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Updated July 16, 2024

As a trader, it is important that you are always one step ahead of the game at all times. In most cases, this requires you to be adequately informed – and so linking up with a platform that provides a steady supply of market news and analyses is always a wise thing to do.

Investment newsletters are valuable assets for investors at all levels, be they beginners, intermediate, or experts. They provide endless information on financial news, stock research recommendations, education, stock market news, the latest market trends, and viable investment strategies. 

Unfortunately, selecting a newsletter that suits your trading style and investment goals isn't easy because of the many factors one needs to pay attention to. The process in itself can be time-consuming, costly, and at times frustrating.

Luckily (if you’re reading this article that is) we have provided a detailed overview of the best investing newsletters. The fun part is that you can subscribe to 1, 2, or more newsletters depending on the amount of information you need. 

What are Investment Newsletters?

These are newsletters that give you investment advice inform of financial news, market analysis, and stock analysis. They help you make wise investment decisions with ease. Some newsletters are offered to members for free, while others have paid versions. Ultimately, it all comes down to the type of information you would like to receive.


Motley Fool

Motley Fool provides a range of investment advice, educational resources, and market analysis through articles, podcasts, and premium subscription services to help individual investors.

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Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a platform offering in-depth market analysis, investment research, and a vibrant community of investors, enabling users to stay informed and make well-rounded investment decisions.

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Morningstar is a research and financial services firm providing comprehensive data, analysis, and ratings on a wide range of investment products to help individuals and institutions.

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The Street Daily

TheStreet Daily is a platform delivering up-to-date market insights, stock recommendations, and expert commentary to help investors navigate the complexities of the financial markets.

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Ticker Nerd

Ticker Nerd curates and delivers in-depth stock analysis and investment insights, helping subscribers discover promising investment opportunities with comprehensive research and easy-to-understand reports.

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The Average Joe

The Average Joe simplifies complex investment concepts and market news into easy-to-understand insights, aiming to make investing more accessible for everyday individuals.

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Morning Brew

Morning Brew delivers a concise and engaging summary of the latest business, tech, and financial news, tailored for young professionals looking to stay informed and start their day with a quick, insightful read.

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Market Mornings

Market Mornings provides readers with a concise and informative summary of the day's most important market events and economic news, helping investors stay updated and make informed decisions.

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Kiplinger is a personal finance and business forecasting publication offering expert advice, practical guidance, and insightful analysis on topics ranging from investing and retirement to taxes, real estate, and consumer spending.

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Market Bullets

Market Bullets is a financial newsletter that delivers bite-sized, insightful summaries of the latest market trends and economic developments, helping investors stay informed with quick and digestible updates.

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Top 10 Best Investment Newsletters in 2024

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Here are the ten leading investment newsletters based on our latest research.

1. Motley Fool

Motley Fool is a household name in the financial and investing field thanks to its excellent services. Stock Advisor is one of Motley Fool's flagship programs and is also a world top-leading investing newsletter. It boasts over 500,000 subscribers who have trusted its stock-picking services for a period spanning up to 21 years. Although past performance doesn't always guarantee positive future returns, Motley Fool boosts the longest track record in this list.

Stock Advisor gives you 2 new stock picks per month. This is followed by a comprehensive analysis of why Stock Advisor settled on the companies, the possible direction they are likely to take, and potential risks.

There's a subscription cost of $99 annually and $199 for subsequent years. This subscription also gives you access to recommendations for "Best Buys Now" and "Starter Stocks." You also get access to a robust library of educational resources and an online community.


  • You can create a watchlist and portfolio of recommended stocks
  • Short and easy-to-understand reports
  • Offers 2 new stock picks per month
  • Large investment community
  • Large capital stock recommendations


  • You should invest in at least 25 stock recommendations before canceling the service
  • The many stocks covered make it hard for you to make a decision

2. Seeking Alpha

This is a stock investment research platform that offers users access to financial tools and data. It has a top-rated investing newsletter, Alpha Picks that gives you 2 stock picks each month for long-term holding. The stocks are selected by the quantitative analysis team depending on their quant rating system, screener results, etc. Quant ratings are calculated based on growth, profitability, valuation, analyst estimates, and momentum.

Each stock pick is accompanied by a detailed report explaining why they are ranked the best. Apart from the reports, you also get updates on past picks and their current trends. The backtests have run all the way from 2010.

That's not all, you also get regular reports on the current Best Buy recommendations and timely notifications on any changes. Alpha Picks costs $449 for the first year and is billed separately from the Seeking Alpha premium packages.


  • Offers rigorous backtesting
  • Delivers market-beating performance
  • Efficient ranking model
  • Ideal for buy-and-hold investors
  • Prevents human bias


  • Not ideal for active investors
  • Quite expensive

3. Morningstar

Morningstar is a renowned financial research services firm that covers over 6,000 investments. It mainly focuses its market analysis on long-term investment assets like bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. Aside from this, Morningstar also has a whopping 11 different investment newsletters, with 7 offered for free.

Free Morningstar newsletters handle topics like the fund industry, big movers, in-depth analysis, and weekly biggest news. Moving on to the premium content, Morningstar covers 2 sections, Morningstar Investment Newsletters and Morningstar Premium. Morningstar Investment Newsletters are 4; StockInvestor, FundInvestor, DividendInvestor, and ETF Investor to satisfy different investment needs.

For example, the Morningstar StockInvestor newsletter covers stock investment companies trading at discounts rather than their original values. The FundInvestor helps you to pick mutual funds, while the Dividend Investor advices you on the best dividend investing strategies. 

Lastly, the ETF Investor newsletter gives detailed market insights on dividend-investing strategies. These investment newsletters cost $145 to $199 annually for the digital edition and $165 to $219 for the print version.


  • Offers commentary on alternative data metrics
  • Covers both safer and high-risk stocks
  • Offers comprehensive reports
  • Multiple newsletters to choose from
  • Some newsletters are free


  • Offers quite long reports that can be tiresome to read through

4. The Street Daily

The Street platform offers users the latest news on personal finance, financial markets, technology, and retirement. Its flagship newsletter, The Street Daily, provides subscribers daily updates on stock analysis, investment insights, market news, and other financial-related information.

The Street Daily is crafted by professional investment experts who analyze various financial news around the globe to deliver comprehensive but relevant information to subscribers. Besides news, the newsletter incorporates personal finance tips and guides you on the best investment strategies. 

The newsletter is delivered to your email box daily and free of charge. This always keeps you updated on the latest trends in the financial sphere and helps you be better placed in making wise decisions.


  • Provides daily financial news
  • It's a free newsletter
  • Offers detailed reports
  • Ideal for both beginners and expert investors
  • Created by financial experts


  • Offers so much information, which can be overwhelming

5. Ticker Nerd

This premium investing newsletter focuses on uncovering US-based stocks with a promising future. Besides, it offers comprehensive monthly reports that dig deeper into financial risks, fundamental, and quantitative analysis. Ticker Nerd expert team works around the clock to deliver 2 monthly reports of the best stocks posing a high growth potential.

Since the stocks featured are usually great for long-term investment, you also have an option of accessing their past performance reports for easy comparison. Ticker Nerd has a software that filters out stocks from the many available options based on Wall Street analyst ratings, hedge fund trading, and social media sentiment. 

Each monthly report covers what the recommended stock company does, its valuability, the reason for the growth in interest, and possible risks to look out for. Moreover, each report is pretty simple, short, and easy to understand. Ticker Nerd has an introductory offer of $99 for the first year and $199 for subsequent years. Finally, you can cancel your membership anytime without being asked any questions.


  • Offers unique data points
  • Unbiased reports
  • Easy to read and short report
  • Focuses on education
  • Offers 1 to 2 monthly reports


  • Currently limited to US stocks
  • Relatively new service

6. The Average Joe

The Average Joe is a financial newsletter that focuses on the latest trends, news, insights and offers valuable education services to help catapult your investment journey. The newsletter is issued 4× per week; it's usually a short 5-minute read and often includes one-liners or memes to make it more engaging. Thanks to this, the newsletter has made it to over 250,000 subscribers.

A financial newsletter that always features complex jargon, data, or visuals can be challenging for beginner investors to get a gist of what they are offering. The Average Joe does the opposite by including humor and interesting charts in their in-depth analysis. This makes you understand the content easily. 

The Average Joe newsletter delves into different investing and business-related issues. That's from financial updates on the latest market trends to news analysis, and assists younger/beginner professionals in making informed investing decisions. You may be wondering how much you pay to get all this info, but hey! The Average Joe newsletter is all free! With no hidden charges attached.


  • Excels in explaining complex financial jargon concisely
  • It's totally free
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Offers frequent updates
  • Offers engaging and reliable content


  • Fails to provide comprehensive analysis on complex investment strategies thus not ideal for expert investors looking for advanced insights.

7. Morning Brew

Morning Brew is an engaging and detailed newsletter that comes to your mailbox on a daily basis for six days a week. The topics covered vary daily, from finance, real estate, tech, education, and media to economy. Interestingly, the Morning Brews Newsletter is offered to subscribers for free.

The newsletter has a well-laid structure from start to end. The intros are quite engaging, friendly, and short. Next is the markets section that shows the performance of financial markets like NASDAQ, DJIA, S&P, OIL, GOLD and 10-YR the day before market re-opening. The next 4-5 sections cover the day's topics, while the last sections cover business-related trivia, recommendations, or quizzes. 

The company has also launched 6 niche-focused newsletters besides the Morning Brew Newsletter. The Money Scoop is a 2× weekly newsletter focusing on personal finance, while the Sidekick is a 2X weekly newsletter offering productivity, recipes, or entrainment hacks. Others include the HR Brew, Marketing Brew, and Retail Brew.


  • Cost-free
  • The newsletter is offered daily
  • Offers well-researched news on different topics
  • Over 4 million subscribers
  • Uses an easy-to-read and understand language


  • The daily frequency can be boring to some
  • Lacks content customization as subscribers get similar content

8. Market Mornings

Market Mornings provides investors with a key to unlocking exclusive financial insights. All you need to do is hit the subscribe button, and in return, you get market updates, insider tips, or, expert analysis straight to your inbox. It doesn't end there; it's all for free!

The newsletter comprises significant stock market data that focuses on information about the previous week's and next week's markets. The content is easy-to-read thus great for both expert and beginner investors. Since the newsletter is sent once a week, it won't spam your inbox like those sent daily.

The Market Mornings research team simplifies complex data into an easily understandable form so you won't have difficulty interpreting complex analytical data. What's more, the newsletter is straight to the point, which is time-saving, unlike reading through long reports with relatively little vital information.


  • Offers a weekly newsletter
  • Easy-to-read content
  • Offers educative blog posts and articles
  • Offers detailed analysis
  • Free newsletter


  • Doesn’t cover many topics

9. Kiplinger

Kiplinger is a renowned platform that offers business forecasts and timely but trustworthy personal finance advice. The Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine advises subscribers on real estate, investing, taxes, retirement, saving, and insurance. Thanks to the tireless input of Kiplinger's excellent team of researchers, writers, reporters, and editors, each newsletter contains proven insights on the above issues.

Kiplinger offers a monthly newsletter issue all year round; that's 12 issues. You can receive the newsletter either in a print or digital format. The digital format or e-newsletter has some free goodies including the Kiplinger Today, Building Wealth, Closing Bell, and Investing Weekly. This helps you advance your knowledge base and skills in investing or trading.

The newsletter costs $29.95 per year. This package includes 4 special issues on Investing Outlook, Retirement Planning, Mutual Fund Roundup, and a Guide to ETFs, plus other topics. Fortunately, this is a risk-free venture as there's a 100% money-back guarantee in case you aren't satisfied with the newsletter.


  • Delivered monthly
  • Covers multiple topics
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Available both in digital and print formats
  • Provides actual and well-analyzed reports


  • The newsletter doesn't reveal information on the market ranking of its recommended stocks

10. Market Bullets

This is a stock analysis newsletter that keeps you updated on the latest trends. Unlike many stock market newsletters that are quite long and hard to read, this newsletter, just like its name, embraces a bullet-point format. This makes you read through it quickly and stay on top of others by absorbing the latest financial news.

Each newsletter covers different topics divided into sections namely; Market Overview, Stock & Market News, Economic News, and Economic Events. The rest of the topics are World News & Politics, Recent Earnings, Upcoming Earnings, and Anticipated IPOs. 

In summary, the Market Bullets newsletter sifts through thousands of information and only delves into the most critical sectors plus their related trends in the global economy. The newsletter is offered freely every weekday about 30 minutes before the opening of the market.


  • All-inclusive newsletter covering different topics
  • Cost-free
  • Offers short but detailed reports
  • Keeps up with the latest financial trends
  • Offered every weekday


  • Some people prefer newsletters that are niche-specific


If you are an individual who is looking to upscale your investment journey, then you should make a habit of reading investment newsletters. They are among the easiest ways to stay updated on the latest market trends and find new investment opportunities.

Based on the above list, The Street Daily, The Average Joe, Morning Brew, and Market Bullets are free newsletters but still offer valuable investment insights. The rest, like Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, Ticker Nerd, and Morningstar are premium newsletters with monthly or yearly subscription fees.

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