Chartmill vs Finviz – Which Stock Screener Should You Pick?

Updated May 8, 2024

The stock market is a dynamic arena, requiring robust tools for navigation. Chartmill and Finviz stand out, each designed to enhance investment strategies significantly. 

Chartmill is celebrated for its precision in technical analysis and portfolio insights. Conversely, Finviz shines with its mastery in sifting through market news and its superior stock screening capabilities.

This comparison casts light on the distinct features of Chartmill and Finviz. It aims to guide traders or investors towards their ideal analytical companion. We explore every facet: from their diverse functionalities, pricing models to how they mesh with the market's intricacies.

Key Takeaways

  • Chartmill and Finviz are leading contenders in the space of stock market analysis and offer a plethora of features for traders and investors.
  • Chartmill's acclaim stems from its advanced technical analysis platforms and portfolio tracking features.
  • Finviz is celebrated for its ease of use, particularly through its streamlined stock screening tools and updated market news delivery.
  • Investment opportunities often require the backing of solid data and analysis—both services aim to provide such support.
  • Engaging with either Chartmill or Finviz could lead to well-informed, strategic market engagements that cater to both new and experienced market players.


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An Introduction to Stock Analysis and Screening Tools

Understanding and leveraging the right stock analysis and screening tools are crucial for making informed stock market decisions. These platforms are pivotal in identifying investment opportunities and ensuring effective portfolio tracking. Here's a closer look at their influence on market participation and strategy:

  • By providing comprehensive access to fundamental data, these tools allow investors to gauge the financial health of businesses. They navigate through the complexities of investment choices.
  • Adjusting to market trends becomes feasible as these platforms supply real-time and accurate market data. This data is vital for making timely investment decisions.
  • Enhanced portfolio tracking capabilities ensure investors can monitor and adjust their holdings in response to market changes. This optimizes their investment strategies.

In the subsequent sections, a detailed review of Chartmill and Finviz will further explore how these tools compare in terms of features, pricing, and usability. This establishes a solid basis for investors to select the right tool for their trading necessities.

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Understanding Chartmill's Edge in Technical Analysis

Chartmill has become an influential force in trading platforms, particularly shining in technical analysis tools. Its customizable charts and strong technical indicators have garnered attention. They cater to both beginners and experts who strive to better their market strategies.

Customizable Charts and Indicators

Chartmill shines by offering customizable charts loaded with various technical indicators. This adaptability promotes detailed visualization of stock data, greatly improving analysis. It empowers users to implement diverse trading strategies effectively.

Traders have the freedom to adjust their charts for indicators like moving averages, RSI, or MACD to suit their individual trading styles and needs.

Comprehensive Stock and ETF Reports

Chartmill goes beyond just charts; it also delivers in-depth stock and ETF reports essential for informed trading decisions. These reports showcase a range of technical and fundamental data, offering insights into performance and market positions.

Such detailed analysis is invaluable for traders looking to make the most of investment opportunities with precision.

Chartmill Stock Screener and Filters

The Chartmill stock screener's flexibility distinguishes it, letting users filter stocks by criteria like market cap, price, and sectors. This powerful feature aids in honing trading strategies. It allows traders to navigate through potential stocks, choosing those that align with their investment goals and market perspectives.

The Advantages of Finviz for Market News and Screening

Finviz is a top choice for investors who need sophisticated market analysis tools. Its interface is easy to navigate, and it offers detailed data, making it ideal for all levels of investors. They use it to improve their market strategies.

User-Friendly Stock Screener

The Finviz stock screener is known for its intuitive layout. It makes it simple for users to filter stocks using various criteria. This includes fundamental, technical, and descriptive aspects. As a result, investors can fine-tune their searches to align with their investment objectives or preferences.

Insider Trading Information Access

One key feature that draws sophisticated investors to Finviz is insider trading information. It provides a glimpse into transactions by company executives and major shareholders. This can offer hints about potential stock movements and market trends.

Real-time Market Data and Analysis

Finviz provides subscribers with real-time market data and analysis. This is vital for making timely, informed decisions as the market changes. The platform offers current market news and data. This enables a flexible investment strategy, allowing users to quickly respond to new opportunities.

Cross-Platform Ease of Use: Assessing User Experience

User experience is crucial when evaluating stock analysis tools like Chartmill and Finviz. Both platforms aim to make stock analysis more intuitive. They offer easy navigation and comprehensive educational resources. This helps both novice investors and expert traders.

Chartmill and Finviz simplify the complex world of stock analysis. They support users in getting up to speed and efficiently using advanced features. This proves invaluable in the fast-paced trading environment.

Detailed Tutorials and Effective Learning Centers

Chartmill values education, offering detailed tutorials on both basic and advanced stock analysis techniques. Its learning center is designed to quickly enhance users' investment strategies. Users gain confidence as they learn.

Similarly, Finviz introduces users to its stock screening and analysis tools through tutorials. These resources aim to speed up the learning process. They encourage users to explore deeper into the platform's capabilities.

Navigation and Customization Features

Both platforms stand out with their user interface design. They ensure ease of access to all features. Chartmill offers significant customization of its dashboard. This allows users to adapt the interface to fit their preferences.

Finviz features a user-friendly interface with straightforward navigation. This boosts efficiency. It's complemented by visual aids like heatmaps. These help users grasp market dynamics quickly for informed decision-making.

Chartmill vs Finviz: A Comparative Look at Pricing Models

In the realm of stock analysis, users evaluate various subscription options. They aim for tools that blend affordability with effectiveness. Chartmill and Finviz stand out in this space, offering unique pricing structures. These accommodate users ranging from beginners to experts.

Chartmill offers a mix of free and paid tools. This approach caters to newcomers without requiring upfront costs. It positions Chartmill as a good entry point for stock analysis exploration. Their subscription starts at $14.99 monthly, positioning it as a cost-effective solution for serious traders.

  • Free access to basic charting and screening features
  • Monthly subscription available for advanced tools
  • Budget-friendly rates compared to many competitors

On the other hand, Finviz provides a no-cost tier with essential tools for daily trading. Their Finviz Elite service introduces advanced features and analyses. This premium option is set at $39.50 monthly, dropping to $24.96 for annual subscribers.

  • Continual access to free essential services for all users
  • Premium plan enhances capabilities for advanced analysis
  • Annual subscription provides savings over month-to-month payment

Chartmill and Finviz each have a strategy for their subscription models. Their goal is to offer cost-effective stock analysis tools. They ensure traders at all levels can access the resources needed for enhancing their strategies. Both platforms offer a balance of free tools and extensive data for users.

Engaging with Customer Support: Chartmill vs Finviz

The level of customer support can greatly affect traders and investors during uncertainties or technical problems. Chartmill and Finviz stand out in the stock market tool industry by offering unique assistance approaches. These aim to improve user experience and ensure the platforms are easy to use.

Chartmill Customer Support:

Chartmill is recognized for its strong support system, providing a thorough assistance approach. Users have the option to contact support via email and phone, ensuring they have direct access to help whenever needed.

The Chartmill learning center, full of tutorials and FAQs, is designed to aid users in navigating and making the most of the platform.

Finviz User Assistance:

Finviz adapts its support services to fit modern communication styles, offering email support and an interactive chat room. This allows users to quickly address questions in a lively manner while also promoting a community for exchanging ideas.

Moreover, Finviz provides educational resources in its well-structured learning center, assisting traders at all levels in understanding the platform better.

Chartmill and Finviz both excel in providing trading platform support, yet they cater to different needs and preferences. Chartmill's phone support might better suit users desiring a personal connection.

On the other hand, Finviz's real-time chat might attract those looking for fast support in a vibrant trading setting. The distinct customer support services highlight each platform's dedication to delivering specific, effective assistance for varied user requirements.

Maximizing Benefits: Free Access vs Subscription-Based Features

In the realm of stock analysis tools, Chartmill and Finviz stand out by providing noteworthy free features. These are designed as teasers to more advanced, paid tools. Exploring these free services and the additional advantages of premium subscriptions is crucial. It helps investors choose wisely, based on their financial and analytical requirements.

What Chartmill Offers for Free

  • Basic charting tools allowing for initial analyses and comparisons.
  • Stock reports that give a fundamental view of companies within your portfolio.
  • Access to some basic technical indicators to support early trade decisions.

The Premium Perks of Finviz Elite

  • Real-time data streaming, key for quick investment choices
  • Advanced screener filters for more precise and individual needs
  • An ad-free experience to improve usability and concentration

Chartmill and Finviz smartly use their free features to introduce their platforms' potential. They entice users with the prospect of accessing more detailed data and tools via subscription. Services like Finviz Elite and Chartmill's advanced technical analysis options differ mainly in data depth, information speed, and available analytical tools. They address the needs of various investor levels and dedication.


In the intricate world of stock analysis decision-making, traders and investors encounter various options. Each option offers unique features that cater to distinct trading needs.

Chartmill shines as a leader in technical analysis and cost-effectiveness. Its powerful technical analysis tools help users explore market trends meticulously and develop detailed trading strategies. This approach is highly beneficial for those who value in-depth chart analysis.

Finviz, however, sets itself apart with a keen emphasis on market news, ease of use, and superior screening features. Its user-friendly interface and advanced filtering options allow for quick, well-informed decisions. This is achieved by offering a complete market overview effortlessly. For those who appreciate fast and efficient stock screening, Finviz is an attractive choice.

Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms depends on the user's personal needs and preferences in stock analysis tools. Whether it's Chartmill’s detailed analysis capabilities or Finviz’s quick and accessible features, starting with their free access is wise.


  • Service: Stock scanning software
  • Pricing: $24.96/month
  • Promotion: 30 day money back guarantee

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