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Updated June 13, 2024

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Bullish Bears is an online trading community that provides education, resources, and support for traders of all experience levels in the stock market. They offer a range of tools such as live trading rooms, trade alerts, and courses to help traders improve their skills.

Unveiling the dynamics of the financial trading world, Bullish Bears stands as a notable pioneer within the stock trading community, principally recognized for its compelling trading education and pivotal trade alerts.

Founded with a steadfast vision by Tim Davis, Daniel Adams, and Lucien Bechard, the platform has been empowering traders since 2016 through actionable market insights and meticulously crafted membership plans.

Bullish Bears differentiates itself with a community-first philosophy, bringing to the table an ensemble of trading strategies curated for both novices and veterans alike.

Key Takeaways

  • Bullish Bears showcases a "pay it forward" philosophy, focusing on community-based learning.
  • Established by Tim Davis, Daniel Adams, and Lucien Bechard, the platform radiates expertise in various trading spectra.
  • Abundant in trading resources, Bullish Bears offer real-time charting, alert systems, and a collection of free training materials.
  • The education-first approach makes Bullish Bears a go-to for affordable online stock trading education.
  • Bullish Bears emphasizes practical skill-building to enhance trading proficiency across stocks, options, and futures.
  • Members benefit from the community's shared knowledge and experiences within dynamic, interactive chat rooms.

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Introduction to Bullish Bears

The ascent of the Bullish Bears trading platform is a testament to its comprehensive approach in empowering traders. Emphasizing practical trading strategies and unwavering community support, it serves as a beacon for those eager to navigate the complexities of the financial markets.

This review seeks to shed light on the pivotal aspects of Bullish Bears, from their extensive trading courses to the dynamic market tools they offer. The platform's commitment to education extends beyond mere theory, aiming to cultivate a landscape where traders become adept and self-reliant market participants.

Beyond its wide array of educational resources, Bullish Bears distinguishes itself through its strong community ethos. The culture of camaraderie and collaborative learning fuels trader confidence and reinforces the site's standing as a nurturing hub for both beginners and experts alike. This harmonious blend of affordability, quality content, and mutual support forms the cornerstone of what makes Bullish Bears a commendable choice for anyone aspiring to master the art of trading.

  • User-friendly trading courses designed for various skill levels
  • Real-time community support fostering an engaging learning environment
  • Advanced market tools that offer in-depth analysis and practical application
  • Strategies spanning from fundamental analyses to sophisticated technical methodologies

Emphasizing transparency and progression, Bullish Bears opens the gateway to comprehensive trading knowledge while prioritizing an experience steeped in shared growth and achievement.

Investors Underground is a renowned day trading community known for providing top-notch education, real-time trade alerts, and comprehensive video tutorials. Their resources, geared towards both novice and experienced traders, focus on diverse trading strategies.

ABOUT the Investors underground

  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.5
  • Over 1000+ community members
  • 700+ video lessons and guides
  • Study groups, trade recaps, and Q&A sessions.

Understanding the Bullish Bears Platform

The Bullish Bears platform distinguishes itself by a strong commitment to affordable stock market education and an inclusive trading community culture.

It stands out in the financial education landscape by adhering to the core mission envisioned by its founders to provide a comprehensive and supportive trading education experience.

Founders and Philosophies

At the heart of Bullish Bears lie the philosophies of its founders Tim Davis, Daniel Adams, and Lucien Bechard. Their expertise and dedication have cultivated a platform where the primary goal is making financial markets accessible to all. They focus on creating a welcoming environment for beginners, fostering a trading community culture that prizes knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The trio's dedication to their Bullish Bears mission has established a trading education experience that is both fun and enlightening, emphasizing that learning about the stock market can be an enjoyable process.

Core Features and Educational Resources

Bullish Bears' offerings go beyond the usual expectations with a rich assortment of educational resources.

Members of the Bullish Bears community benefit from:

  • Interactive trade rooms featuring daily live streaming- this nurtures a vibrant environment where traders of different levels can converse, share strategies, and support each other.
  • Real-time trading alerts that enable newer traders to follow actionable signals and experienced traders to cross-verify their strategies.
  • Comprehensive educational resources, freely available to Bullish Bears membership holders, covering a range of topics from candlestick patterns to advanced trading strategies.
  • Mentoring sessions and weekly trade recap videos that contribute to an ongoing learning process through consistent feedback and insights.
  • An array of free courses that include broker-specific training modules for platforms such as Interactive Brokers and Thinkorswim.

The Bullish Bears platform's combination of mentorship, real-time support, and extensive educational content aligns with its mission to provide an affordable pathway to stock market education. Further, it reinforces the platform's commitment to fostering a supportive community where traders not only receive knowledge but also the encouragement to apply it confidently.

Bullish Bears Review: Digging Deeper into the Community's Offerings

The Bullish Bears community presents a dynamic suite of offerings tailored to the enthusiastic trader, including vibrant live trading rooms, an insightful stock alerts feature, and a deeply engaged Facebook group.

By fostering a robust trading community, Bullish Bears enables both budding and adept traders to navigate and profit from the movements of large-cap companies with conviction.

  • Live Trading Rooms: Renowned for their interactivity, the live trading rooms at Bullish Bears function as a conduit for real-time education and hands-on market analysis. Traders of all levels find value in the daily live streams, benefiting from the diverse range of trading styles and strategies discussed. These sessions are crucial for those committed to honing their skills in a live market environment.
  • Stock Alerts Feature: Members stay ahead of the curve with actionable trading signals provided by the stock alerts feature. These alerts, covering prominent large-cap companies, are not only instrumental during trading hours but also come with after-market recaps to reinforce learning and strategy development.
  • Facebook Group: A testament to its commitment to community building, Bullish Bears maintains an active presence on Facebook. The group offers traders an extended platform for discussion, mentorship, and sharing successes and challenges—a space where members continue to enrich their trading journey with peer support.

Bullish Bears goes beyond mere trading theory, submerging its members into a learning ecosystem where theory and practice converge, thereby solidifying their standing within the trading community.

Both the novice looking to grasp the basics and the seasoned trader striving for refined strategies find a home here, where real-world application and community insight amplify their trading experience.

The Learning Curve: Analyzing Bullish Bears Education Courses

Bullish Bears education stands as a cornerstone for individuals eager to engage in stock market learning. With a rich assortment of trading courses, their platform is meticulously tailored to support a diverse spectrum of traders, from those taking their first steps in trading to the advanced strategists looking to sharpen their skills.

From Novice to Experienced Trader

Breaking into the world of trading can be daunting, but Bullish Bears' educational resources pave a clear path for beginners. Their array of free trading courses—valued at an estimated $3,000—provide foundational knowledge on essential topics such as:

  • Candlestick patterns
  • Trend trading methodologies
  • Comparative studies of fundamental and technical analysis

Advanced topics are also available for seasoned traders, including complex trading techniques and in-depth market analysis. By offering broker-specific courses, Bullish Bears ensures that traders are adept at maneuvering through various trading platforms, thereby enhancing their tactical edge in real market conditions.

Continued Learning with New Content

With the financial markets constantly evolving, it is crucial for traders to stay abreast of the latest trading techniques and market analysis. Bullish Bears acknowledges this need for continuous education by routinely updating their course content.

This commitment to current and relevant learning materials empowers members with the following advantages:

  • Enhanced ability to analyze changing market scenarios
  • Application of refined trading techniques in dynamic trading environments
  • Access to the latest educational resources to solidify their trading acumen

As educators and facilitators in the realm of stock trading, Bullish Bears firmly positions itself as an essential educational hub for both enthusiastic beginners and experienced traders aiming to excel in the financial markets.

Trading Rooms and Live-Stream Interactions

The essence of the Bullish Bears trading community is encapsulated in their interactive trade rooms, where members are invited to observe and engage with market dynamics first-hand. These virtual spaces act as a conduit for live interactions, delivering unfiltered market insights in real time.

As educators and seasoned traders showcase their expertise through screen shares, participants gain a unique vantage point on chart analysis and strategy execution.

The moderators, adept in navigating the ebbs and flows of the markets, demonstrate not only the mechanics of seasoned trading but also instill a culture of informed decision-making. An array of market scenarios unfolds within the Bullish Bears trade rooms, giving attendees the opportunity to witness the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

  • Live market analysis fosters real-time learning and application.
  • Screen sharing sessions provide visual insight into trade setups.
  • Exchange of strategies among community members encourages diverse perspectives.
  • Direct access to coaches for personal interaction and query resolution.

This format of learning stimulates an understanding of the nuances inherent in trading, offering a blend of camaraderie and expertise that bolsters the confidence of both rookie and veteran traders. It's within these trade rooms that the Bullish Bears community comes together to unravel the complexities of the stock market, contributing to a collective wisdom that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Trade Alerts and Watchlists: Tools for Strategic Decisions

Traders seeking the edge in rapidly moving markets rely on tools that provide timely information and assist in sharp trade planning. Bullish Bears stands out in this field, offering an array of resources that furnish members with precise and actionable signals.

In the realm of stock trading, such tools are not just a convenience but a necessity, especially for those focusing on large-cap trading and meticulously plotting their trading strategies.

Real-Time Trade Signals

The delivery of real-time trade alerts by Bullish Bears is designed to enhance trade planning with actionable signals. These alerts, beneficial for the spectrum of traders from beginners to the more advanced, outline crucial trade parameters.

They provide specific entry and exit points, ensure clarity on striking prices, and define expiration dates, all pivotal in navigating the complex landscape of stock sectors.

Daily Updated Watchlists

In complement to the Bullish Bears stock alerts, the platform proffers daily updated watchlists that reflect comprehensive market data analysis. Each night, these watchlists are refreshed to highlight the most promising opportunities in day trading and swing trading.

Armed with the Bullish Bears watchlists, traders can sift through the voluminous marketplace data and concentrate on valuable prospects, elevating the effectiveness of their trading strategies.

Subscription Levels and Pricing: Considering Your Investment

When it comes to enhancing one’s proficiency in stock trading education investment, Bullish Bears presents two primary subscription plans crafted to accommodate various learning paces and financial commitments.

These pricing options serve as a gateway to a wealth of membership benefits, allowing traders to select a path that resonates with their educational investment mindset.

Comparing Month to Month Versus Yearly Plans

Each Bullish Bears subscription plan, whether chosen on a month-to-month basis or the annual option, opens doors to an array of features including access to trading rooms, real-time trade alerts, and educational content.

The month-to-month subscription suits those preferring short-term flexibility, complete with a seven-day trial to sample the community offerings. In contrast, the yearly plan is structured for a deeper commitment, yielding significant savings and additional resources that reward the foresight of a longer educational investment.

  • Month-to-Month Subscription: Ideal for those testing the waters of stock trading education with the freedom to cancel at any time.
  • Yearly Subscription: Best suited for committed members seeking to maximize their investment with extended resources and savings.

Exclusive Features of the Next Level Training Program

For individuals poised to take their trading acumen to advanced tiers, Bullish Bears curates its Next Level training program. This premier offering is an embodiment of advanced courses that come at a cost but deliver unparalleled value through private resources and personalized attention.

  • Daily Mentoring: Personalized guidance to navigate the complexities of the stock market.
  • Exclusive Video Library: Visual learning aids to enrich the stock trading education journey.
  • Thematic E-Books: Specially crafted e-books providing insight into specific areas of trading.

The inclusion of advanced courses through the Next Level training equips members with critical skills and private resources necessary for sophisticated trading strategies. Capitalizing on limited-time promotional offers, Bullish Bears ensures the educational investment remains accessible, empowering traders to elevate their expertise without exorbitant costs.


In summary, the Bullish Bears trading community distinguishes itself by interweaving comprehensive stock trading education with robust community support, forging an interactive environment where participants are not just learning individually, but also benefiting from the collective insight and experience of their peers.

Its holistic suite of tools and educational resources makes Bullish Bears more than just a place to learn about the stock market; it is a platform where newbies and seasoned traders alike can enhance their trading acumen. With competitively structured membership plans, Bullish Bears ensures that knowledge-seekers at every level have access to affordable, high-quality trading strategies and support.

To conclude, the consistent focus on fostering a supportive learning ecosystem, coupled with their commitment to affordability and continuous learning, positions Bullish Bears as a prime destination for anyone looking to navigate and succeed in the stock trading world. 


  • Service: Trading Course
  • Pricing: $69.97/month or $399/yr
  • Promotion: None

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