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Privacy Policy

Because the privacy of our members and visitors to this website is of the utmost importance, aSmarterChoice will never sell, give, or disclose information collected on this site to third parties. We may use feedback information from members and non-members to respond to inquiries, comments or suggestions.

ASmarterChoice collects information on domain names and dates and times of website visits. This information allows us to track website use, measure site traffic, and improve site navigation and information. We may use a third party service to track and analyze use of its site.

For your convenience, this site includes links to third party sites. ASmarterChoice does not maintain or control privacy or security on these third party sites, and as such, makes no guarantees as to the privacy of any information you may provide or disclose while on these sites. Third party products or services discussed on these sites are not endorsed by aSmarterChoice or its affiliates, unless a formal endorsement relationship exists with the third party vendor.

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