Best Stock Chat Rooms and Groups For Day Trading

Updated June 14, 2024

The world of trading is saturated with all manner of stock chat rooms, making it difficult for traders to choose the best fit for their needs. Each chat room available out there has its own fair share of pros and cons. Yet, some of them operate solely with the ill intention of duping unsuspecting investors and traders.

We have selected the best stock chat rooms for traders so you don’t have to go through the trial and error of doing the same. This list comprises what we undoubtedly consider the top of the league chatrooms along with their main features, pros, and cons.


Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas chat room is a vibrant online forum where traders engage in real-time discussions, share trade ideas, and collaborate on market analysis using the innovative tools and algorithms provided by the Trade Ideas platform.

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Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro's chat room is a real-time, interactive platform where traders and investors can share ideas, insights, and strategies to stay informed and make informed decisions in the financial markets.

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Blackboxstocks chat room is a dynamic online community where traders gather to discuss market trends, share insights, and collaborate on trading strategies using real-time data and advanced analytics.

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Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is an educational platform where traders of all experience levels can learn, practice, and refine their day trading strategies through comprehensive courses, live trading sessions, and a supportive online community.

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Investors Underground

Investors Underground is a trading community and education platform that offers traders access to live trading chat rooms, educational resources, and mentorship to help develop and improve their trading skills.

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High Strike

High Strike Trading is a specialized options trading community and education platform focused on teaching advanced options strategies, risk management techniques, and providing real-time market analysis.

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Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders is a trading community and education platform that offers traders of all levels access to live trading rooms, educational content, and mentorship programs, with a focus on day trading strategies.

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Top 7 Best Stock Chat Rooms For Trading in 2024

Here are the top stock chat rooms from our selection;

1. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas has gained popularity as the best innovative stock chat room. This is thanks to its AI functionalities that give real-time daily market insights, news, and trade alerts. That's not all; there are many other outstanding features like backtesting capabilities, customizable market scanners, top-notch education modules, technical analysis tools, and live trading. 

The platform gives users free access to its active chatroom between 9.00 am. ET to 3.30 pm ET (Mon to Fri), no matter their subscription plan. Don't worry if you are a beginner, as you can interact, share trading ticks and ideas with experienced traders. Moreover, you can implement the ideas you've gained on the free paper trading simulator to gauge their efficiency before engaging in actual trading.

However, traders should subscribe to a membership plan to access features like stock scanners, charting tools, and trading strategies. There are two membership plans: standard ($84 per month or $999 annually) and premium ($167 monthly or $1999 annually).

The standard plan gives users access to features like live trading, TI web, Chart Based Trading Simulation, and Alerts on trade or price. On the other hand, the premium plan gives access to all the standard plan's features and additional tools. It includes features like AI-powered Trade Signals, backtesting in conjunction with Odds Maker, suggested entry/exit signals, and Auto trade strategies.


  • Efficient AI-powered tools
  • Free chat room and live trading room
  • Customizable alerts
  • Useful education resources
  • Detailed stock scanning


  • No mobile app
  • Interface could have been simpler

2. Benzinga Pro

The Benzinga Pro's chat rooms are touted to provide the ‘fastest’ newsfeed, financial research, and stock market news. Their multiple filters like float volume, moving averages, price change, margins, and so on are handy for finding stocks that fall within one’s trading strategy. This beginner-friendly platform allows you to learn and trade at the same time.

The best part is that the chat rooms are free to join. There are seven chat rooms where traders can learn, share news and ideas within the interactive community. Beginners and pro traders can utilize the chatrooms since they are categorized according to experience levels. Additionally, you will receive real-time customized alerts on market trends so that you won't miss any profitable opportunities. 

Traders can customize their workspace and control the type of information or news they want to view. This is a unique feature as traders won't see unnecessary stocks and information they aren't interested in tracking; thus, they are a good time saver. Benzinga Pro has an essential plan of $197 monthly or $ 1997 annually, while the basic plan is $37 monthly.


  • Diverse chat room for all types of traders
  • Real-time delivery of news
  • Customizable workspace
  • Multiple filters for easy navigation
  • Affordable basic plan


  • Audio alerts (The Squawk Box) are only available during trading hours
  • Web-based and no mobile app

3. BlackBoxStocks

The BalckBoxStocks platform offers users a chat room, trade analysis, and execution in a simple layout that's easy to understand, unlike flipping through many icons. Its capability to filter out unnecessary information allows traders to focus on data that meets their strategy. The volatility indicator is an excellent tool for analyzing the real-time implications of stock buying and selling.

Main features include live discord, live streaming, dark pool data, trade alerts, and stock/options scanners. An upgraded chat room boasts institutional-grade charting systems offering traders in-depth information on options and stock trading. Traders also get real-time market trends and pricing news from reputable market sources to make informed decisions. 

The Discord third-party chatroom allows audio calls and provides channels for members to join and interact extensively. Beginner traders can have difficulty using the platform due to insufficient education resources. Additionally, traders need a pre-planned strategy to be in a position to customize the alerts. BlackBoxStocks has an all-inclusive plan of $99.97 per month or $959 annually.


  • Live discord
  • Provides dark pool data
  • Great for both stock/options trading
  • Simple one-screen layout
  • Provides real-time data analysis


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Quite expensive

4. Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is one of the best platforms for live trading. Ross Cameroon, a YouTuber, and an expert day trader, founded the chat room in 2012. 

Warrior Trading gives users access to Ross's best stock picks plus trading habits and allows them to interact further with other members through the community chat room. Traders of different levels learn and share ideas to boost their live trading strategies.

Traders can use the live audio streams and videos trading mentors provide to gain experience. Similarly, there are real-time trade alerts, charts, and screen sharing with the help of market scanners. Warrior Trading chat room appreciates its members with badges depending on their activity, achievements, and membership level. 

Warrior Trading offers one-off payment plans, unlike other chat rooms offering monthly subscription plans. The Warrior Starter is a basic plan priced at $797, offering users access to a basic educational content library. On the other hand, the Warrior Pro has a one-time fee of $2,797 and offers complete access to the course library. 

Nevertheless, full access to the chat room, and other additional features like market scanner, news, or real-time trading simulator, will be included in the $3997 plan for the first year.


  • Real-time community chat
  • Integrated with education resources
  • Live video and audio streams
  • One-off payment plan for lifetime access
  • Offers achievement-based member badges


  • Users must purchase any of the membership plans to gain access to trading tools
  • There are extra subscription charges to unlock additional tools

5. Investors Underground

Michele Koenig runs this trading chat room, ideal for swing traders interested in technical analysis. The site gives timely trade alerts so traders won't have to track the movements of stocks for the whole day. Beginner traders gain useful trading info from video sessions, annotated charts, blog posts, and valuable educational courses.

The platform also offers day trading resources and guidance on stock market trends. A ten-member team comprising expert traders moderates the chat room. Members can engage with moderators on any queries, such as developing a reliable trading strategy, and they will get satisfactory replies. 

Unfortunately, access to all the mentioned tools isn't free, and traders must part with some coins. There are three pricing plans: $297 monthly, $697 quarterly, and $1897 annually.


  • Active chat room
  • Awesome education library
  • Daily watch lists
  • Pre-market broadcasts
  • Group webinars


  • Their trading language can be confusing for beginners
  • High price tag

6. HighStrike Chat Room

This chat room was founded by a passionate team of professional financial experts and traders so that users could access all trade-related information. This one-stop shop caters to traders of all levels, regardless of whether they are part-time or full-time. The HighStrike trading schools help traders learn the advantages and disadvantages of trading to help boost their accounts. 

The 71% hit rate on trade signals gives members the tools and data necessary for executing trades successfully. Members get 3 to 6 daily calls and overall market insights on the best stocks to trade in. Users can also access a live discord server and work directly with the mentors. The HighStrike's Discord server has over 5,000 members who interact freely through multiple channels.

Pricing varies from one plan to another. The $199 monthly subscription plan offers users access to HighStrike's Trading Room (an entry-level/ beginner) membership. Users have an alternative of subscribing to the $397 one-time payment Trading School plan, which offers a detailed analysis of market conditions, among other features.


  • Simple user interface
  • Detailed explanation of trading concepts
  • Lively and supportive community
  • Offers risk management strategies
  • Personalized mentorship from expert traders


  • Trading involves intrinsic risks with no guarantee of profits
  • A trader may need to invest more of their time to utilize all the resources

7. Bear Bull Traders

Andrew Azis founded the Bear Bull Traders chat room. It is among the best day trading chat rooms with real-time scanners, streamed charts' and live trading executions. The site shows traders how to succeed by mastering technology, building trade books, developing strategies, and overall guidance from expert mentors. 

The education center helps users learn all matters about trading, like the best trading platforms, simulators, trading tools, and brokers. Traders can also master their psychology through the dedicated performance and psychology teams. 

Traders can chat with fellow members, have a live commentary with the moderators, and share the ups and downs. This helps them to get expert advice on what strategies to follow to elevate their trades. Bear Bull Traders platform has three subscription plans tailored to meet users' different needs. The basic plan is $99 monthly, the Elite plan is $199 monthly, and the Elite Annual plan is $1,199 yearly.


  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Full-stack educational library
  • Live screen sharing and commentary
  • Scanner live streams and daily watch lists are provided
  • Supportive moderators


  • The onsite navigation is fantastic but not perfect
  • High-level plans have high subscription fees

What are Stock Chat Rooms?

Stock chat rooms are live trading communities where traders and investors meet to share vital information, exchange insights, and analyze real-time market trends. The platforms provide a virtual space for beginner or expert traders to interact and simplify the stock market complexities.

What are the Pros & Cons of Stock Chat Rooms?


  • Prompt updates: Stock chat rooms provide endless information and timely updates. This makes them ideal for traders interested in real-time happenings and news.
  • Support and motivation: Trading can be an isolating journey, especially for home-based traders. Chat rooms counter this by offering traders a communal haven to interact with fellow traders and as a support system to boost their morale.
  • Increases your knowledge base: Many beginner traders quit before they can develop a rhythm. Stock chat rooms allow you to learn from professional traders and get mentors' motivation plus support. This makes you feel comfortable as you aren't alone.
  • Perfecting your strategy: Since you constantly communicate with other traders, you can quickly bounce ideas from other traders to fill gaps in your strategy. This helps to enhance your skills before risking and venturing into real capital investmen 


  • Hidden agendas: Though sharing information with members is vital, one should tread cautiously since some may not have the interests of others in mind. For example, some traders may promote stocks they have stakes in.
  • Controlling your emotion: When you see other traders winning, it can give you mixed feelings. Will you win too, or what if you lose out? This can make you chase plays instead of following your laid-down trading strategy, which doesn't always end well.
  • Privacy vulnerabilities: Although these digital chat rooms serve as a great reservoir of community support and information, traders should be cautious when using them. Sharing personal information can expose you to potential privacy invasions and security breaches.
  • Subscription fees: As seen in the above chat rooms, users must pay subscription fees to access the platforms. Traders who want to unlock more tools will have to part with more funds. Notably, traders must be knowledgeable about trading or willing to learn and gain experience to get more winning plays.


The list above comprises the best stock chat rooms traders can invest in to get significant trading information and ideas. 

Trade ideas takes the lead thanks to the incorporation of artificial intelligence, which provides real-time market information. Warrior Trading and Investors Underground, on the other hand, have a one-off price option to guarantee users lifetime access. All the above stock chat rooms have monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans.

Traders should choose chat rooms that correlate with their business ideas and investment plans. Above all, traders should take note of the price point of a stock chat room versus the service it provides.

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