ATAS Review – Is This Analytics Software Worth It?

Updated June 8, 2024

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ATAS is a cutting-edge platform focused on order flow and volume analysis, providing traders with in-depth market insights through advanced charting and visualization tools.

In the fast-paced world of trading, every millisecond and minute movement is critical. This is where ATAS steps in, under the name Advanced Times & Sales. It shines as a leading light for those deep into volume trading and order flow analysis.

ATAS is not just about overwhelming users with data. It aims to boost trading efficacy by transforming complex data into visual, understandable insights. The ATAS software boosts confidence, allowing traders to navigate through dense market data. It raises the question: can ATAS’s focus on volume trading be the secret to market success? 

Key Takeaways

  • ATAS stands out in the professional trading sphere with its focus on volume trading and order flow analysis.
  • The platform offers specialized tools and indicators for an in-depth look into market dynamics from various perspectives.
  • Unlike many other platforms, ATAS provides a rich data visualization experience tailored for advanced market event analysis.
  • It is endorsed by professional circles such as hedge funds and proprietary trading firms for its analytical precision.
  • The strong emphasis on user experience aims to help traders interpret and leverage market insights more effectively.

Introduction to ATAS: A Premier Trading Platform

ATAS is a beacon of innovation for professional traders. It offers an advanced trading analysis environment tailored for market professionals. With its sophisticated order flow data visualization, it ensures informed decision-making. We will explore how ATAS is changing the game in volume trading.

  • ATAS offers a detailed exploration of Time & Sales and Level II data, central to realizing the full potential of market analysis.
  • For those devoted to understanding market dynamics thoroughly, ATAS presents prospective analysis tools that dissect both current and historical volume levels, making it much more than a typical trading platform.
  • The integration of raw order flow data with diverse filters and settings allows for a straightforward graphical presentation of market data, transforming complex market details into comprehensive visual formats.
  • With its robust analytical tools, ATAS stands out by turning intricate market data into valuable insights, which is essential for maintaining competitiveness in fast-paced financial environments.

ATAS is the top choice for professional traders, representing advanced trading analysis and order flow data visualization. This combination equips every market participant with unmatched analytical abilities.

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Key Features of ATAS Platform

The ATAS platform shines for its comprehensive features that enhance market transaction and data visualization. Its innovative techniques and tools support traders in making well-informed decisions.

1. Smart Tape and Spread Tape Technologies

The Smart Tape technology by ATAS offers a superior analysis of market depth by integrating trade aggregation. This allows traders to view market transactions as single, analyzable events. It provides an insight into the market's depth, showcasing the activities of major players and large trades.

In parallel, Spread Tape delivers volume analysis insights. It shows the distribution of volume across bids and asks during price changes. This is crucial for deducing price levels and uncovering trading strategies.

2. Tick Cluster and All Price Analysis Tools

Tick Cluster feature sorts transactions into clusters for easy, comprehensive evaluations. Paired with All Price analysis tools, it aids in crafting precise trading strategies. These tools grant a detailed view of market operations. They enable traders to spot essential market trends and price levels for informed decision-making.

3. Smart DOM: High-Frequency Trading Filters

ATAS's Smart DOM is designed for identifying high-frequency trading (HFT) algorithm activities. It offers traders an advantage in the fast-paced market. This feature enhances market transparency by revealing hidden orders, like iceberg orders. It also allows for real-time strategy adjustments in response to market changes.

4. Exclusive ATAS Indicators for Advanced Analytics

The exclusive ATAS indicators like Cluster Search, Dynamic Levels, and Big Trades break down complex data into understandable formats. They help in identifying and analyzing significant volume changes and transactions. This is essential for traders looking to comprehensively evaluate trades and seize emerging opportunities.

ATAS Review: User Interface and Experience

The ATAS trading platform shines by blending functionality with a user-centric interface. It's well-suited for professionals who demand robust market analysis tools and seamless usability. For those prioritizing efficient workflow and powerful analytics, ATAS stands out. Its design significantly boosts the trading experience.

Intuitive Platform Design

ATAS is dedicated to delivering a user-centered trading software. It simplifies complex market data with an easy-to-navigate layout. The interface is crafted to reduce trading friction, meeting the needs of both new and professional traders. Its efficient design aids quick analysis and decision-making, crucial for trading success.

Configurable Charting and Analysis Tools

  • Customizable Interface: ATAS excels with a customizable interface that includes various visual and analytical tools. It lets traders tailor their workspace to match their unique style and needs.
  • Diverse Charting Options: ATAS provides configurable charting options, featuring advanced tools. These cater to different analytical requirements, from candlestick and bar charts to complex Market Profiles.
  • Advanced Analysis Tools: ATAS’s analysis tools are designed for in-depth market examination. They offer volume profile analysis, order book insights, and more. Such tools are pivotal for spotting market trends, identifying support and resistance levels, and observing key price changes.

ATAS blends a trader-friendly interface with robust tools for market analysis. This combination reassures traders of its capacity to meet their changing requirements.

Charting Capabilities in ATAS

ATAS distinguishes itself in the competitive trading software market with its sophisticated charting tools. It focuses on data clustering and market profile analysis. These features assist traders in unpacking the complexities of volume trading with accuracy and deep insight.

Diverse Chart Types & Data Clustering

ATAS is celebrated for its wide-ranging charting solutions, tailored to meet diverse trader needs. Its charting options include:

  • Cluster charts, offering an in-depth look at trading volumes alongside price movements.
  • Renko charts, simplifying price movement visualization for clearer analysis.
  • Candlestick charts, enhancing transparency in spotting market trends and pivot points.

The platform's data clustering functionality enables a detailed breakdown of the market. Traders gain insight into individual trades. This deep dive facilitates a better understanding of intricate trading patterns and liquidity reserves.

Real-Time Market Profile & Volume Analysis

ATAS's market profile analysis tools are pivotal for navigating volume trading's complexities. These tools offer key benefits:

  • Market Profile charts visually represent price actions over time, making it easy to identify active and inactive zones.
  • These analyses let traders explore market dynamics from all angles, providing insight into market sentiment and behavior.

Through comprehensive analysis, ATAS equips traders with the knowledge to make decisions backed by strong insights. These insights unveil the intricate supply and demand forces within the markets.

The Competitive Edge of ATAS Indicators

ATAS indicators are designed to offer traders a powerful advantage. They make the complex world of markets easier to navigate. By visualizing advanced market dynamics, these indicators improve trading performance. Traders gain not just a visual aid but a deep insight into market trends and movements through proprietary indicators.

  • Cluster Search Indicator: This tool zones in on where significant volumes of trades cluster. It's crucial for spotting where the market might turn next.
  • Dynamic Levels Indicator: It evolves with the market, pinpointing emerging support and resistance spots during the trade day.
  • Maximum Levels Indicator: It highlights the day's busiest trading points, showing where the market's focus lies.
  • Big Trades Indicator: This indicator filters out the noise to show where the big players are moving the market.

Collectively, these indicators deeply enrich trading strategies. They enable traders to navigate through market data chaos with finesse. By utilizing these tools, traders transform raw data into strategic guidance. This empowers making trades that leverage the current market dynamics.

Assessing ATAS for Order Flow and Volume Trading

For traders specializing in order flow trading and volume analysis, ATAS offers vital tools for in-depth market evaluation. This overview shows how ATAS facilitates superior trading analysis, with exact data visualization and advanced features.

Depth and Clarity in Volume Analysis:

  • ATAS provides a deep dive into the volumes that dictate market movements, offering insights beyond simple price fluctuations.
  • Its sophisticated visualization tools, like Volume Profile and Heat Maps, are key in spotting crucial trading zones and potential turning points efficiently.

Enhanced Order Flow Trading Techniques:

  • With ATAS, traders observe real deal flows that shape market prices, aiding in identifying precise entries and exits.
  • It unveils iceberg orders and breaks down order types, offering strategic insights rare in other platforms.

Precision in Market Evaluation:

  • ATAS grants the ability to scrutinize various market scenarios through encompassing analytics, aiding swift decision-making.
  • This enables devising strategies attuned to immediate market dynamics, providing a trade advantage.

Advanced Trading Analysis Tools:

  • Cluster Analysis and Dynamic Levels assist in unraveling complex market structures, exposing the forces at play.
  • Targeted analysis tools offer clarity on market trends and irregularities, aiding in risk management.

Exploring ATAS's extensive features, it becomes apparent that it is an essential tool for traders focused on elevating their approaches in order flow and volume analysis.

Trade Execution and Management with ATAS

For traders, managing trades with precision and efficiency is essential. ATAS boosts these aspects with its robust execution tools and flexible features. The Chart Trader offers a path for direct trading activities on the charts. Meanwhile, the Smart DOM delivers deep market analysis for full strategy control.

Smart DOM and Chart Trader Features

Efficient order management becomes seamless through ATAS's Chart Trader. It enables traders to place orders right from the charts. This streamlines the trading experience while increasing the precision of entries and exits. The Smart DOM, on the other hand, provides detailed insights into market orders and prices. It ensures traders can make fast, informed decisions in response to market shifts.

Customizable Automatic Exits for Efficient Trading

  • Auto-trailing stops: Automatically adjust stop-loss orders to better protect gains.
  • Automated exit strategies: Plan and implement exit points based on specific trading conditions to optimize profitability.

ATAS stands out for its adaptable automatic exits. It lets traders customize auto-trailing stops to dynamically manage trade exits, adjusting to market conditions automatically. This feature not only locks in profits but also minimizes losses. It supports a disciplined approach to trading.


In high-stakes trading, professionals demand tools that elevate their decision-making speed. ATAS is a pivotal software for those specializing in order flow and volume analysis. It combines advanced indicators with a comprehensive feature set. This makes it not just a platform but a vital market analysis tool that sharpens a trader's edge.

The benefits of the ATAS platform are wide-ranging. They include its analytical capabilities and real-time data processing. This combination provides a nuanced view of market trends. The interface is user-friendly, enabling traders easy access to complex data.

ATAS shines as a holistic tool for discerning traders, providing various access options like subscriptions or one-time purchases. Its stands as a formidable tool that arms traders for success in a competitive market.


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