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Updated June 8, 2024

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Blue Guardian Pro Trading offers a platform for proprietary traders, providing advanced tools, data analytics, and risk management solutions to optimize trading performance and profitability.

Can you find a Forex trading platform that goes beyond promises? Blue Guardian seeks to transform your Forex trading journey. This proprietary trading firm presents not just unlimited trading periods and notable leverage. It combines security with profit-centric features, offering an 85% profit split and robust loss protection.

For those aiming to become Funded Forex Traders, Blue Guardian provides a promising foundation. Let’s delve into whether Blue Guardian is the portal to new opportunities in the Forex world.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlimited trading periods provided by Blue Guardian encourage a flexible approach to Forex trading.
  • High maximum account leverage of 1:100 caters to traders with varying risk appetites.
  • Blue Guardian's innovative loss protection system is integral for risk management.
  • Attractive profit splits with bi-weekly payouts place Blue Guardian ahead of many in the industry.
  • Refundable fees structure aligns with Blue Guardian's commitment to trader success and satisfaction.

An Overview of Blue Guardian's Proprietary Trading Firm

At the core of Blue Guardian proprietary trading is a state-of-the-art trading model. It's designed for Forex trading success. The firm allows traders to trade without time limits. This is crucial for taking advantage of market opportunities as they come. With a leverage of 1:100, traders have the power to amplify their market impact significantly.

  • The firm's risk strategy is finely tuned. It sets daily loss limits at 4% and total loss limits at 8-10%. This fosters a disciplined environment for trading.
  • Bi-weekly payouts and a generous 85% profit split showcase Blue Guardian's commitment to its traders. It rewards those who consistently show strong performance.
  • The policy of refundable fees highlights the firm’s support for the financial and professional growth of its traders.

Blue Guardian proprietary trading provides traders with a suite of vital resources. These include high leverage and the freedom to trade anytime, crucial for success in Forex. Its approach to risk management and focus on trader success make it an inviting place for seasoned traders aiming to further their careers.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

Evaluating Blue Guardian's Account Offerings and Profit Splits

Blue Guardian has raised expectations with its diverse Forex account options. They are crafted for traders at different professional stages. Each type is aimed to boost trading conditions and increase potential profits. This makes them highly suited for everyone from novices to experienced traders.

  • Diverse Account Options: With account balances allowance ranging from a $400 to $8,000 maximum daily loss limit, Blue Guardian accounts offer something for every trader’s risk appetite.
  • Consistent Profit Targets: Each account type adheres to consistent profit target percentages, ensuring clarity and achievable goals across the board.
  • Generous Leverage: Leveraging up to 1:100 is available in all account types, empowering traders to amplify their trading strategies effectively.
  • Exceptional Profit Split: The 85% profit split, a highlight among Forex account offerings, positions Blue Guardian as an industry leader in value-sharing with its traders, thus endorsing a lucrative trading framework.

Not only does Blue Guardian offer competitive trading conditions, but it also focuses on risk management and profit maximization. Its thoughtful account settings are designed to meet traders' needs. They allow traders to keep a significant portion of their earnings. This positions Blue Guardian as an attractive option in the forex market.

Understanding Blue Guardian's Trading Evaluation Process

The Trading Evaluation Process at Blue Guardian is designed to evaluate and improve the skills necessary for becoming Funded Traders in Forex Trading. It assesses a trader's skill and risk management adherence. Furthermore, it prepares them for managing substantial trading capital.

Phase 1: The Initial Step to Becoming a Funded Trader

The first phase of the Trading Evaluation Process requires participants to meet specific objectives. These reflect their capacity to effectively manage risk. They must adhere to maximum daily and total loss limits and achieve set profit targets. This phase is a crucial test of a trader’s discipline and strategic planning ability.

Phase 2: The Final Hurdle Before Funding

After passing the initial phase, traders enter a more challenging stage in Phase 2. The focus shifts to maintaining consistent trading methods and sustained risk management. Completing this phase is essential for traders aiming for funding. It signifies their readiness to become proficient Funded Traders.

The dual-phase Forex Trading Evaluation at Blue Guardian strengthens a trader’s understanding of the forex markets. It also ensures their trading approaches meet professional and strategic financial standards. This is crucial for a successful trading career.

Becoming a Funded Trader: The Financials and Scaling Plan

Blue Guardian outlines a clear path for traders seeking funding through a transparent financial structure and scaling plan. This strategy aims to cultivate trader growth and success by setting realistic profit targets and offering competitive payouts every two weeks.

Profit Targets and Scaling Opportunities

The path to financial growth at Blue Guardian is paved with clear, achievable profit targets. Beyond just figures, these targets are milestones for financial growth and trading capital increase. The benefits of the scaling plan for traders are notable:

  • Setting initial profit targets realistically promotes achievement and keeps traders motivated.
  • Reaching these targets qualifies traders for incremental capital scaling, enhancing their trading capabilities and income possibilities.
  • This careful scaling strategy gives traders sufficient time to achieve their goals without unnecessary pressure.

Bi-Weekly Payouts Structure

The bi-weekly payout system stands out as one of Blue Guardian’s key financial benefits for funded traders. It offers better cash flow management, allowing traders to access their earnings more regularly.

  • Traders benefit from receiving payouts every two weeks, a rare offering in the market.
  • This frequent payout rhythm not only improves liquidity but also maintains motivation and financial support for traders.
  • With an 85% profit share, traders gain a substantial portion of their earnings, highlighting Blue Guardian’s dedication to their success.

The Value of Customer Support in Your Trading Journey

In Forex trading's volatile environment, the caliber of customer support significantly impacts a trader’s success. Blue Guardian stands out by offering exceptional Forex trading support and customer service. This ensures traders have all necessary resources and guidance to successfully maneuver the Forex market’s complexities.

Accessibility of Blue Guardian's Support Team

Blue Guardian's customer support is available round the clock, recognizing the Forex market's 24/7 operation. Traders need consistent support, and Blue Guardian’s team is ready to assist. They can tackle everything from technical glitches to trading strategy advice. This ensures help is always a message away for every trader.

Resources and Tools for Traders

Blue Guardian provides a wealth of trading resources and tools to enhance its users' trading knowledge. Users find within their trading platform:

  • Real-time analytics for informed decision-making
  • Educational materials for ongoing learning
  • Guardian Protector, designed for risk management and investment protection

These resources not only help protect investments but also build traders' confidence. They enable users to make informed and strategic decisions with efficiency.

Blue Guardian Review: Features That Set It Apart

In the realm of Forex trading, Blue Guardian emerges with unique trading features. These features not only boost efficiency but also promote substantial growth and risk management. With state-of-the-art Forex tools, Blue Guardian cements its position as a top-tier platform. It's crafted for enduring success in the Forex arena.

Competitive Profit Targets and Growth Plan

Blue Guardian's Forex growth strategy is designed to support traders' steady progression. It sets exceptionally low profit targets of 8% and 4%. Such goals ensure that traders evolve at their own pace, adapting to individual tactics and varying market scenarios. This approach diminishes stress, enabling traders to devise potent market strategies.

  • Empowering traders to reach a balanced trading rhythm without overwhelming profit expectations.
  • Potential to escalate a trader’s account balance by 12% over 3 months, with caps reaching as high as $2,000,000.

Guardian Protector: A Built-in Equity Protector Tool

The Guardian Protector notably distinguishes Blue Guardian by reinforcing its risk management framework. This dashboard tool is crucial for setting daily loss limits and pausing trades when needed. Such features are vital for instilling disciplined trading habits and enhancing loss control.

  • Enhances trader autonomy by allowing personalized setting of risk thresholds.
  • Promotes disciplined trading habits by integrating robust Forex trading tools directly within the trading dashboard.


Blue Guardian is distinguished by its rigorous evaluation technique, underscoring its commitment to excellence and precision. This process ensures that only the most skilled traders are offered the chance to become funded professionals.

The Guardian Protector tool epitomizes the firm's ethos, safeguarding trader funds with astute risk management. This tool merges innovative tech with a focus on trader progress.

In closing, Blue Guardian has established a cluster of opportunities that appeal to beginners and veterans in trading. It fosters a sense of security through its steadfast support system, offers freedom with bi-weekly payouts, and promotes continuous growth via a scalable plan. Thus, Blue Guardian shines as a pillar of dependability and wealth in the swift-moving forex market.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing:  Varies by account
  • Promotion: None

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