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Updated June 26, 2024

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Border Gold is a Canadian precious metals dealer specializing in the buying, selling, and storage of gold, silver, and other precious metals for investors and collectors.

Have you ever considered protecting your wealth with precious metals? Border Gold Corp (BGC) stands out for those aiming for resilience in their investments amidst financial instability.

As a premier dealer, BGC specializes in precious metals, attracting a diverse range of clients. Its reputation in gold investments sets it apart, but what keeps it shining through the years?

Key Takeaways

  • Border Gold Corp is a leading gold investment company and trusted dealer of precious metals in Canada.
  • Investing in gold and silver is simplified with BGC's client-friendly digital transaction platforms.
  • BGC's partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint underscores its reliable access to quality gold services.
  • With the guidance of Michael Levy, BGC has cemented a reputation for impeccable customer service and innovation in precious metals investment.
  • Trusted precious metal dealers like BGC are pivotal for investors navigating the complexities of the gold and silver market.

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Introduction to Border Gold Corp

At the forefront of the precious metal investment field, Border Gold Corp (BGC) stands out. It's recognized for centering its operations around the customer's needs, ensuring top-notch service and professional advice. This company is built on the pillars of trust and honesty. It aims to be the go-to place for individuals looking to delve into the complexities of precious metal investments.

  • Based in Canada, Border Gold Corp proudly serves as a leading authorized distributor for the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • The company is dedicated to equipping both experienced and new investors with the necessary tools and knowledge. This ensures a smooth and protected investment journey in precious metals.
  • Border Gold Corp sets a high standard for customer service, making every client interaction personal. This approach reaffirms the company’s dedication to satisfaction and excellence.

Border Gold Corp understands the weight of investment decisions. It commits to helping its clients weigh their options and make choices that fit their financial goals. Armed with deep market knowledge, the company focuses on empowering its customers through informed guidance.

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  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

History and Reputation of Border Gold

The story of Border Gold Corp (BGC) is filled with achievement and trust, standing the test of time. Under Michael Levy's guidance, the company has found its place in the precious metals industry. It shines through milestones reached and the satisfaction of its customers.

Leadership and Company Milestones

Michael Levy's leadership has been crucial for Border Gold's success. His vision has led to growth and innovation within the company. Under his guidance, Border Gold transformed, marking its history with significant achievements, including:

  • Establishing Border Gold Corp as a leading direct distributor for the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Expanding significantly across North America.
  • Introducing advanced technologies for secured gold trading and investments.

Consumer Trust and Industry Recognition

Trust in Border Gold Corp is a fundamental part of their ethos, earning them high industry recognition and consistent customer satisfaction. Their reputation has been fortified by:

  • Their dedication to competitive pricing and transparency.
  • A commitment to surpass industry standards in quality assurance.
  • Accolades and positive reviews from industry experts and customers.

These features highlight Border Gold's esteemed position in the marketplace. They're seen as a trusted authority in precious metals investment.

Assessing Border Gold's Product Offerings

Border Gold Corp (BGC) offers a wide array of high-quality precious metals. Its selection caters to investors and collectors alike, who seek authentic gold and silver items. Their inventory includes top-tier gold bars and well-known investment coins. BGC is recognized for connecting customers with genuine precious metals.

Genuine Gold Bars and Investment Coins

BGC is notable for its diverse precious metal options that suit various investment needs. Its collection features:

  • Gold bars, valued for their purity and investment safeness.
  • Recognizable coins such as the American Buffalo, Mexican Libertad, and Canadian Maple Leaf. Each is praised for its design and pure content.

Exclusive Royal Canadian Mint Distributorship

BGC holds a special position as an authorized Royal Canadian Mint distributor. This exclusive partnership offers access to:

  • The Canadian Wolverine limited edition coin, a hit among enthusiasts.
  • The prestigious Austrian Philharmonic coins, which reflect Europe's rich musical heritage with their exquisite craftsmanship.

This relationship with the Royal Canadian Mint enables BGC to provide rare coins. It underscores their dedication to delivering metals that combine value with cultural significance.

Border Gold Review: Services That Shine

Border Gold Corp (BGC) is celebrated for enhancing retirement portfolio variety through specialized offerings. It merges traditional investments with innovative strategies, distinguishing itself in client dedication and investor advice.

Gold IRA Opportunities and Management

BGC shines in gold IRA services, vital for retirement planning. Investors find it easy to start or transfer a precious metals IRA with BGC’s help. Partnering with trusted custodians, BGC guarantees the security and compliance of precious metals IRAs.

They focus on the authenticity of metals and secure storage, protecting investor assets. This aligns with their goal to boost retirement portfolio diversity.

Direct Sales and Client Education

BGC’s sales process is built on transparency and integrity, ensuring high authenticity standards. This approach builds trust among clients. Additionally, BGC values client education on precious metals investing.

They offer insights into market trends and pricing factors, empowering clients. This educational strategy allows for informed investment decisions.

A Closer Look at Pricing and Fees

Border Gold Corp is celebrated for its competitive pricing structure and transparent fee policies. These elements are crucial for providing outstanding investment value to their clients. We're going to explore how their pricing model not only matches but also often exceeds what's expected in the market.

  • The company's transaction fees are notably low compared to others in the sector. They usually stay under the standard 2.5% mark. This offers a tangible benefit to investors, especially during special offers like the 2020 festive season when fees dropped to 1%.
  • They are renowned for their open fee policies. Every charge, from transactions to storage, is detailed beforehand. This transparency allows investors to make decisions knowing their investment won't be diminished by unforeseen costs.
  • Border Gold's storage fees use a tiered system, rewarding various investment levels. Essentially, larger investments lead to more favourable storage rates. This approach makes storage costs more efficient for bigger investments.

Transparent fee structures do more than just protect investment value. They also build trust and reliability in precious metals financial interactions. By sticking to a customer-first policy with competitive and clear fees, Border Gold Corp strengthens its status as a dependable precious metals investment ally.

Transparency and Ethical Considerations

In the realm of precious metals, ethical gold sourcing is crucial. Border Gold Corp (BGC) is dedicated to enhancing transparency and fostering a sustainable approach. This commitment enriches and secures client relationships.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing Practices

Border Gold is engaged in sustainability initiatives. They partner with mines that prioritize environmental responsibility and adhere to labor laws. These practices ensure worker rights are protected.

At the heart of its procurement, BGC focuses on ethical gold sourcing. They aim for full traceability and transparency. This builds client trust and establishes BGC as an industry leader in ethical practices.

Open Communication and Client Relationships

BGC values open dialogue and responsive communication with customers. This approach is vital for cultivating trust in the competitive gold investment market.

They offer clear, detailed information on product origins, pricing, and benefits. This enables clients to make well-informed decisions. Such clarity and commitment to education significantly boost customer relationships and satisfaction.

Customer Service Experience and Support

At Border Gold Corp, a strong commitment exists towards enhancing client satisfaction. This is evident in their robust customer service system. By offering dedicated support and personalized investor assistance, they make every client feel valued. Their approach to investment handling includes thorough guidance and responsive communication. This sets a remarkably high standard in the precious metals industry.

Personalized Assistance and Client Guidance

Border Gold Corp stands out for providing personalized investor assistance. Their team is knowledgeable and deeply committed to the clients. They focus on understanding and meeting each investor's specific needs. Whether new or experienced, investors get the attention needed to make informed decisions confidently.

Handling Inquiries and Resolving Issues

The efficiency in responding to customer inquiries and resolving issues at Border Gold Corp significantly boosts client experience. They offer prompt and effective solutions, ensuring smooth and reliable transactions. The aim is more than just fixing problems. It's about maintaining trust and satisfaction to build lasting relationships with their clients.

  • Dedicated customer support quickly addresses any doubts and provides reassurances, making the investment journey seamless.
  • Personalized investor assistance tailored to individual investment goals and preferences.
  • High customer inquiries response rate, ensuring that every client query is acknowledged and handled promptly.
  • Issue resolution efficiency that stands out, minimizing any potential stress or inconvenience for investors.

Border Gold Corp focuses on comprehensive support to simplify the investment process. This approach not only makes investing more straightforward but also more enriching. It clearly shows their dedication to customer satisfaction and service excellence.


The review of Border Gold Corp highlights its role as a key player in precious metals. It's built on trust, reliability, and focusing on client needs. This firm is not just a dealer but a partner for those wanting to diversify assets. Border Gold Corp offers top-notch gold products and services. Their fair and transparent pricing makes them a benchmark for investors.

Anyone looking into precious metals will see Border Gold's commitment to quality. They combine ethical sourcing with extensive services geared towards clients. This approach empowers investors to make informed decisions. Clearly, BGC prioritizes financial stability and growth for its investors.

Border Gold Corp is a model of success in gold and precious metal investment. They lead with innovation and are dedicated to satisfying clients. BGC stands as a leader in the sector. For those planning their financial journey, Border Gold offers guidance through complex markets towards success.


  • Services: Gold Dealer
  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
  • Promotion: None

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