American Federal (AmFed) Rare Coin & Bullion Review

Updated May 24, 2024

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American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion is a company that specializes in the buying, selling, and appraisal of rare coins and precious metals, catering to collectors and investors with expert advisory services and high-quality products.

In the world of financial investments, precious metals shine as a resilient choice. Based in Arizona, American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion stands out. Since 1985, Nick Grovich and his team have committed to honesty, high-quality products, and top-notch customer service. They guide both new and experienced investors in bullion trading and gold IRAs.

They also aid in creating secure gold IRAs. This positions investors for a stronger financial future. But does their approach truly align with wise investment strategies? Let's explore their influence on diversifying investment portfolios.

Key Takeaways

  • American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion is an Arizona-based leader in precious metal investments.
  • Free appraisals and expert guidance on coin dealings mark them as a client-focused dealer.
  • Specializing in IRAs, they offer a gold IRA service aiding in long-term wealth protection.
  • Portfolio diversification is attainable through their variety of gold and other precious metal offerings.
  • Their gold IRA helps ensure proper storage and compliance as investors plan for their futures.

Introduction to Precious Metals Investment

Investing in precious metals is widely seen as a sound strategy to diversify portfolios and protect against inflation. American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion plays a key role. They simplify investing in gold, silver, and platinum with a transparent, customer-first approach.

  • Precious metals act as a safeguard against economic uncertainty and inflation, maintaining buying power over time.
  • American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion offers seasoned advice and a broad range of products for both new and experienced investors.
  • The appealing tax advantages of precious metals IRAs can help boost long-term investment growth.

Opting for precious metals through American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion not only secures protection against inflation. It also grants access to a historically resilient and currently vital market in the global economy.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

The Founding and Growth of American Federal

In 1985, Nick Grovich launched American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion, driven by his love for numismatics. His vision focused on supreme customer service excellence. Since then, the company has become a noteworthy figure in the precious metals realm. It is particularly celebrated in Arizona for its detailed approach to coin collection and sales.

Decades of Industry Presence and Expertise

Nick Grovich injects vast numismatics expertise into American Federal. This has greatly elevated the company's industry status. As a CAC authorized dealer, it assures authenticity and offers a glimpse into coins' profound history. Grovich’s deep knowledge and dedication have established elevated standards in the numismatic circle.

Commitment to Transparency and Quality

From the start, American Federal has prioritized transparency in every transaction. This pledge carries over to their premier customer service. Here, every client's requirement is addressed with meticulous care and professionalism. The consistent delivery of top-notch products has reinforced its status as a reliable coin dealing partner.

The Comprehensive Services of American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion

Investors discover a broad spectrum of services at American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion. These services are crafted to empower investors in precious metals. The focus on portfolio diversification and client satisfaction is clear. This approach ensures that investors' strategies are both comprehensive and effective.

Portfolio Diversification through Precious Metals

Precious metals offer a proven way to ensure your investment portfolio is well-balanced. American Federal’s offerings make it easier to counteract market uncertainties. Gold, silver, and platinum have long been deemed crucial for risk control and preserving capital. Their inherent value plays a pivotal role in stable investment approaches.

Varied Product Options for Different Investment Strategies

  • Gold, silver, and platinum products cater to diverse investor profiles
  • Each product is vetted for IRA compatibility, ensuring it meets rigorous industry standards
  • Strategic options available from immediate liquidity to long-term growth prospects

Specialized IRA-Compatible Coin Selections

America Federal is renowned for its extensive selection of IRA-compliant coins. These options not only follow the rules but are also known for their potential growth. Popular selections include:

  • The American Eagle series
  • The Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Other select premium coins recognized for their value and collectability

We provide expert guidance to investors in crafting and managing their gold IRA portfolios. Every step is made to ensure adherence to tax benefits and correct storage. This ensures investors make the most out of their retirement savings.

An Assessment of American Federal's Product Range

The product range at American Federal showcases a dedication to quality investments in gold coins and other metals. Their offerings are crafted to fit different investment needs, establishing a strong footing in the market of tax-advantaged precious metals.

Tax-Advantaged Gold and Silver Coins

American Federal highlights a collection ideal for those aiming to include tax-friendly metals in their portfolios. They feature sought-after options like American Eagle and Buffalo gold coins. These selections adhere to IRA standards, making them prime choices.

  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Australian Kangaroos

The coins are praised for meeting strict purity demands and being advantageous for tax purposes. Their appeal lies in their strategic investment benefits.

Assurance of Purity and Compliance

Building investor confidence is crucial for American Federal. Each coin from their gold and silver collections passes rigorous tests. They guarantee compliance and purity, ensuring suitability for diverse investment portfolios, especially IRAs.

Investment Opportunities Beyond Gold

Gold is a fundamental asset for many, but American Federal doesn’t stop there. They broaden their scope to silver and platinum. Their selection offers:

  • Silver bars and coins
  • Platinum bars and coins

These alternatives uphold rigorous standards of quality and legitimacy for IRA investments. They provide more avenues for portfolio diversification.

American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion Review: Trust and Customer Satisfaction

American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion has earned high Trustpilot ratings, a testament to its dependability in financial service assessment. This is reflected through heartfelt feedback from numerous satisfied clients, who have gained from its thorough investment insights. Such commitment not only fosters trust but also strengthens the firm's standing in providing elite guidance on precious metals investment.

  • Clients frequently highlight the straightforward and efficient communication with service representatives, essential for successful financial maneuvering.
  • Trustpilot ratings reflect the positive experiences of many users, underlining the company's competence in managing and responding to client needs meticulously.
  • The importance of tailored investment advice is a recurrent theme in reviews, showcasing American Federal's dedication to offering personalized financial service evaluation.

The combination of positive reviews on Trustpilot and the company’s stellar investment guidance paint a comprehensive picture. It underscores American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion’s credibility and knowledge in the financial realm.

Setting Up Your Precious Metals IRA with AmFed

Starting your precious metals IRA journey is straightforward with expert help. American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion specializes in guiding clients thoroughly. They focus on robust retirement savings and the benefits of tax-deductible contributions.

  1. Choosing the Right Self-Directed IRA Custodian: First, select a dedicated self-directed IRA custodian. Their role is vital for authorizing precious metals investments and adhering to regulations.
  2. Funding Your IRA: With a custodian set, it's time to fund the IRA. You can either transfer existing funds or roll over a 401(k) into the new precious metals IRA. This step is designed to be tax-efficient and smooth.
  3. Selecting and Purchasing Metals: Next, choose from a range of IRA-approved precious metals. American Federal provides insights on each metal's benefits and potential for long-term growth. This support aids in making informed choices.
  4. Storage and Compliance: After purchase, metals are stored securely, meeting IRS standards. Emphasizing secure storage underscores the goal of protecting retirement savings, ensuring investments are safeguarded for the future.

American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion displays unwavering commitment to helping clients successfully set up their precious metals IRAs. By simplifying the process and adhering strictly to regulations, they ensure a solid investment foundation for their clients' futures.


In conclusion, American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion stands out in the precious metals investment field. Their history is a testament to dedicated service and high-quality gold IRA offerings. They prioritize a customer-first approach, securing the trust of investors looking to diversify with tangible assets.

The company also empowers investors with confidence, especially in the complicated gold IRA market. They offer a wide selection of IRA-eligible products. This shows their commitment to meeting IRS guidelines and investor desires for diversity and flexibility in their strategies.

Consistency and a client-focused mindset drive American Federal’s operations in the precious metal sector. Their growth reflects an ability to adapt and flourish, guaranteeing clients exceptional service and insights.


  • Services: Bullion Dealer
  • Products: Gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum
  • Promotion: None

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