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Updated April 13, 2024

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Asia Forex Mentor is an online forex trading education platform founded by Ezekiel Chew that offers comprehensive training programs, coaching, and mentorship for traders of all levels.

Within the vibrant world of Forex trading, the quest for knowledge emerges as a critical avenue leading to success. Founded in 2008 and based in Singapore, Asia Forex Mentor stands out as an influential hub for Forex trading education.

Under the experienced wing of Ezekiel Chew, traders are guided beyond the enticement of brokers' advertising, and onto the solid ground of skill enhancement and strategic mastery.

Asia Forex Mentor's commitment to quality education, exemplified through their comprehensive AFM Proprietary One Core Program and the Golden Eye Group, promises the invaluable transformation from inquisitive novices to seasoned investors in the dynamic realm of currency trading.

Key Takeaways

  • Asia Forex Mentor provides a robust educational foundation for both new and experienced traders.
  • Ezekiel Chew's extensive experience offers unique insights into profitable trading strategies.
  • The AFM Proprietary One Core Program presents a structured approach to Forex education.
  • Integrating theory and real-world application, Asia Forex Mentor aims to hone practical trading skills.

About Asia Forex Mentor

In the landscape of financial education, Asia Forex Mentor stands out as a beacon of authentic trading education and professional trading mentorship. Established upon the industry-leading Forex training principles by accomplished trader Ezekiel Chew, the academy has emerged from humble beginnings to a reputable learning hub for aspiring traders worldwide.

Foundation and Evolution

The inception of Asia Forex Mentor is rooted in Ezekiel Chew's generous response to friends seeking expertise in Forex trading. Recognizing the universal need for credible guidance, Chew formalized his knowledge into what is now a comprehensive educational program.

This evolution is a testament to the academy's commitment to continuous growth and adaptation, aligning with the dynamic nature of the Forex markets.

Ezekiel Chew's Profile

Ezekiel Chew's profile is not just that of a seasoned trader but also of a visionary mentor. Rising from a modest background, Chew has charted a course leading to remarkable trading success, and now shares his expert knowledge through the avenues of education and mentorship.

His journey embodies the very possibility of creating a lucrative trading career from scratch, and his teachings aim to empower others to do the same. This confluence of experience and education underscores the potency of the Asia Forex Mentorship.

Clientele and Financial Institution Training

Asia Forex Mentor's renown has attracted a diverse clientele, from individual retail traders to esteemed financial institutions. Organizations like the Development Bank of the Philippines have leveraged Ezekiel Chew's insights to elevate their trading operations.

Such partnerships underscore the high caliber of professional trading mentorship available through the academy.

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Program Components of Asia Forex Mentor

The educational journey offered by Asia Forex Mentor goes beyond typical courses. It provides traders with a comprehensive Forex curriculum through its acclaimed AFM Proprietary One Core Program. Each segment of the program is meticulously designed to equip learners with the foundational skills and advanced strategies required to navigate the Forex market successfully.

  • Spanning a total of 26 meticulously crafted lessons.
  • An impressive arsenal of 63 informative videos.
  • An introductory module that lays the groundwork for Forex trading essentials.
  • In-depth exploration of Ezekiel Chew's proprietary trading strategies.

Additionally, members of the Golden Eye Group gain exclusive access to live trading setups and proprietary trading insights, which are not only educational but also rooted in the practicalities of the ever-evolving Forex market. This particular offering is crucial in helping traders to apply their acquired knowledge in real-market conditions and develop the confidence to make informed trading decisions.

  • Real-time analysis and trading setup demonstrations.
  • Hands-on guidance for applying the strategies learned.
  • Regular updates to ensure relevance with the current market trends.

The commitment of Asia Forex Mentor to deliver educational Forex content of the highest quality is unwavering. Traders who engage with their resources find themselves on a path to mastering not just the strategies, but also a deeper understanding of the Forex market's intricate mechanisms.

Unique Trading Strategies Taught in the Program

The AFM Proprietary One Core Program developed by Asia Forex Mentor is not only about understanding the Forex market, but mastering specific trading strategies that maximize profitability. With an approach tailored to generate a high ROI, the program's techniques are designed to catalyze financial growth within the trading realm.

Pivotal to this are the concepts of leverage, compounding, and keen market analysis, solidified by robust risk management protocols in Forex trading.

1. Leverage, Compounding, and ROI Focus

The cornerstone of the program lies in leveraging finite capital to yield exponential returns. Students learn to harness the power of compounding to amplify their success, creating a ripple effect of increasing returns on investment.

These high ROI trading techniques provide a framework for aspiring traders to profoundly understand the potential of every dollar invested in the Forex market.

2. Price Action and Entry-Exit Techniques

Moreover, the program underscores the importance of price action analysis, guiding traders to make informed decisions based on market movement. The education imparts meticulous entry and exit strategies, enabling traders to maximize their profit-driven Forex strategies.

These techniques are vital for making precise trades and minimizing financial risk.

3. Adapting to Market Changes

With an ever-changing Forex landscape, adaptability is crucial. Ezekiel Chew emphasizes dynamic market analysis education, preparing traders to navigate through market volatility and seize profitable opportunities.

The emphasis on fluidity in strategy and comprehensive risk management in Forex gives traders the confidence to adapt their methods proactively with the market's ever-evolving trends.

Pricing and Value of Asia Forex Mentor's Programs

The price tag associated with the comprehensive course offerings from Asia Forex Mentor may initially seem daunting. With the cost of trading courses often being a barrier to entry for many aspiring traders, the program's charge of $997 is not a decision made lightly. However, when placed in context, the investment in forex education through Asia Forex Mentor is designed to be a significant yet viable step for serious traders.

Ezekiel Chew's commitment to affordability and value is reflected in the meticulously structured modules that make up the program. The one-time fee encompasses an array of resources, including a blend of both exclusive content and valuable free materials, curated to offer a well-rounded trading education.

  • Understanding that the costs incurred are an investment, not just an expense.
  • Exploring the long-term value versus the immediate costs of Asia Forex Mentor's programs.
  • Comparing the affordability of Asia Forex Mentor against the landscape of expensive, low-return courses.

Asia Forex Mentor positions itself as an investment in a trader's financial future, equipping students with a solid foundation and advanced strategies fostered through experience. The potential for significant career benefits post-completion stands at the core of Asia Forex Mentor's value proposition, leading many to view the program not just as an educational expenditure, but as a pivotal investment in their trading journey.

Real Outcomes: Success Stories and Testimonials from Asia Forex Mentor Alumni

The impact of Asia Forex Mentor's trading education can be seen in the array of success stories that underscore the value of real outcomes from forex training. These successful trading testimonials not only highlight the program's efficacy but also serve as a beacon for prospective traders searching for genuine guidance in the Forex markets.

  • Asia Forex Mentor reviews from a diverse group of alumni, including both novices and more experienced traders, reflect the program's broad appeal and adaptability to various learning curves.
  • Participants of the AFM Proprietary One Core Program often report a significant shift in their trading approach, suggesting a deep-rooted change in their market analysis and execution strategies.
  • The Golden Eye Group, offering live trading analysis, has garnered positive feedback for its real-time applicability and the ability to demonstrate strategies under live market conditions.

While individual experiences vary, the consistent theme within these reviews is one of transformation and substantial knowledge gain, underscoring the program's commitment to delivering tangible and practical Forex trading skills.

  1. Asia Forex Mentor has emerged as a pivotal resource, with numerous testimonials attributing their trading success to the insights and techniques assimilated through the course.
  2. Countless traders have praised the program for its in-depth content and the clear, actionable outcomes they were able to achieve after completing their training.
  3. The program's credibility is further cemented by the positive outcomes reported by traders, who have been not just satisfied but empowered to reach new heights in their trading careers.

In sum, the Asia Forex Mentor's real-world impact validates the high regard in which it is held within the Forex community. Its contributions to trader education continue to be celebrated through the professional advancements of its alumni.


In the competitive sphere of Forex trading education, Asia Forex Mentor stands out as a beacon of knowledge, thanks in large part to Ezekiel Chew's comprehensive training approach.

Chew’s methods, characterized by strategic, ROI-focused methodologies, position the program as a premium investment in trading education. Providing more than just theoretical knowledge, the course equips traders with actionable tools that are vital for navigating the complexities of the Forex markets.

Ultimately, through a combination of experienced leadership, proven strategies, and an authentic commitment to trader success, Asia Forex Mentor has demonstrated itself as a noteworthy educational provider.

As individuals seeking to thrive in the Forex market ponder where to place their educational investments, Asia Forex Mentor emerges as a top-tier choice that aligns with the ambition of creating a successful and sustainable trading career.


  • Service: Forex Trading Course
  • Pricing: $940 one-time payment
  • Promotion: None

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