ChartMill vs TradingView – Which Platform Is Best For You?

Updated July 5, 2024

For those in the trading and investment arenas, tools like stock screeners and charting platforms are critical. They're not only about assessing investments but also crucial for enhancing trading performance. ChartMill and TradingView stand out, providing users with advanced analytics and insights. 

Each platform serves distinct market analysis and investment goals, making it challenging to decide: which one offers the best tools for market triumph?

Key Takeaways

  • ChartMill and TradingView are leading platforms offering specialized tools for stock screening and technical analysis
  • TradingView is renowned for its advanced charting features and a strong community that allows sharing of trading insights
  • ChartMill provides a focused approach to stock screening, which can be highly effective for certain trading strategies
  • TradingView's custom scripting language, Pine Script, offers a depth of customization for experienced traders

Primary Focus

Charting, social trading, market analysis

Stock screening, technical and fundamental analysis

Delivery Format

Web-based platform, mobile app

Web-based platform

Target Audience

Traders, investors, analysts

Swing traders, investors, analysts

Mobile App

Yes, available for iOS and Android

Not available

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Introduction to ChartMill and TradingView

In the world of stock market analysis, ChartMill and TradingView stand out. Each platform offers unique features that cater to different types of traders. With the rise of trading communities and a growing need for technical analysis, both provide powerful solutions.

ChartMill is praised for its simple, effective approach to stock analysis. This makes it a favorite among those new to trading. It eliminates the complexity found in more advanced systems. Thus, it's perfect for casual and beginner traders who prioritize ease of use in stock screening and basic charts.

TradingView, however, shines with its advanced tools. It offers automated technical analysis and a platform for traders to share insights. Known for its sophisticated charting and Pine Script for customization, it attracts skilled traders. It caters to those looking for depth in their trading tools and a community to engage with.

  • ChartMill is the go-to for users who need simplicity and efficiency in market analysis.
  • TradingWait appeals to those seeking a vibrant community and advanced charting for their strategies.

As digital trading evolves, ChartMill and TradingView innovate to remain leaders. They continue to serve their communities with cutting-edge tools and platforms.

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Overview of ChartMill Features

ChartMill emerges as a distinctive platform in the stock trading universe. It blends easy-to-use trading tools with sophisticated stock screening. This mix significantly benefits traders at all proficiency levels. They find navigating the stock market and conducting in-depth analyses more manageable.

User Interface and Ease of Use

The ChartMill interface is built with accessibility in mind. It aims to help new users quickly learn and efficiently use its features. Simplicity is key; the platform integrates technical indicators and filters into an intuitive dashboard. This seamless integration facilitates a gentle introduction for new traders. It paves their way towards adopting advanced, analytical trading strategies.

Stock Screening Capabilities

ChartMill's strength lies in its comprehensive stock screening tools. It provides essential fundamental analysis tools and exclusive proprietary ratings. These elements are crucial for traders to pinpoint stocks that meet specific, predefined conditions. The platform enables users to:

  • Screen stocks using specific technical indicators through technical filters.
  • Evaluate a company's financial status and growth potential using fundamental analysis.
  • Gain insights from proprietary ratings, summarizing a stock's overall prospects as calculated by ChartMill's algorithm.

Pricing Structure and Value

ChartMill offers a compelling pricing strategy, balancing affordability with substantial value. It caters to varying user requirements. Users have access to:

  • A free 14-day trial offering complete access to premium features, no credit card needed.
  • After the trial, options to use the platform with a credit system or subscription plans exist. Subscription starts at $29.97 per month, an appealing price for casual traders not seeking costly trading tools.

This pricing ensures that traders at any level can effectively engage with the stock market. Thus, it removes the obstacle of high costs.

TradingView's Advanced Charting and Community

At the heart of TradingView is its advanced charting software. It provides not just eye-catching graphics but also the robust functionality necessary for in-depth technical analysis and trading strategy formulation. The platform features a wide array of price action indicators and technical analytics. Both newcomers and experienced traders find these tools crucial for developing and fine-tuning market strategies.

Innovative Charting Tools

TradingView has gained a reputation for its revolutionary trading scripts and custom indicators. Its powerful and flexible charting tools allow users to deeply understand markets through intricate and sophisticated interpretations.

By analyzing currency, stock, and commodities markets, these technical analysis tools convert data into actionable insights. They provide precise, real-time updates.

Active User Community and Idea Sharing

TradingView isn’t just a trading platform; it’s also a thriving network of traders. It fosters a culture of knowledge sharing where trading experts and beginners share viewpoints, strategies, and forecasts.

Through real-time discussions that cover a wide range of trading scenarios, this dynamic community greatly improves decision-making processes. Harnessing collective intelligence, users refine their trading strategies.

Customization with Pine Script

TradingView's Pine Script programming capability is at the forefront of customization and flexibility. This breakthrough scripting tool permits traders to craft and apply their own distinctive technical indicators and models.

An invaluable asset for those aiming to diverge from standard tools, Pine Script empowers the development of a tailored trading advantage.

Chartmill vs Tradingview: User Experiences and Feedback

User insights are crucial in comparing financial analysis platforms. We've dived deep, comparing ChartMill and TradingView through trader experiences and reviews. Let's see how these platforms fare in users' own words.

  • TradingView: Many users applaud TradingView for its outstanding charting capabilities and dynamic user community. The platform facilitates engaging discussions and a wide range of trading perspectives, according to several reviews. Its advanced technical analysis tools are also easy to use, appealing to experienced traders. Yet, the free version's ads can interrupt user experience, a drawback that seems mitigated for Pro version subscribers.
  • ChartMill: ChartMill, despite receiving positive remarks, seems to have a smaller or quieter community in comparison. Its stock screening tools get thumbs up; however, users desire more engaging community features and interaction, something TradingView excels at.

Comparing the two, TradingView pulls ahead with its community engagement and sophisticated tools. Testimonials often mention these qualities as key in choosing it over ChartMill. This highlights the significance of aligning platform offerings with user preferences.

Comparative Analysis of Supporting Platforms and Services

In today's digital era, trading platforms gain value from being available across different platforms and devices. ChartMill and TradingView lead in providing fluid trading experiences on various devices such as Windows, SaaS/Web, iOS, Android, and Chromebook. This wide accessibility enables users to stay updated with market trends from anywhere.

Device Compatibility

ChartMill and TradingView prioritize multi-device support, making their platforms accessible on most devices. This versatility is key for traders who rely on mobile setups or switch devices during their day:

  • Desktops and laptops running Windows or macOS for in-depth analysis and trading.
  • Smartphones and tablets with dedicated apps on iOS and Android for on-the-move trading.
  • Chromebook and other SaaS/Web-based devices for web browser access.

This cross-platform availability ensures users can manage trades and monitor markets with zero downtime or compatibility issues.

Customer Support and Training

Both platforms are committed to superior customer service and user support. They accomplish this through various channels:

  • Phone support and 24/7 live assistance address user questions and technical concerns promptly.
  • Educational materials like documentation, webinars, and live sessions teach platform use and trading techniques.
  • Direct meetings with experts are available for in-depth understanding of complex trading ideas.

This focus on customer support not only solves technical problems but also greatly enhances the learning experience in the trading realm.


TradingView appeals for its advanced charting features and community-driven environment. Its Pine Script customization and cutting-edge charting tools offer a dynamic experience. This is especially valuable to those who crave control over their trading analysis.

Conversely, ChartMill adopts a more straightforward approach. Its easy-to-use interface and precise stock screening tools aid in making informed decisions effortlessly. This highlights the importance of choosing a platform that aligns with your trading style and needs.

Both TradingView and ChartMill stand as valuable tools for traders aiming for financial market success. The choice ultimately depends on personal preference. Whether you prioritize TradingView's extensive features or ChartMill's efficiency, each provides the necessary insights for informed trading.


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  • Pricing: $12.95-$59.95/month (depending on plan)
  • Promotion: Try FREE for 30-days

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