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Updated May 12, 2024

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Aqua Funded provides fast and reliable funding solutions for traders looking to maximize their trading potential in the financial markets. Their innovative platform offers competitive rates and a seamless application process for traders of all experience levels.

In the vast world of financial markets, a new opportunity has emerged, promising to transform how traders operate. Meet AquaFunded, a unique proprietary trading platform that is redefining what it means to empower traders. It is built on the foundations of advanced technology, reliable support, and trading flexibility.

Through our detailed proprietary trading platform review, we will guide you through the unique advantages of AquaFunded. From its comprehensive service offerings to the significant benefits it offers traders, we will cover it all.

Key Takeaways

  • Aqua Funded presents exceptional opportunities in proprietary trading by allocating virtual capital to proficient traders.
  • The firm creates a unique risk-managed environment, prioritizing a blend of security and growth for its traders.
  • Support and technologically advanced solutions are hallmarks of the Aqua Funded experience, setting traders up for success.
  • Flexible conditions endorse a diversity of strategies, empowering traders to operate in a way that best suits their style.
  • Aqua Funded's commitment to innovation in financial markets is geared towards delivering tangible advantages to ambitious traders.

Introducing Aqua Funded: A New Horizon in Proprietary Trading

Aqua Funded stands out in the proprietary trading world by offering a new approach to trading. It aims to change the standard methods with a special trading platform. This platform is designed for people who dream of success in the financial markets.

What Sets Aqua Funded Apart?

Aqua Funded is unique for its detailed evaluation process. This process is geared towards enhancing traders' skills and helping them develop successful trading strategies. It follows two key steps: The Wave and The Ripple. Both stages are critical in testing and improving traders' abilities.

The Founding Vision Behind Aqua Funded

The idea for Aqua Funded originated from three experienced traders and entrepreneurs in Dubai. They wanted to make a platform focused on traders. It not only gives them access to more trading capital but also removes obstacles that hold back many skilled traders. Aqua Funded aims to open up the trading world to more people so that everyone has a chance to succeed as Aqua Traders.

Topstep is a trading evaluation program that allows traders to demonstrate their skills using simulated accounts and potentially earn a funded trading account by meeting predefined profit targets and risk parameters.

ABOUT Topstep

  • Accessible starting capital requirements
  • Comprehensive support for popular trading platforms
  • Extensive range of educational tools with live classes
  • 14-day trial for new members

Aqua Funded Review: Examining the Trading Model

Aqua Funded's model guides traders from basic assessments to professional trading. This setup ensures every step is clear and encouraging for beginners working their way up. It shows the company's deep commitment to the success of its traders.

  • The Wave: At the model's start, Aqua Funded tests traders on specific goals. This phase lays the foundation essential for a trader's journey from initiation to being funded. It's a crucial part of Aqua Funded's support system for traders.
  • The Ripple: Once the Wave is overcome, traders move to The Ripple. This stage evaluates and ensures traders can consistently perform well. Achievement here means they are ready for bigger tasks and can manage more responsibilities.

Advancing through Aqua Funded's stages prepares traders to handle substantial capital. This process is not just about moving forward; it also exemplifies the company's dedication to empowering traders. It transforms them from amateurs into skilled, funded experts in the field.

The Evaluation Journey: From The Wave to The Ripple

At Aqua Funded, the trading evaluation process plays a crucial role. It evaluates a trader's skills and prepares them for larger trading challenges with virtual capital. It includes The Wave and The Ripple stages, each designed to refine trading abilities uniquely.

Understanding The Wave Phase

The Wave phase kickstarts traders' journeys at Aqua Funded. It is an essential phase, focusing on strategic skills and risk management. Traders must not only make profits but also show disciplined trading. It filters traders, highlighting those capable of facing complex tasks.

Advancing to The Ripple Phase and Becoming an Aqua Trader

Once traders pass The Wave phase, they move to The Ripple. Here, their ability to apply trading strategies in diverse markets is tested. This phase values consistency, robust decision-making, and resilience. Achieving success here means becoming an Aqua Trader, managing more virtual capital, and enjoying profit shares.

  • The Wave phase introduces traders to the core elements of professional trading.
  • The Ripple phase confirms and strengthens the traders’ capability to maneuver through complex trading scenarios.
  • Reaching funded trader status enables significant capital management opportunities.

Both phases aim to progressively enhance traders' capabilities, readying them for Aqua Funded's trading challenges. Through this carefully crafted path, traders gain expertise in various strategies. They enter the market with both confidence and skill.

How to Get Started with Aqua Funded

Starting your prop trading adventure with AquaFunded is made simple and empowering. It focuses on being easy to access and flexible. This lets anyone take a few steps and start trading with significant funds.

  1. AquaFunded Signup: You begin by signing up on the AquaFunded platform. This process is brief, allowing you to swiftly enter the world of professional trading.
  2. Select Account Size Options: Pick from a range of account sizes that suit your trading aspirations and strategies. There’s an option for every level, from beginner to seasoned pro.
  3. Complete Trading Objectives: Take part in the preliminary evaluation stages. These phases are there to test and refine your trading expertise. They're essential steps for moving forward.
  4. Utilize Trading Capital: Once you pass the evaluation, you're able to access up to $400,000. This is AquaFunded's trading capital. It lets you make trades and grow your earnings potential.

Tools like Pass-Assist underpin AquaFunded's dedication to helping traders advance. They ensure a strong starting point for trading. This approach aids in reaching immediate objectives and establishes a path for long-lasting success in financial markets.

Stellar Features of Aqua Funded: A Closer Look

Exploring Aqua Funded unveils a potent framework aimed at boosting the trading journey. It offers remarkable profit shares, highlighting its trader-first approach. Besides, it affords traders the flexibility to operate on their terms, showing its dedication to their achievements.

Trader-Centric Profit and Payout Structure

Aqua Funded is distinct with its profit sharing in trading, giving traders a remarkable 90% profit share. This rate ranks high in the sector. 

Not to mention, it adopts bi-weekly payouts, diminishing the wait time for earnings. Such an approach bolsters traders’ financial health, empowering them to act swiftly with their capital.

Trading Conditions That Empower

Aqua Funded stands out by offering an uncommon degree of trading autonomy in the finance world. It permits any trading best practices, from scalping to news trading and even weekend trades. This freedom is further bolstered by the lack of secret charges and rigid regulations, which allows traders an unmatched level of freedom.

And that's not all. The platform comes with strong support for its traders, offering an easy-to-use dashboard and access to professional help. This combination of efficient trading features and support makes Aqua Funded not just financially rewarding but also an enjoyable, supportive place for trading.

Who Benefits Most from Aqua Funded?

Aqua Funded caters to a wide spectrum, bridging the gap from those new to trading, the enthusiastic novice traders, to experienced hands; the seasoned experienced traders. It shines as a guide for fresh entrants to financial markets and as a tool for the experienced to hone their skills through a flexible trading platform.

  • Novice Traders: It welcomes beginners with open arms, providing a nurturing environment. They receive robust educational resources to dive into markets without feeling overwhelmed. Such support aids them in crafting sound trading plans without excessive stress.
  • Experienced Traders: For trading veterans, Aqua Funded’s unique profit-sharing model holds them in high regard. It offers freedom for the skilled to experiment with various strategies, fostering flexibility and creativity in trading. This freedom attracts professionals eager to showcase their trading expertise.

In the end, the experience at Aqua Funded is designed to bolster every trader, irrespective of their expertise. Its hallmark flexible trading platform not only supports a myriad of strategies but also fosters continuous learning. 

Access to extensive educational materials and a tight-knit community propels traders toward growth, making it the go-to for those keen on advancing their trading, no matter their initial proficiency.

Additional Benefits: Why Aqua Funded Stands Out

Aqua Funded has earned its reputation as a leader. It offers not only trading chances but a strong support system for traders. This support is designed to empower them and aid in continuous learning. The platform uniquely merges advanced trading tools with educational resources. It creates an environment for traders to constantly better their skills and knowledge.

Empowerment and Growth Opportunities for Traders

  • Aqua Funded’s dedication to ongoing education is clear. It provides webinars, real-time coaching, and a community for interactive trading. This community focuses on sharing knowledge.
  • This platform empowers traders by allowing flexible strategies. It also gives the freedom to experiment with various trading styles without bureaucracy.
  • Regular performance appraisals and feedback are keys to traders' professional growth. They tailor learning experiences to meet individual needs and market trends.

Technological Edge: Tools and Platforms for Modern Trading

  • At Aqua Funded, technological innovation takes center stage. It gives access to advanced trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and 5. These enhance operational efficiency.
  • The use of tools like Gain Protector and Pass-Assist showcases Aqua Funded's emphasis on risk management. They help optimize strategies in different market situations.
  • Regular updates and platform upgrades are a norm. They ensure traders have the latest market analytics technology. This keeps them ahead in the market's competitive landscape.

By focusing on technological innovation and enriching resources for traders, Aqua Funded is more than a trading platform. It stands as a driving force for complete trader development.


In essence, AquaFunded is a leading proprietary trading firm. It deeply grasps the complexities of today's financial markets. This firm expertly combines intuitive policy with trading leverage, offering a significant advantage. AquaFunded has built a reliable platform for traders with its focus on leveraging potential and the use of innovative tech.

AquaFunded's perspective is vast, from providing substantial capital to nurturing trader growth. It's not just about the funds; this firm opens new opportunities. It equips traders with the skills to thrive in the dynamic financial industry within a supportive community.

It brings together trading enthusiasts of all levels, showing a commitment to their growth. AquaFunded's promise is to enhance traders' value in competitive trading markets worldwide. This approach distinguishes AquaFunded as a place for real trader development, not just financial gain.


  • Service: Funded Trader Program
  • Pricing:  Varies by account
  • Promotion: None

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