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Updated June 12, 2024

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Allegiance Gold is a precious metals dealer known for its commitment to providing clients with personalized guidance and access to a diverse range of gold and silver products, helping them navigate the complexities of precious metals investment.

With the financial landscape constantly changing, savvy investors often seek to diversify their portfolios to protect their wealth. In this regard, precious metals investing has become a pivotal strategy for many. Among the sea of gold IRA companies, Allegiance Gold emerges as a notable entity aiming to assist clients in strengthening their investment portfolios.

This review casts light on Allegiance Gold, its ethos, and what it offers to those looking to fortify their investment strategy with precious metals.

Key Takeaways

  • Allegiance Gold stands out in the precious metals investing realm with a focus on gold IRAs and physical metals.
  • Investors can rely on Allegiance Gold for diversifying their retirement accounts with solid assets.
  • A comprehensive range of services and products tailored to individual needs characterizes the company's approach.
  • The company's commitment to personalizing the investment experience is a consistent point of positive feedback.
  • Allegiance Gold's transparency and professionalism position them as a trusted companion in precious metals investing.

Compare With Other Gold IRAs

Fees: None

Min. Investment: $25,000

Fees: $180/year

Min. Investment: $5,000

Fees: $225/year

Min. Investment: $2,000

Introduction to Allegiance Gold

The presence of Allegiance Gold in the precious metals industry marks a significant approach to retirement account diversification. Since its inception, the company has been firmly oriented toward its mission of providing stability and security to investors looking to enrich their portfolios with tangible assets like gold and silver. Join us as we delve into the history of this company and uncover the driving forces behind its foundation.

The history and mission of Allegiance Gold

Founded in 2013 and nestled in the heart of Woodland Hills, California, Allegiance Gold emerged as a beacon for those navigating the oft-turbulent seas of the financial market. With a resolute mission to aid investors in fortifying their retirement with the steadfast nature of precious metals, this company carved a niche for itself by advocating for wealth preservation through portfolio diversification.

Allegiance Gold's steadfast belief is that investments in gold and precious metals are not merely transactions but strategic moves towards achieving long-term financial resilience.

Mark Naaman and Alex Ebkarian: Profiles of the Founders

  • Mark Naaman: Stepping into the role of CEO, Mark Naaman brings a wealth of over 15 years in the financial services realm. Naaman's leadership is characterized by a deep-seated understanding of market dynamics and a passion for customer-centric service.
  • Alex Ebkarian: As Chief Operating Officer, Alex Ebkarian complements the duo's oversight with an equal measure of industry experience. His operational expertise ensures that the company's day-to-day activities align with their overarching Allegiance Gold mission: to empower investors' portfolios through the inclusion of gold and other precious metals.

The shared vision of Naaman and Ebkarian for Allegiance Gold articulates the quintessential intersection of experience and innovation, both essential in steering their clientele towards the brighter horizon of financial security.

Goldco is an industry leader in the precious metals space, offering a comprehensive approach to protecting your retirement savings in an ever-changing economic landscape.


  • Rated A+ by the BBB
  • Inc. 5000 Aware Recipient, 7+ Years
  • 2023 Best Customer Service
  • Earned over 5,000+ 5-Star Customer Ratings

Key Offerings: Allegiance Gold Products and Services

Delving into the heart of Allegiance Gold's repertoire, investors will discover a robust selection of investment vehicles geared toward enshrining wealth. Central to these offerings is the allure of precious metals IRAs, an investment platform that has stood the test of economic shifts, presenting a golden opportunity for portfolio diversification.

Investment-Grade Bullion and Diverse Options

For those pursuing a gold and silver investment pathway, Allegiance Gold has cast a wide net of possibilities. Their curated list features investment-grade bullion, tailored for the meticulous investor seeking assets backed by their intrinsic value. This includes a range of metals:

  • Gold, the quintessential asset revered throughout history for its value preservation qualities
  • Silver, a versatile commodity with a dual status as both a monetary metal and an industrial staple
  • Platinum and Palladium, for those looking beyond the conventional, offering a touch of exclusivity to their holdings

The bullion offered aligns with the highest standards of purity and is well-suited for inclusion in precious metals IRAs, making it a cornerstone for those envisioning a fortified future.

Hosting a Catalogue of Coins and Bars

Allegiance Gold's selection extends to the realm of numismatic coins, a treasure trove for the discerning collector or investor. Each coin tells a story, a piece of history engraved in metal. Admirers of numismatic craftsmanship can explore:

  1. The revered Gold American Eagle, an emblem of American heritage and a staple in the precious metals realm
  2. The esteemed Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf, a nod to Canada's rich numismatic legacy and a wise choice for those diversifying within platinum investment

With a minimum investment threshold aimed at accommodating both neophytes and connoisseurs, Allegiance Gold ensures that entry into the precious metals stratum is both accessible and tailored to individual investment scales.

Deciphering Allegiance Gold Fees and Pricing

When delving into the world of precious metal investments, one critical aspect that investors must understand is the fee structure associated with gold IRAs. Allegiance Gold has built a reputation for its straightforward and economical approach to IRA fees and precious metal pricing, ensuring that each investor is well-informed about the potential costs of gold investment.

Understanding the Cost Structure

Allegiance Gold offers a clear-cut fee model for their self-directed IRA accounts, a draw for investors who value simplicity and predictability in expenses.

Annual charges consist of a flat rate for storage, capped at $100 for assets up to a $100,000 value, and a modest account maintenance fee of $95. This transparent cost breakdown facilitates a straightforward budgeting process for individuals looking to manage their investment in precious metals.

The Transparency of Pricing for Consumers

Transparency in pricing stands as a hallmark of Allegiance Gold’s client services. Acknowledging the significance of cost-effectiveness for larger investments, the company provides appealing incentives, such as fee waivers for the initial year on accounts exceeding $50,000 and a three-year waiver on accounts over $100,000.

Although individual pricing for metals isn’t immediately available, Allegiance Gold makes strides toward affordability by absorbing shipping and insurance fees, reducing the overall gold investment costs borne by the investor.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View of Allegiance Gold

Investing in a gold IRA with Allegiance Gold offers investors a series of advantages that contribute to the overall allure of precious metals as a cornerstone of a diversified portfolio. Most notably, individuals benefit from the gold IRA benefits that include the potential for a hedge against inflation and market volatility. Furthermore, the company's acclaimed customer support provides personalized guidance that makes navigating the complexities of precious metals investing much smoother.

  • Expert customer support for personalized investment advice
  • Fee waivers available for qualifying accounts to reduce the cost burden
  • Access to high-security storage options through trusted partners

However, no investment is without its potential pitfalls, and Allegiance Gold is no exception. Investors must weigh precious metals investment drawbacks when making their decision. The lack of an explicit buyback policy might be concerning for those who prioritize liquidity in their investments. Additionally, the absence of real-time online pricing may be a hurdle for those who prefer instant access to current market rates.

  1. Absence of an explicit buyback guarantee
  2. Need to contact customer support for up-to-date pricing information

When considering the integration of precious metals into your investment strategy, it's essential to balance these gold IRA benefits against potential drawbacks. Allegiance Gold remains dedicated to facilitating a beneficial investment experience with an emphasis on robust customer support, despite some of the challenges that accompany precious metals investments.

The Legitimacy of Allegiance Gold: Ratings and Customer Feedback

When considering Allegiance Gold for your precious metals investment needs, the firm's reputation amongst its clients and industry watchdogs is an important factor. An examination of their credibility can provide peace of mind to potential investors. Let's delve into the ratings and reviews from established agencies which affirm the Allegiance Gold legitimacy.

An Insight into Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ratings

One of the primary resources for gauging the trustworthiness of a business is the Better Business Bureau. Allegiance Gold stands out with an impressive A+ rating, reflecting their commitment to resolving customer concerns and their dedication to maintaining high standards of business practices. Since gaining BBB accreditation in 2018, they have consistently demonstrated their focus on customer satisfaction, which remains a cornerstone of their servicing philosophy.

Exploring TrustLink and Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) Scores

TrustLink and the Business Consumer Alliance offer additional insights into a company's performance through consumer reviews and ratings. Maintaining a spotless 5-star rating on TrustLink, Allegiance Gold has earned accolades for their customer-centric approach. Similarly, they have achieved the exemplary AAA rating from the BCA, further solidifying their position as a top-rated precious metals investment firm. These high ratings across multiple respected platforms reaffirm their reputation in a competitive market.

  • BBB A+ Rating since 2018 indicates reliable business conduct.
  • 5-star customer reviews on TrustLink highlight exceptional service and support.
  • AAA rating from BCA underscores exemplary business integrity and performance.

Getting Started with Allegiance Gold: The Process

Embarking on the journey of starting a gold IRA is a significant step toward securing your financial future, and Allegiance Gold offers a path that simplifies this intriguing investment strategy. With an emphasis on personal guidance and comprehensive support, investors are carefully navigated through the initial self-directed IRA account setup, ensuring a smooth transition into gold and precious metals investment.

Initiating a Self-Directed IRA Account

To initiate your self-directed IRA account, Allegiance Gold has crafted a streamlined approach which removes common complications. The process typically involves these crucial steps:

  1. Providing necessary personal information to facilitate the opening of your new IRA account.
  2. Selecting a custodian who specializes in self-directed IRAs that allow for precious metals investments.
  3. Executing a rollover or transfer from your existing retirement accounts into the new precious metals IRA.

During these initial phases, the experienced team at Allegiance Gold works closely with you, ensuring each requirement is met with precision and clear understanding.

Funding and Managing Your Allegiance Gold Investments

Once the self-directed IRA is active, funding and managing your investment is key to nourishing its potential growth. Allegiance Gold guides investors through:

  • Choosing the right mix of precious metals for your portfolio, including gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.
  • Coordinating the purchase of IRS-approved coins or bullion to fund your IRA, leveraging industry expertise and market insights.
  • Arranging secure storage with trusted depositories to ensure the safety and integrity of your investment.
  • Diligently managing your account with detailed record-keeping and regular reporting on investment performance.

The commitment to investment funding and a meticulous approach to asset care are at the core of Allegiance Gold's service proposition, providing clarity and confidence for investors throughout the entire process of managing their self-directed precious metals IRA.

Allegiance Gold and Competitors: A Comparative Analysis

The precious metals market competition offers a range of options for investors, with companies varying significantly in terms of service, credibility, and the products they house. In this section, we delve into the competitive landscape and see how Allegiance Gold stands its ground against major players, providing gold IRA alternatives and tailoring services to the dynamic needs of the investing community.

Recognizing Top Competitors in the Precious Metals Space

Allegiance Gold operates amidst stalwarts in the industry, such as Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold Group. Each of these competitors has carved out its niche:

  • Augusta Precious Metals is known for its educational initiatives and transparent communication.
  • Goldco garners attention for its white-glove customer service and user-friendly process.
  • American Hartford Gold Group prides itself on competitive pricing and a vast array of products.

When comparing investment options, it’s essential to consider these nuanced details that contribute significantly to an investor's choice and satisfaction.

What Sets Allegiance Gold Apart: Distinguishing Features

Amid growing market competition, Allegiance Gold has carved out a reputation built on several key pillars that resonate with investors:

  1. A diverse selection of IRA-eligible bullion that attracts investors aiming for a fortified retirement portfolio.
  2. An unwavering commitment to customer education, ensuring clients make informed decisions based on extensive knowledge.
  3. Collaborations with trustworthy custodians, providing secure and reliable storage solutions for precious metal investments.

Their advocacy for client education and dedication to creating tailored investment strategies are significant differentiators. These attributes ensure that Allegiance Gold not only retains a solid customer base but also consistently engages newcomers looking to navigate the complexities of the precious metals market. As investors scrutinize their options, Allegiance Gold’s bespoke approach and extensive catalog position them as a firm that not only competes but excels within the space.


In the landscape of precious metals investing, Allegiance Gold shines as a robust provider of services catering to a wide spectrum of investment goals. The firm excels with its customer-first policies, reinforcing its appeal to those seeking a secure avenue for their wealth through a gold IRA. From the insightful provision of gold IRA guidance to a transparent fee structure, Allegiance Gold demonstrates earnest dedication to their clients' fiscal health and knowledge.

Renowned for a legacy built on trust, the company boasts verifiable credentials and acclaim from industry watchdogs, underscoring its legitimacy as a precious metals investment firm. These elements, paired with a meticulous selection of IRA-eligible products, render Allegiance Gold a formidable selection for diversifying and stabilizing investment portfolios against economic upheavals.

Final thoughts on Allegiance Gold reveal a harmonious interplay between quality service and customer empowerment. Despite a few navigational challenges—such as the need for direct inquiry to ascertain specific coin prices—their steadfast commitment to investors' needs emerges unshaken. Conclusively, those plotting a course through the currents of gold IRA insights may find Allegiance Gold's comprehensive offerings and expert stewardship a beacon of guidance in their financial voyages.


  • Service: Precious Metals IRA, gold & silver bullion
  • Minimum investment: $10,000
  • Fees: $95/year storage fee
  • Promotion: None

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