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Updated May 22, 2024

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Blanchard Gold is a precious metals investment firm specializing in gold, silver, platinum, and rare coins, providing expert advisory services to help investors diversify and protect their wealth.

In the realm of personal finance, gold is a storied shield against economic ups and downs. Blanchard & Company, known as Blanchard Gold, has earned trust since 1975, thanks to founder Jim Blanchard. They focus on gold investment and tangible assets to secure futures.

But questions remain about their methods and the real benefits to clients. Is Blanchard Gold the gold standard for wealth preservation, or is there more than meets the eye?

Key Takeaways

  • Blanchard Gold, a veteran in the precious metals market, emphasizes the importance of gold investments for wealth protection.
  • Founded on the historic feat of re-legalizing private gold ownership, Blanchard Gold champions portfolio diversification through tangible assets.
  • With a rich legacy spanning over four decades, this family-owned institution has become synonymous with trust and advocacy in the precious metals realm.
  • Investors seeking to fortify their financial future must evaluate whether Blanchard Gold's storied past aligns with present-day investment standards.
  • Understanding Blanchard Gold's approach and examining its performance are essential to determine its fit within a modern investor's portfolio.

A Brief History of Blanchard Gold

Blanchard Gold's history, originally Blanchard & Company, is tied to Jim Blanchard's groundbreaking work in precious metals. His advocacy for the right to own gold spurred a major change in U.S. policy during the 1970s. This era was crucial for Blanchard Gold’s development. It also established the company as a precious metals industry leader.

The Beginnings of Blanchard & Company

Upon the re-legalization of gold ownership, Blanchard & Company started its operations based on economic freedom and gold investment principles. The company stood out by advocating gold for portfolio diversification and inflation protection.

Jim Blanchard's Battle for Gold Ownership Legalization

Jim Blanchard's campaign for gold ownership legalization was a key moment in American financial history. He went beyond speeches, organizing conferences, distributing literature, and using media to rally support. His efforts helped overturn existing bans, allowing private gold ownership and trade.

The Growth of a Precious Metals Powerhouse

With its vibrant start and Jim Blanchard's advocacy, Blanchard Gold built its reputation by diversifying into various precious metals. These actions helped the company leverage early wins and attract a wide clientele. Getting accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 1982 enhanced Blanchard Gold's market position, affirming decades of trust and expertise among clients.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Blanchard Gold's Approach to Precious Metals Investing

Blanchard Gold stands out for its expertise in the precious metals market. They offer a detailed and dynamic approach, customized to suit investor needs in a changing financial environment. Blanchard specifically caters to those interested in rare collectible coins and structured investment plans, including IRAs.

Rare Coins and Collectibles Offered by Blanchard

Central to Blanchard Gold's offerings is an extensive array of rare collectible coins. These are highly sought after by both experienced collectors and those new to investing. Beyond their rarity, these coins are a solid hedge against inflation. This makes them an attractive option in the face of fluctuating precious metals market prices.

  • Exclusive access to limited edition and historically significant coins.
  • Expert authentication and appraisal for genuine collectibility and investment value.
  • Personalized consulting to align with individual investment goals and interests.

Understanding Blanchard Gold's IRA Rollover Services

The Blanchard Gold IRA rollover service eases the integration of precious metals into retirement savings. It diversifies investment portfolios, offering potent protection against economic slumps.

  • Assistance with the rollover of existing IRAs and 401(k)s into precious metal IRAs.
  • Connection with trusted custodians to manage and safeguard the physical assets.
  • Continuous support and guidance through the setup and ongoing maintenance of the precious metals IRA.

Comparing Market Prices and Investment Value

Grasping the intricacies of market prices is essential for those investing in rare coins and precious metals. Blanchard Gold ensures transparency, providing thorough market analyses and pricing. This empowers investors to make well-informed choices.

  • Regular updates on market trends and price fluctuations.
  • Comparative analysis of Blanchard's pricing against global market standards.
  • Insights into factors influencing the current and future values of precious metals.

Examining Blanchard Gold's Client Relationships

Blanchard Gold, a leading investment firm, has devoted much effort to forging strong connections with clients. Particularly, it targets an older generation that ventured into precious metals in the late 20th century. This dealer isn't merely a service provider but a partner to enthusiasts and seasoned tangible asset investors.

Throughout the years, maintaining client relations has been crucial yet challenging for Blanchard Gold. The swift changes in customer service tech and methods pose hurdles.

  • Adaptation to digital communication and service platforms, as expected by newer generations of clients, has been slower compared to industry newcomers.
  • The expectation of personal touch in tandem with high-efficiency modern services requires balancing traditional methods with innovative approaches.

Despite these hurdles, Blanchard Gold stays true to its foundational client base. It aims to adapt and uphold modern standards while keeping the unique personal touch that has been its signature for nearly 50 years.

Blanchard Gold Review: Analyzing Customer Satisfaction

Exploring Blanchard Gold's client feedback reveals significant insights into its impact on their reputation. Clients offer both praise and critique, showcasing the intricate nature of customer relations in the gold investment sector. This broad spectrum of opinions underscores the pivotal role of customer satisfaction.

Breaking Down Positive Customer Feedback

  • Many long-term customers highlight timely service delivery, where transactions are processed and finalized without undue delay.
  • Several reviews commend Blanchard Gold for offering trustworthy advice, aiding clients in making informed investment choices that align with their financial goals.
  • Repeat clients often mention personalized customer care, suggesting that Blanchard Gold prioritizes building lasting relationships.

Handling Negative Remarks and Complaints

  • A significant volume of Blanchard Gold reviews mention concerns over pricing, particularly noting the cost of rare coins as higher than average market rates.
  • Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with delivery times, pointing out delays that were not adequately communicated by customer service teams.
  • Negative feedback often includes mentions of insufficient responses to service complaints, highlighting a need for more effective communication and resolution strategies.

Investigating Blanchard Gold's Business Transparency

Examining Blanchard Gold, we focus on its transparency, issues of overpricing on rare coins, and how complaints are addressed. These factors are pivotal for evaluating the dealer's trustworthiness and reliability. By understanding these, we can gauge the company's credibility.

Deconstructing Allegations of Overpricing

Blanchard Gold faces criticisms for charging high prices for its rare coins, beyond what the market usually dictates. The company argues that high prices are justified by the coins' authenticity, historical significance, and quality control. Nonetheless, such justifications haven't quelled doubts among some investors and collectors, keeping the pricing debate alive.

Blanchard Gold's Public Response to Customer Issues

In dealing with complaints, Blanchard Gold has made public statements to clarify misunderstandings and address customer unhappiness. Despite these attempts, a belief persists that the company's responses are too rare and lack in-depth solutions. This situation has led to calls for Blanchard Gold to improve its communication. The goal is to enhance customer trust through more transparent practices.


In this analysis of Blanchard Gold, we unveil a company deeply integrated into the precious metals investment scene. It boasts a history rich with significance, alongside a firm dedication to precious metal assets.

Blanchard has become a key player in the industry over the years. Reflecting on Blanchard Gold, we must recognize their vast experience and significant impact on private gold and metal investments.

However, it's critical for both existing and prospective investors to review a wide array of feedback. The opinions on Blanchard Gold's reliability vary, showing a mix of satisfaction and concerns among clients.


  • Services: Bullion Dealer
  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
  • Promotion: None

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