Bookmap vs Sierra Chart – Which One Is The Better Platform

Updated May 10, 2024

The financial markets are constantly evolving, requiring traders to utilize sophisticated tools. Understanding this, the choice of a powerful platform becomes crucial.

Bookmap and Sierra Chart are leading platforms offering enhanced charting and analytics. They are tailored to support diverse trading strategies. 

This article will compare their features, ease of use, pricing, and support, helping traders make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Bookmap specializes in advanced order book visualizations and market depth analysis, suitable for short-term traders.
  • Sierra Chart features highly customizable charting and technical analysis tools, ideal for traders focusing on long-term strategies.
  • Both platforms offer unique approaches to charting and analytics, fitting different trading styles and preferences.
  • Important factors including features, pricing, user experience, and trading support are considered in this comparison review.
  • The trading software comparison helps traders in financial markets to make an informed decision on the right platform for their needs.


Order book visualization, market depth analysis

Trading platform with advanced charting, technical analysis, and order execution


Starting at $9.99/month or $119.88/year

Starting at $24.95/month or $267/year

Customer Support

Email and phone support

Email and phone support

Best Use

Active traders who want to visualize market liquidity and make informed trading decisions

Traders who need advanced charting and technical analysis tools for futures and options trading

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Understanding Bookmap and Sierra Chart

In the evolving trading landscape, traders seek platforms meeting the demands of their strategies. Bookmap and Sierra Chart stand out for their tailored tools, serving different trading realms. They focus on providing advanced order book visuals and adaptable charts.

What Is Bookmap?

Bookmap offers superior order book visuals, presenting a 3D market view. Its strength lies in providing real-time market data for quick, informed trading decisions. Notably, the heatmap feature analyzes bid and ask data, benefiting day traders and scalpers. These tools are invaluable for futures and options traders, enhancing their market navigation.

What Is Sierra Chart?

Sierra Chart specializes in custom charting, meeting the complex needs of technical analysis aficionados. It includes unique chart types like Renko, Kagi, and Point & Figure. These are ideal for those employing technical analysis in futures and options markets.

Sierra Chart’s key advantage is its support for advanced trading strategies. It offers a wide range of analysis tools, ensuring traders have real-time data for each decision made. This makes it a complete platform for developing and employing personalized trading plans.

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Analysis: Depth of Market and Order Flow

In the world of trading, grasping market movements is key. Platforms such as Bookmap and Sierra Chart dive deeply into market liquidity and order flow, offering insights for wise trading decisions.

Bookmap's Heatmap Visualization

Bookmap excels in depicting market depth with its heatmap feature. It furnishes traders with:

  • A detailed view of bid and ask data in high resolution, vital for identifying market imbalances.
  • Visual clues that unveil trading chances by detecting shifts in liquidity.
  • Additional tools including volume profiles and tracking of large trades, aiding in developing strategies tied to real market actions.

Sierra Chart's Market Depth Data

Sierra Chart offers a plethora of charting features along with exhaustive market depth data. This includes:

  • A comprehensive look at buy and sell volumes across price levels, enhancing market liquidity analysis.
  • The capability to merge this data with charting tools, ensuring accurate financial market study.
  • Features that empower quick strategy adaptations, making traders agile in dynamic market scenarios.

Both Bookmap and Sierra Chart play a pivotal role in arming traders with the precision necessary for predicting and leveraging evolving market trends.

Bookmap vs Sierra Chart Charting Capabilities

When diving into the charting capabilities of Bookmap and Sierra Chart, we place emphasis on their usage of advanced charting tools, graphical trading analysis, and trading pattern identification features. These aspects unveil unique benefits to traders. 

Each platform has distinctive advantages, suiting various trading analysis and strategy development methods.

  • Advanced Charting Tools: Sierra Chart stands out for its customizable charting features. It offers a vast selection of chart types and technical indicators. Such flexibility lets traders tailor their environment to their precise needs, aiding in navigating complex market dynamics.
  • Graphical Trading Analysis: Bookmap shines in its graphical depiction of market depth and order flow. It showcases real-time and historical market data in a visually digestible format. This aids traders in quick identification of crucial price levels and emerging market trends.
  • Trading Pattern Identification: The platforms boast robust trading pattern identification capabilities. Sierra Chart employs thorough scanning and alert systems, allowing users to find trading setups based on specific criteria. Bookmap offers a different angle with its visual analytics, highlighting patterns through volume imbalance, iceberg orders, and other market activities.

This analysis showcases why Bookmap and Sierra Chart are favored among traders seeking deep analytical tools and the ability to craft personalized trading strategies. Utilizing these platforms’ powerful features can greatly improve decision-making and market insight.

Technical Analysis: Indicators, Studies, and Tools

In the trading world, choosing the right tools for technical analysis is key. Bookmap and Sierra Chart both stand out. Each excels in different areas of market analysis.

Customizable Options in Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart is known for its wide range of technical analysis tools. They are powerful and highly customizable. This allows traders to tailor the platform to their unique trading strategies. With Sierra Chart, traders can:

  • Create and tailor trading indicators for specific strategy needs.
  • Conduct in-depth financial market studies for past performance and future insights.
  • Use advanced back-testing to automate and refine trading strategies. This ensures strategies are well-tested before use.

Real-time Data and Indicators in Bookmap

Bookmap, on the other hand, focuses on delivering real-time, detailed data for informed trading decisions. It stands out in its support for active trading. Bookmap's features are tailored to analyze order flow, making it ideal for order flow analysis. Its key benefits include:

  • Features for real-time market movement monitoring.
  • Indicators that specifically analyze order flow dynamics.
  • Tools for spotting short-term trading opportunities based on current market conditions.

Both Bookmap and Sierra Chart enhance trading by offering essential tools and indicators for technical analysis. The choice between them depends on a trader's primary needs. This could be deep customization or immediate, actionable data.

Comparing User Interface and Experience

When you look at trading platforms like Bookmap and Sierra Chart, you see they have unique benefits for their users. The way each platform is designed plays a big part in how traders use market data and carry out their strategies.

  • Bookmap: Bookmap stands out due to its real-time heatmap visualization. It gives traders a live look at the market's liquidity and order flow. This makes trading more user-friendly for those who prize quick decision-making and data analysis.
  • Sierra Chart: Sierra Chart is prized for letting users customize the trading setup to their liking. This customization is ideal for traders deeply focused on technical analysis. It ensures their trading platform meets their specific needs.

The decision between Bookmap and Sierra Chart should depend on a trader's particular needs. Specifically, what they're looking for in their software and what's vital for their trading methods. Both platforms aim to streamline trading activities, focused on different aspects of user experience and feature set.

Support and Resources for Traders

Bookmap and Sierra Chart stand out for their exceptional trading platforms and support for traders. They provide crucial support for traders at all levels, ensuring they have the help they need to improve their trading. This assistance is essential for both beginner and seasoned traders, offering customer support and resources for their trading endeavors.

Customer Support Offerings

Both platforms prioritize trader support, offering help through diverse channels. They’re ready to tackle any issue, whether it's about using the platform, solving technical problems, or understanding complex trading scenarios. Bookmap and Sierra Chart’s support comprises:

  • Email support providing expert answers to questions.
  • Direct phone assistance for urgent issues.
  • Live chat for immediate, real-time support.

Educational Materials and Community Support

Building traders’ skills and boosting their confidence is key for a successful trading venture. Both platforms significantly contribute to educational resources like:

  • Tutorial videos and webinars, spanning from basic platform features to advanced trading strategies.
  • FAQs and help centers offering solutions to common trading issues and questions.
  • Forums and user groups for the exchange of ideas and experiences, creating a space for collaboration.

These resources aren’t just for individuals; they help create a knowledgeable and engaged trading community.

Pricing Structures and Subscription Options

Deciphering the intricacies behind trading software pricing and charting platform subscriptions is pivotal. When choosing your tools for trading, it's essential to grasp the subscription models. This comparison pits Bookmap vs Sierra Chart costs against each other. It helps assess the value each platform offers against the investment.

  • Bookmap lays out a subscription model that commences with a free tier. This serves new traders aiming to test its features without upfront costs. For those seeking more sophisticated tools, there are options up to $99 monthly, designed specifically for seasoned traders.
  • Initiating at just $24 a month, Sierra Chart's entry-level cost is quite reasonable. It becomes a more robust option as traders can add extra features, such as enhanced analyses and broader data access, boosting its functionality further.

Both platforms allow for subscription upgrades as trading needs evolve. This flexibility is crucial for adaptable trading strategies. With Sierra Chart, adherents can leverage long-term discounts. This significantly cuts down annual expenses, which is a valuable benefit for dedicated users.


The choice between Bookmap and Sierra Chart is highly personal. It should be based on how their capabilities align with your trading strategies. If your focus is on order flow and market depth, Bookmap's heatmap visualizations are invaluable. They help traders understand market dynamics and make quicker, more informed decisions.

On the other hand, Sierra Chart will appeal to traders who prioritize customizable technical analysis. Its standout features include robust backtesting and programmable indicators. This allows for a high degree of platform personalization, enhancing trading effectiveness based on individual styles.

Ultimately, the right platform depends on how well it matches your trading objectives. This comparison of Bookmap and Sierra Chart aims to guide traders in making an informed choice.


  • Service: Stock heatmap & orderflow
  • Pricing: $0-$79/month
  • Promotion: None

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