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Updated May 23, 2024

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Bullseye Trades is a trading service designed to assist investors in navigating the financial markets by providing timely trade alerts and educational resources. Catering to both novice and experienced traders, Bullseye Trades aims to empower its subscribers with valuable insights and strategies.

Embarking on the stock market journey can be both exhilarating and daunting. With various investment strategies and financial insights at one's disposal, the quest for a reliable stock trading service is paramount.

Among the plethora of options, Bullseye Trades has emerged as a noteworthy platform, claiming a spot in many investors' toolkit.

In this review, we will delve into Bullseye Trades performance, offering an in-depth look at how it might match up to your trading aspirations and help you make informed investment decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeff Bishop's experience offers invaluable insights within the Bullseye Trades program.
  • Bullseye Trades combines a trading education program with an integrated trade alerts service.
  • Raging Bull platform brings comprehensive stock market strategies to traders.
  • Weekly high-conviction trade ideas are a centerpiece of the Bullseye Trades experience.
  • Traders gain access to a wealth of knowledge that caters to various levels of trading proficiency.
  • The program's success is backed by Jeff Bishop's notable presence in the financial realm and elite analytical skills.

An Overview of Bullseye Trades

Within the bustling world of financial education, Bullseye Trades emerges as a beacon for traders aspiring to harness the potential of the stock market. It's a space where trade alerts, comprehensive research, and hard-earned expertise culminate in guiding enlightened options trading and stock trading endeavors.

This deep-dive section casts a spotlight on the inner workings of Bullseye Trades, its esteemed founders, and the unique appeal that captures the attention of aspiring and seasoned investors alike.

Introduction to Bullseye Trades Service

Rooted firmly in the fertile ground of the Raging Bull ecosystem, Bullseye Trades offers an options trading and stock market education service that stands out for its unwavering commitment to one high conviction trade idea per week. Not just any trade idea, but one meticulously chosen to soar above the rest, delivered directly to subscribers with clarity and precision.

These trade alerts center on stocks and ETFs, carefully dissected by trading maestros Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond to offer the quintessence of trading strategies.

The Founders: Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond

Jeff Bishop, a titan in the financial trading arena, commands respect as the head of Options Trading at Raging Bull. With a treasure trove of over two decades of trading experiences and the impressive badge of a University of Texas alum, Bishop's prowess is undeniable.

Jason Bond, his strategic counterpart, wields significant influence as an educator and trader, co-piloting the Raging Bull platform to its towering standing in the world of stock trading education.

Unique Selling Proposition of Bullseye Trades

What truly distinguishes Bullseye Trades within the crowded signal service market is its laser-focused approach to delivery—one trade strategy, one stock pick, each week. Each of these picks is a sum of informed decisions, grounded in Jeff Bishop's seasoned research, reflecting a blend of technical and fundamental analyses that lay out potential entry points, price targets, and crucial stop-loss guidelines.

This isn't just another list of options—it's a curated experience designed to incubate a conviction trade idea that resonates with both the beginner and the expert trader.

RagingBull is an online learning platform that provides expert advice, educational resources, and community support for stock traders of all skill levels. It offers insights into various trading styles, live interactive sessions, and real-time market alerts .

ABOUT the raging bull

  • Extensive educational resources for learning trading.
  • Advice offered by experienced professional traders.
  • Regular updates, stock picks, and market alerts.
  • Hosts live webinars and interactive sessions.

Exclusive Features of Bullseye Trades Membership

Becoming a member of Bullseye Trades opens the door to a unique trading experience where education and action converge. Subscribers are treated to a suite of features designed to empower their trading journey, with Jeff Bishop’s expertise at the forefront of each offering.

Let's delve into the specifics that give Bullseye Trades its competitive edge.

1. Weekly Trade Alert Breakdown

At the core of the Bullseye Trades membership is the Bullseye Pick of the Week. Each alert is more than just a signal; it’s a comprehensive guide that includes a market summary, technical analysis, and detailed charts, developed with precision by Jeff Bishop.

These trade alerts balance sophistication with clarity, catering to both the beginner eager to learn and the seasoned trader looking to sharpen their strategies with the latest stock options and price action insights.

2. The Educational Components - Launchpad Training

Dedicated to democratizing trading knowledge, Bullseye Trades introduces the Launchpad Training Video Series—an educational goldmine. This series encompasses a wealth of educational resources, taking members through the tenets of technical analysis and trading concepts, right through to advanced strategies such as TTM squeeze setups.

Jeff Bishop's commitment to risk management and sector analysis allows traders to engage with the market from a position of informed confidence.

3. Mid-Week Market Updates and Analysis

As the market ebbs and flows, so too does the relevance of any given trade idea. Recognizing this, Bullseye Trades doesn't just leave members with a weekly alert; Jeff Bishop provides vital mid-week market updates.

These updates offer a critical review of how unfolding market summaries and sector analyses can impact the viability of the week's selected trade, thus helping members to refine their approach to market events and price action as they occur.

The Market Influence: Assessing Jeff Bishop's Stock Market Strategy

When it comes to devising a market strategy that resonates with both novice investors and seasoned traders, Jeff Bishop's approach stands out. The Raging Bull co-founder leverages a combination of technical prowess and a keen understanding of sector trends to inform his trading decisions.

In this deep dive, we assess how Bishop's distinctive market strategy influences trading performance and provides educational value to those subscribed to Bullseye Trades.

  • Strategic Emphasis on Technical Analysis: Jeff Bishop's analysis widely incorporates chart patterns and technical indicators that aim to predict market movements more accurately and help to pinpoint entry and exit points for trades.
  • Consideration of Sector Trends: Understanding that markets move in sectors, Bishop’s market strategy often involves identifying momentum within specific industries, which can offer higher potential returns.
  • Mitigating Risk in Market Volatility: Jeff Bishop's methodologies are crafted with awareness of market volatility, thus empowering traders to manage risks more effectively – a crucial aspect of sustainable trading performance.
  • Educational Approach: Beyond just providing trade alerts, Bishop's strategy is also educational, guiding subscribers of Bullseye Trades through the complexities of the stock market and nurturing their growth as independent traders.

Pulling from his extensive trading experience and his academic background in finance and economics, not to mention his prowess as a MENSA member, Jeff Bishop has formulated a market strategy that not only steers Raging Bull but also influences a wide array of traders seeking to enhance their market participation.

Success Stories: Bullseye Trades Through the Lens of Subscribers

When it comes to Bullseye Trades' impact, member reviews paint a compelling picture of trading transformations. Authentic testimonials underscore the significance Bullseye Trades success stories hold for individuals navigating the financial markets.

By opening its archives and shining a light on real subscriber experiences, Bullseye Trades stands as a paragon of transparency and efficacy within the trading community.

  • Subscribers frequently laud the precision and reliability of the weekly trade alerts, which often become the linchpin of their trading week.
  • The comprehensive nature of the educational material is consistently mentioned, highlighting how it has galvanized traders’ self-sufficiency and growth.
  • Trading testimonials often tell tales of boosted confidence in decision-making, spurred by the insights and analysis provided by Bullseye Trades.

It's clear that behind every alert and piece of educational content stands a commitment to empowering traders with the knowledge to execute more informed and strategic trades. These stories are not just anecdotal evidence but a testament to the service's focus on fostering independent, successful traders.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Is Bullseye Trades Worth the Investment?

When traders contemplate joining a new trading service, the crux of their decision often hinges on the perceived value in relation to the financial outlay. Bullseye Trades offers a distinctive proposition by marrying incisive trade alerts with a comprehensive educational suite—but does the cost mirror the benefits?

Evaluating the Bullseye Trades pricing structure alongside its service provisions is essential to establish its true value, especially when measured against other trade alert offerings in the market.

Pricing Models and Subscription Tiers

The flexibility in Bullseye Trades' subscription costs is designed to accommodate the varied fiscal preferences of its clientele. With an attractive discount offer on both quarterly and annual subscriptions, the platform ensures that committed traders can avail themselves of considerable savings.

A quarterly membership comes at an enticing 51% discount, priced at $47, whereas an annual subscription boasts an even more substantial 63% discount, positioned at $147.

These pricing tiers make Bullseye Trades an economically viable option for individuals seeking consistent trade alert efficiency throughout the year.

Comparing Bullseye Trades to Other Trading Services

Service comparison is pivotal for potential subscribers to ascertain the relative advantages present in Bullseye Trades. Distinguished by its rigorous weekly trade analysis, Bullseye Trades sails ahead of the competition in the trade alert efficiency and educational value it provides.

Unlike some counterparts, this platform is transparent in its trade history, allowing a clear view of performance and the methodology behind their picks.

When assessing Bullseye Trades' value, the cost benefits become notably apparent, as subscribers gain access to resources that often exceed those offered by higher-priced alternative services.

Evaluating The Pros & Cons of Bullseye Trades

Evaluating the intricacies of Bullseye Trades reveals a wide array of service advantages and limitations that are essential for prospective users to understand.

This objective assessment aims to weigh the merits of the trade signals against any potential drawbacks.


  • Detailed Weekly Trade Alerts: One of the primary advantages of Bullseye Trades is the commitment to delivering meticulously researched weekly trade alerts. Each selection is accompanied by an in-depth analysis that promotes an insightful trading experience.
  • Complimentary Educational Content: Subscribers benefit from a rich repository of free educational materials, an offering that underscores the platform's devotion to bolstering clients' trading acumen.
  • Guidance from a Seasoned Trader: Jeff Bishop leverages his extensive knowledge to provide strategic guidance to traders, a service component that can be especially attractive to those looking to deepen their market insights.
  • Trade Signals Evaluation: The trade signals are evaluated using a robust process, ensuring that subscribers obtain analyzed and actionable information for their trading decisions.

Despite these notable benefits, there are inherent limitations that must be taken into consideration:


  • Weekly Swing Trading Focus: The platform primarily caters to those interested in swing trading on a weekly basis, potentially making it less suited for day traders seeking more frequent trade opportunities.
  • No Live Portfolio Streaming: Unlike some services that offer live insights into the trader's portfolio, Bullseye Trades maintains a certain level of opacity, as it does not provide live streaming of Jeff Bishop's trading actions.


Summing up this review, it becomes clear that Bullseye Trades offers a significant advantage for those looking to sharpen their trading acumen. Jeff Bishop's seasoned perspective and meticulous approach imbue the program with a level of reliability that subscribers can feel confident about. 

Yet, it is imperative for individual traders to approach with an understanding that no service can assure absolute profitability.

Ultimately, the value of Bullseye Trades lies in its capacity to educate and empower traders to act with conviction. It encourages subscribers to weigh trade alerts against their own analysis and instincts.

For those traders who align with its weekly approach and who value foundational market knowledge, Jeff Bishop's Bullseye Trades could very well be the key to a more enlightened trading experience.


  • Service: Option Trade Ideas
  • Annual Price: $97 (normally $397/yr)
  • Promotion: Huge discount for new members

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