & Silver upholds this tradition by offering an extensive range of gold investment products. Their collection covers:

  • Internationally recognized gold coins including American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs.
  • Gold bullion bars ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, catering to both small-scale savers and substantial investors.
  • IRA-eligible gold coins, ensuring that investors can include these assets in their retirement savings plans.

Diverse Silver Investment Opportunities

Silver's dual status as both an investment and industrial metal makes it a versatile addition to CMI Gold & Silver's portfolio offerings. Investors can choose from:

  • Silver bullion bars in various weights, offering an affordable entry point into precious metals investing.
  • Collectible silver rounds featuring unique designs that appeal to collectors and investors alike.
  • Attractive options on bulk silver purchases for more substantial investments.

Platinum and Palladium Products for Advanced Investors

For those looking to diversify beyond the conventional, platinum and palladium products represent an exciting alternative. CMI Gold & Silver meets the demand for these rarer metals with:

  • Limited mintage platinum coins that capture the interest of discerning collectors and investors.
  • 1-ounce palladium bars, offering a compact and valuable investment well-suited for personal portfolios.

Regardless of your investment level or strategy, CMI Gold & Silver’s offerings span the spectrum from the most sought-after gold coins to high-purity palladium bars, ensuring they have the right option for every investor.

Transparency in Pricing and Fees at CMI Gold & Silver

Investing in precious metals requires not only understanding market trends but also a partner who values transparency. CMI Gold & Silver (CMIGS) exemplifies this transparency by providing real-time access to the spot value of metals, effectively setting the standard for precious metals pricing.

The clear, upfront display of investment costs and their approach to pricing transparency enable their clients to evaluate their investments accurately and judiciously.

  • Live updates of spot prices ensure you always know the market value of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products.
  • Detailed listing of CMIGS fees and premiums, preventing any surprise charges.
  • Prices on the website are instantly adjusted in response to market movements, showcasing their commitment to current and fair valuation.
  • For niche metals like palladium and platinum, personalized service is offered to provide the latest pricing upon request.

CMIGS dedicates itself to equipping investors with the most comprehensive and current financial information. Their commitment to transparency ensures you have every detail needed to make knowledgeable investment decisions with confidence.

CMI Gold & Silver Review: Client Experiences and Trustworthiness

At the heart of any reputable business are the voices of its customers, and CMI Gold & Silver places immense value on the investment experiences and customer reviews shared by their clientele.

Recognized as a BBB accredited business, CMIGS's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of customer service shines through in the loyalty and satisfaction reported by investors. Let's delve into what clients say about their dealings with this esteemed dealer in precious metals.

Customer Satisfaction and Testimonials

CMIGS testimonials frequently underscore the tailored advice and personal attention that clients receive when they choose to invest with the company.

Newcomers and seasoned investors alike appreciate the detailed guidance and insight provided to them, ensuring that each investment choice is made with confidence and clarity.

It's these firsthand accounts of positive engagement that highlight CMIGS's focus on customer satisfaction:

  • Exemplary care in response to customer queries and concerns.
  • Informative guidance that equips clients with the knowledge to navigate the precious metals market.
  • Positive reflections on the ease of transaction processes and the straightforward purchase experience.
  • Appreciation for the trustworthy nature of the business, as noted in the transparency and honesty that is routinely exhibited.

A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

Another pillar reinforcing CMIGS's reputation is its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an esteemed marker of trustworthiness and ethical business conduct.

This accolade represents a globally recognized standard, confirming CMIGS as a business that operates with integrity. Highlights of this rating include:

  • Commitment to resolve any customer complaints quickly and fairly.
  • Continuous adherence to BBB's stringent accreditation standards.
  • A legacy of reliability that is continually documented by the BBB.
  • Recognition of CMIGS's transparency in practices and communication.

CMI Gold & Silver's pledge to customer excellence is not just a claim—it's a commitment that's reflected in the long-standing positive reviews and high esteem in which the business is held by its clients and the Better Business Bureau alike.

The Buyer's Journey: Purchasing Precious Metals from CMI Gold & Silver

Embarking on the journey of precious metals investment is a significant milestone. CMI Gold & Silver excels at offering detailed investment guidance, tailored specifically to navigate investors through the nuanced process of making a secure and informed precious metals purchase.

Guidance for New Investors

Entering the world of precious metals can be daunting for new investors. However, with CMIGS customer service, beginners receive step-by-step assistance.

This comprehensive support covers essential topics such as the selection of metals, understanding market trends, and the financial benefits that accompany precious metals ownership. The bespoke buyer's guide provided by CMIGS aims to clarify complexities and foster confidence among those new to the investment scene.

Secured Shipping and Handling for Peace of Mind

The final step in the purchasing process is ensuring the secure delivery of your assets. CMIGS understands the importance of peace of mind when it comes to handling your valuable investments.

That is why they have instituted robust shipping protocols, which include full insurance and detailed tracking systems, guaranteeing that your purchase arrives safely at your doorstep. With their locked-in pricing, clients are protected from any potential market volatility from the point of purchase to delivery.

  • Comprehensive buyer's guide for understanding precious metals investment
  • Customer-centric approach ensures new investors receive personalized support
  • Secured transactions with locked-in pricing guard against market volatility
  • Robust, insured shipping options ensure peace of mind and security

By placing an emphasis on secure transactions and delivery, CMIGS not only lives up to the expectations of superior customer service but also provides an indispensable sense of security for investors delving into the world of precious metals.

Navigating Precious Metal IRAs with CMI Gold & Silver

Investing in a Precious Metal IRA can offer a safeguard against the volatility of the market, and for those seeking a balanced retirement plan, CMI Gold & Silver presents valuable opportunities. Their seasoned professionals specialize in Precious Metal IRAs, effectively guiding investors through the intricate process of retirement diversification.

By incorporating tangible assets like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium into your retirement strategy, you embrace a time-honored approach to preserving wealth.

Benefits of Diversifying Retirement with Precious Metals

Diversification is a cornerstone concept in retirement planning, and precious metals provide an avenue to diversify away from traditional stock and bond markets.

Precious metal IRAs can serve as a counterbalance to paper assets, which often move inversely to precious metals in economic downturns. With CMIGS IRA services, leveraging the stability of these assets helps ensure a more secure and resilient retirement portfolio.

Understanding Self-Directed IRAs with CMI Gold & Silver

Investors looking to have direct control over their retirement savings are increasingly turning to self-directed IRAs. CMI Gold & Silver demystifies these investment options, enabling investors to include a variety of precious metals in their portfolio.

Through self-directed IRAs, investors have the liberty to make decisions that align with their investment goals, supported by the comprehensive knowledge and resources provided by CMIGS.

  • Customization of investment portfolios
  • Freedom to choose from a broad range of precious metals
  • Access to expert knowledge on custodian responsibilities and legal concerns

Selecting the right precious metals for your IRA plays a crucial role in investment outcomes. CMIGS's dedicated team offers personalized service to each investor, ensuring their retirement strategies are robust and well-informed. Take the step towards a diversified future with CMI Gold & Silver's unrivaled IRA services.


CMI Gold & Silver has undeniably established itself as a cornerstone in the precious metals realm. Their tailored guidance and educational resources contribute immensely to making informed investment conclusions.

It’s their deep understanding of the nuances of precious metals investing coupled with their transparent dealings that makes CMIGS a beacon of trust for clients looking to diversify their investment portfolio.

It’s clear that as an investor in search of a reputable and knowledgeable precious metals dealer, CMI Gold & Silver stands out as a trustworthy and significant player in the domain.


  • Service: Bullion Dealer
  • Products Offered: Gold, silver, platinum, palladium
  • Promotion: None

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