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Updated July 14, 2024

When it comes to investments, time is of the essence, you need to always act fast or risk losing your portfolio. As an investor, you shouldn’t be jumping from one website to another doing research on what’s the current price of an investment or stock, the historical highs and lows, trading volumes, etc.

Instead, you should make use of stock charting software. These typically show stock charts that track prices over periods of time usually minutes and hours to months and years. 

There are numerous stock charting software programs available in the market that come loaded with different features. In this article, we shall narrow down to some of the best stock charting software available analyzing their features, pros, and cons, and anything in between so that you can make an independent decision while choosing one.


Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is a financial software company that provides innovative stock screening and automated trading tools for individual investors and traders.

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TradingView is a cloud-based charting and social networking platform that allows traders and investors to analyze financial markets and share trading ideas.

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TrendSpider is a technical analysis software platform that uses AI to automate chart analysis and identify potential trading opportunities in the financial markets.

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FinViz is a financial website that provides stock screener tools, stock market maps, and data visualization to help investors make informed trading decisions.

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TradeStation is a platform that offers advanced trading tools, customizable analytics, and automated trading strategies for active traders and investors.

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Meta Stock

MetaStock is a charting and analysis software program used by traders and investors to make informed decisions in the financial markets based on technical analysis.

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Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a financial analysis and research platform that provides investors with tools for screening stocks and tracking portfolios.

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Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a platform for investment research, featuring stock market analysis and financial news from experts and contributors.

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Webull is a brokerage platform that offers trading in stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies, with advanced charting tools and research resources for investors.

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TC2000 is a stock market analysis platform that offers advanced charting tools, technical analysis indicators, real-time data, and customizable watchlists.

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Top 10 Best Stock Charting Software For Beginners in 2024

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Here are the ten leading charting software based on our latest research.

1. Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas was launched in 2002, and since then the platform has been at the forefront of integrating technology with stock trading. It offers a unique opportunity to active traders by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

The platform is tailored for day traders, providing them with real-time data and automated trade ideas. Its AI integration helps in identifying trading patterns, ensuring that you don’t miss any profitable opportunities. 

With a strong focus on innovation, the company has been instrumental in the introduction of artificial intelligence insights in today’s trading world and this remains a favorite among traders seeking advanced tools and features.


  • Artificial intelligence-driven
  • Real-time data
  • Day trading focus
  • Customizable screeners
  • Technical analysis
  • Chart pattern recognition


  • High fees

2. TradingView

Trading View is widely recognized as one of the best stock charting software globally. Trusted by over 60 million traders and renowned for its trend-setting features, this platform is worth checking out.

Their stock charting software is ideal for both new and seasoned traders. What’s most unique about it is that it’s not just a charting platform but also a community. Traders around the world converge here and share insights, real-time stock charts, and strategies that have been working for them.

What’s more, Trading View is free for basic charting, you can even pull up charts for analysis without even creating an account. However, for more advanced features they do charge a subscription starting from $12.95 a month.

Most users if not all laud TradingView for its user-friendly experience combined with the powerful charting tools on offer.


  • Extensive library of technical indicators
  • Customizable charts and drawing tools
  • Real-time data and alerts
  • A community of traders
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tracks all markets including stocks, crypto, forex, etc.


  • Charges a subscription for advanced features
  • Limited support for most brokerage platforms

3. TrendSpider

The founders of TrendSpider were fed up with the inefficiencies and substandard results they were getting on their trades and decided to build a new type of charting platform, one that would give them the tools to build better plans and also mitigate profit-killing blunders by making analysis more consistent.

In 2016 they did just that and created Trendspider. Thanks to its automated technical analysis tools, this stock charting platform is ideal for novice and experienced traders. 

What’s unique about Trendspider is that it automatically identifies and draws trendlines and patterns, offers dynamic price alerts, and features the unique raindrop charts for visualization of volume and price action.

In addition, the platform offers a variety of exciting features, including multi-chart viewing layouts, a wide variety of indicators, market scanners, and the ability to use custom settings.


  • 7-day free trial period
  • Automated trendline analysis
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Offer the ability to use custom settings
  • Rapid analysis for price action


  • You cannot use it without creating an account
  • Has a monthly subscription

4. FinViz

Financial Visualizations (FinViz) is known for its quick stock analysis capabilities. The platform focuses on simplifying the stock market for its users by presenting complex data visually.

Data such as heatmaps and advanced stock screeners are displayed visually in its user-friendly design ensuring even beginner traders can navigate through the vast financial data with ease. 

Over the years FinViz has earned a reputation for its fast stock screeners and visual tools making it a favorite among many traders.

That’s not all, FinViz is a free tool and can be used without even creating an account. However, there are also premium features that one can pay for, if need be, starting at $39.50 per month.


  • Market visualization
  • Free plan
  • Intraday data
  • Quick stock analysis capabilities
  • 24-year backtesting


  • Premium features are not free
  • No auto-saving

5. TradeStation

Founded in the early 1980s, TradeStation has evolved into a multifaceted trading platform catering to various trading needs. Not only can investors make trades on the platform but they can also access robust education opportunities.

The company has ensured that it remains at the forefront of the trading world by providing both powerful tools and a reliable brokerage service.

In addition, the platform offers a comprehensive trading experience, whether it’s stocks, options, or crypto, this ensures a robust platform catering to diverse trading needs. 

Due to its long-standing track record of transparently reporting its financials, TradeStation is generally considered safe by many traders out there.


  • It provides extensive research
  • Education and high-quality research tools
  • High-standard trading platform
  • Affordable trading fees
  • Sophisticated tools


  • Doesn’t support forex trading
  • There’s room for improvement in their customer service
  • Pricing plans can be a bit confusing

6. MetaStock

What if your buy and sell calls were informed by a powerful scanning, screening, backtesting, and forecasting software, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well! that’s exactly what MetaStock offers, a robust technical analysis platform for all types of traders. Founded more than three decades ago, MetaStock has built a legacy of providing top-tier trading software solutions to both individual investors and institutions.

The company has garnered a loyal user base across the globe due to its commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. The firm’s dedication to incorporating both advanced and basic indicators ensures that it caters to traders of all levels, from novices to professionals. 

Last but not least, MetaStock offers more than 300 charts and indicators for stocks, bonds, EFTs, and forex. It uses Refinitiv and Xenith for premier screening and real-time news delivery.


  • Solid customer support
  • Excellent backtesting and forecasting
  • Robust technical analysis
  • Xenith add-on


  • Maybe a steep learning curve for novice traders
  • No broker integration

7. StockRover

StockRover is one of the most comprehensive stock research platforms available in the market today. It’s better suited to those investors who want to dive deep into the financial metrics as it offers an exhaustive range of both fundamental and technical data ensuring that traders have all the information they need at their fingertips.

With its Premium Plus service, users get access to even more advanced features. Potential investors can filter through a wealth of data and pre-built stock screeners depending on which metrics are best for their individual needs.

The software also offers a range of subscription plans, making it a great option for investors who want to balance their investment budget with the specificity of the market data and analytics they need access to.


  • Variety of subscription plans
  • Real-time text and email alerts
  • Can be integrated with a brokerage for portfolio management
  • Allows comparison of investment opportunities.


  • No mobile app available yet
  • Cannot be used to actively trade

8. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha started as a contributor-driven platform, where investment professionals shared their insights. Over time it metamorphosized into one of the most reputable financial platforms, boasting millions of users worldwide. 

At Seeking Alpha investors and traders share insights, news, and stock analyses making it not just a charting app but a community-driven platform. This aspect differentiates it from other investment research platforms as it focuses on communal inputs. 

Its premium service offers in-depth data on stock performance, enabling traders to make more informed decisions. It’s, therefore, suitable for both professionals and amateur traders.


  • Active community of investors
  • Accessibility
  • A free option
  • Comprehensive financial news
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited free content
  • Not ideal for individual investors interested in mutual funds

9. Webull

The Webull platform focuses on technical analysis and fundamental indicators for investors and day traders. While it offers complex charting and trading options, it’s a good fit for beginners and experienced investors.

What’s more, like most trading apps, Webull offers commission-free trades. The platform is available on both desktop and mobile, making it easy to make trades on the go.

Investors can trade stocks, bonds, crypto, and options. With charting capabilities that allow you to customize the information you receive, Webull makes it easy to make those technical and fundamental decisions.


  • Available on desktop and mobile
  • Gives access to market breaking news
  • User friendly-interface
  • Real-time data


  • Paid subscription for premium features

10. TC2000

TC2000 is known for its fast scanning and charting capabilities. The platform offers a user-friendly interface with customizable layouts.

It’s been around for the last 20 years and has grown with the market and technology and continues to empower traders helping them quickly identify potential opportunities and execute trades with precision.

In addition, TC2000 offers extensive backtesting, pre-market news, color bars, and scan plots among other features.

One feature that sets this platform apart is the Dream It, Test It, Apply It feature. With this feature, investors can dream up the craziest scenarios and test them on the TC2000 platform, building conditions for any scenario and this doesn’t require any formula writing experience.


  • Stock and option screener
  • Multiple exit strategies
  • Trading simulator
  • Real-time alerts
  • Prebuilt options strategies
  • Lightning-fast scanning and charting capabilities
  • User-friendly interface


  • Premium features are only available on the premium plans
  • Not ideal for beginner traders

How to Choose the Best Stock Charting Software

No two investors will have the same needs, risk tolerances, or goals and therefore the best stock charting software for you will always be guided by your own unique needs.

However, there are a few fundamentals that can guide you while choosing stock charting software. These are:

  • What type of an Investor are you? – If you’re a novice investor you might want to choose a software that’s easy to use with a user-friendly interface and maybe a free plan so that you can learn how things work first before you can start spending money on paid plans. But if you’re a professional investor well the sky is the limit for you.
  • Real-Time Data – A platform that offers real-time data is non-negotiable when it comes to investments as you should always make decisions based on real-time data and not some past information.
  • Accessibility – As I mentioned in the beginning, time is of the essence when it comes to investing, you must act fast or risk losing your portfolio and therefore it’s better to choose a charting software that’s easily accessible so that you’re able to respond to new information and trends in the market.
  • Customer Support – Good customer support is paramount. You should therefore lean towards a charting software with a good customer support system in place. This will ensure that, were an issue to develop in your account you’re sorted out as soon as possible so that you suffer no risk to your portfolio.
  • Payment Plans – Different charting software’s have different payment plans in place ensure you check out all plans available and do comparisons so that you can be sure you’re getting value for your money.


In conclusion, selecting the best stock charting software is a crucial decision for any investor out there looking for ways to navigate the complexities of the financial markets.

Throughout this article, we have delved into the key, features, functionalities, and considerations to keep in mind when selecting a stock charting platform.

The above 10 Stock charting software are among the best there is in the market today, from free software to those with a subscription plan. We’re confident that you can find a stock charting software that fits your needs among the pack

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