BGASC vs APMEX – Who Should You Invest With?

Updated April 30, 2024

The allure of tangibility in investments has seen many gravitate towards precious metals investing, creating a bustling market catered to by online gold dealers and silver investment platforms.

Among the front-runners, BGASC (Buy Gold and Silver Coins) and APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange) stand out, offering an array of services and products designed to suit varied investor profiles. 

This deep-dive precious metals comparison will highlight how each platform tailors its BGASC services and APMEX offerings, aiming to give investors a clear snapshot of what they can expect when pooling their resources into these precious commodities.

Key Takeaways

  • Both BGASC and APMEX are leading platforms for precious metals investment.
  • They prioritize gold and silver trading, along with other precious metals, to serve a wide range of investors.
  • BGASC and APMEX are trusted online dealers with strong commitments to customer service and satisfaction.
  • Investors should consider factors like product variety, pricing, and educational resources when choosing between BGASC and APMEX.
  • The choice between these dealers ultimately rests on individual investment strategies and preferences.

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Online Precious Metals Dealer

Online Precious Metals Dealer


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Price of metals + Shipping + Insurance + Handling

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Phone and email support available

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Investors and collectors looking to buy precious metals

Investors and collectors looking to buy precious metals

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Introducing BGASC and APMEX

As online precious metals dealers, BGASC and APMEX provide invaluable opportunities for those invested in securing their financial future through the acquisition of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Both companies have forged strong reputations within the industry, but they each offer distinct features that appeal to a variety of investors and collectors.

This section offers a deeper look into the services and experiences provided by these two trusted gold and silver sources.


Known for its high standard of customer service, BGASC makes it easy to compare and contrast precious metals investment options.

Their online presence is prominent, featuring a wide selection of products—from gold bars to specialty platinum and palladium items. BGASC comprehensive review highlights the company's dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction.


Starting out on eBay before flourishing into a full-scale operation, APMEX sports an extensive product catalog that caters to both novices and experienced collectors.

Highlighting investor education and strong relationships with global mints, APMEX has garnered an impressive level of trust among its clientele, as evidenced by the wealth of positive reviews from its users.

Navigating through these companies' offerings, their common goal remains clear: empowering the customer in their journey to make informed and beneficial precious metals investments. Whether it's BGASC providing competitive options or APMEX detailing a journey of growth and expansion, both stand out as leading online precious metals dealers for today's savvy investor.

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BGASC vs APMEX: Distinct Features & Services

When diving into the world of precious metals investment, the distinction between the offerings of two industry titans, BGASC and APMEX, becomes evident.

Each platform showcases its unique strengths in product range, pricing, and experience, providing both novices and aficionados with rich selection and invaluable insights.

The Product Range Showdown

A cornerstone of any precious metals trader is undoubtedly the precious metals product range they provide. BGASC's inventory impresses with a variety that includes the sought-after American Gold Eagles, extending into the realms of platinum, palladium, and even collectors' favorite copper products. This diverse lineup caters to a broad spectrum of tastes and investment strategies.

On the other side, APMEX exclusive collections stand out. Its sprawling gallery not only features standard bullion but also rare numismatic pieces and the MintDirect® products—a testament to their commitment to serving the dedicated collector with material straight from the mint's press.

Pricing Structure: Fees and Discounts Explored

In the competitive arena of precious metals pricing, transparency reigns supreme. BGASC prides itself on straightforward transparent fees and the allure of competitive rates. They commend themselves to bulk buyers through volume discounts, heightening the appeal to larger investors.

Conversely, APMEX harnesses the power of timely promotions and festive discounts, ensuring that customers always feel they are obtaining value, evidenced through their price match guarantee—a promise of the best deal available in the market.

Experience Behind the Platforms

As industry veterans, both BGASC and APMEX are customer-focused businesses that have evolved to become two of the most reputable platforms in the precious metals market.

BGASC boasts an enviable industry standing with an A+ BBB rating, which underscores their large market share in bullion supply. 

Although newer, APMEX does not fall short, equipping investors with a broad array of resources and a specialized guide for precious metals IRAs.

Together, they share a wealth of precious metals trading experience, though APMEX's extensive supplemental resources establish it as a holistic educator in the industry.

Evaluating User Experience: Website and Shopping

The virtual storefronts of BGASC and APMEX set the gold standard for online precious metals shopping. Prioritizing website accessibility, both companies have cultivated an intuitive website design that accommodates the needs of savvy investors and novices alike.

The platforms reflect the brands’ dedication to creating user-friendly platforms with seamless navigation, making the selection and purchasing process as straightforward as unearthing a precious find.


BGASC's commitment to an effortless online experience is apparent through its straightforward layout.

Emphasizing a hassle-free path from browsing to buying, the website advocates for consumer confidence with a secure checkout system and an adaptable interface fit for any device.


APMEX, on the other hand, not only offers a clean and functional design but also integrates comprehensive learning resources.

These facets combine to craft a shopping journey that empowers customers through education, reinforcing the ease of transaction with added knowledge.

The pursuit of excellence in digital commerce has driven both BGASC and APMEX to fine-tune their online ecosystems. This dedication ensures that whether customers are in the market for bullion or rare numismatics, the path to acquiring these precious assets online is paved with clarity, security, and utmost user satisfaction.

Customer Engagement: Service Support and Education

In the realm of investing in precious metals, where investor trust is pivotal, both BGASC and APMEX have taken significant strides to ensure they provide customer support that not only solves investment queries but also strengthens the investor relationship.

This attentive service results in a more confident investor, aware of the numerous facets of precious metals investment.

Responsiveness of Customer Service

BGASC's commitment to responsive service is evident as they focus on resolving investment queries with speed and accuracy. Their dedication to customer support in precious metals is crucial for maintaining and building investor trust. While peak times might test their service's promptness, their continuous strides for improvement are notable.

APMEX, with eyes on a global stage, extends their support to a 24/7 operation, acknowledging the importance of accessibility for a diverse and international clientele. These unparalleled service hours aim to ensure no investor query goes unheard, regardless of the time zone.

Educational Resources for Informed Investing

Educational content serves as an anchor for informed investing. APMEX clearly leads in this domain by offering extensive precious metals education through various materials such as insightful articles, market updates, and investment guidance tools including price alerts and a portfolio tracker.

While BGASC may offer a narrower range of educational content, its provision is no less significant, presenting essential information investors require to navigate their investment journey.

Together, these resources form a bedrock for educational content, empowering investors as they build knowledge and engage in the process of informed investing.

Reliability and Security: Which Stands Up to Scrutiny?

When it comes to investing in precious metals, the twin pillars of security and reliability cannot be overstated. Investors seek assurance that their transactions are not only secure but also handled by reliable gold dealers, providing peace of mind in a market known for its value retention.

BGASC and APMEX are two such trusted names in the precious metals sphere—each promising secure transactions and safeguarded assets through various consumer-focused policies.

  • Precious Metals Investment Security: Secure transactions are the foundation of trust in precious metals investment. BGASC and APMEX have both implemented robust security measures to protect their clients' investments from the point of purchase to delivery.
  • Reliability of Gold Dealers: Both companies have built long-standing reputations for reliability. Their trustworthy status is reinforced by years of solid business practices and positive feedback from satisfied customers.
  • Secure Transactions: Investors transacting with BGASC and APMEX can do so with the confidence that their personal and financial information remains confidential, through encryption and secure payment gateways.
  • Insured Shipments: The significance of insured shipments cannot be understated. BGASC assures clients that all shipments are fully insured, mitigating the risk of loss during transit. Similarly, APMEX's QuickShip® program adds an extra layer of security, guaranteeing not just speedy delivery but also the safety and authenticity of the shipped products.

The comparison of BGASC and APMEX reveals a shared commitment to uphold the highest standards of precious metals investment security and reliability. Their continued dedication to secure transactions and insured shipments contributes crucially to their status as pillars of security within the industry.

In the realm of precious metals, where the inherent value and longevity of one's investments are of the utmost importance, the assurance provided by such reliable dealers becomes an invaluable component of a wise investment strategy.


In the realm of precious metals investing, the choice between BGASC and APMEX is not one of superiority, but of suitability. This precious metals platforms comparison reveals that each offers specific advantages tailored to individual investment choices.

BGASC advantages lie within their competitive pricing, the diversity of their selections, and their prompt service, positioning them as an ideal platform for investors who prioritize straightforward transactions and cost efficiency.

On the other hand, APMEX benefits include a vast and unique product catalog which is bolstered by comprehensive educational resources and exemplary customer care. These features cater to a wide range of investors, from novices seeking to expand their knowledge to seasoned collectors looking for unique finds.

Whether one's preference aligns with BGASC's efficient and no-frills method or APMEX's extensive offerings and educational guidance, it's imperative to choose a dealer that resonates with one's specific objectives in the precious metals landscape.

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